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You wanted asks, you've got 'em Write me MSR - family holiday (Scully family) bill hates Mulder trope. Never gets old.

You asked for it, you got it! 

Also this got out of hand and I couldn’t stop writing it. I’m sorry. I’ve definitely had to put a Keep Reading insert in because it’s so damn long, but it opens on my computer and on an internet page on my phone. Here’s hoping it works for you. Also I can’t believe I’m writing about Christmas in July. 

This contains spoilers for HTGSC, Emily and the cancer arc. @2momsmakearight I think this is for you!

Mulder jolted awake, his heart pounding as he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He’d fallen asleep sitting upright on the sofa, which explained the kink in his neck and dull ache in his back. He was getting too old for this. As he came to his senses, memories of the previous evening came flooding back. Luring Scully out to the haunted house to go ghostbusting with him on Christmas Eve; saying goodnight to her before they both got into their respective cars to drive home, thinking that would be the last he saw of her until after the holiday; his partner turning up on his doorstep a few hours later, unable to sleep and wanting company; the two of them exchanging gifts on the couch, talking for what felt like hours until Scully nodded off. As her head gravitated towards Mulder’s shoulder he watched her sleep until finally tiredness overcame him and he joined her in slumber. Only now he was awake, and Scully was nowhere to be seen. He tried not to be too disappointed that she’d left without saying goodbye, but then he cast his mind back to the previous evening, when she’d explained she was going to have an early start at her mom’s house on Christmas morning. He counted himself lucky she even agreed to spend Christmas Eve with him, even if he did have to hide her car keys to convince her to do so.

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Close: Post Millennium Fic chronicling the beginning of Mulder/Scully’s sexual relationship in which not everything *ahem* comes as easily as Mulder would like… NC-17.

Snaps: Mid-length Jersey Devil deleted scene imagining what might have happened if Scully and her lace bodysuit had met up with Mulder after that terrible date! NC-17

Vice: Season 6 underover, tropey smut two-parter, with a little humour and a lot of silly. NC-17 Complete. Part 1 | Part Two

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That’s disgusting and wrong, I don’t even get…why would – I never…. It’s none of your -  You have the nerve, the audacity – Scully is my partner, technically, and she is terrible face-wise, and how, how do I know, frankly, that you’re not the one that wants to be with her for eternity? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off. Hmm, check and mate. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE WHO DO I CALL

Just rewatched "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas".

I FORGOT HOW GOOD THIS EPISODE IS. I ALSO FORGOT HOW THE END IS EXACTLY LIKE FANFIC. (For srs. CC did his research on MSR fluff.) It is absolutely one of those that stands up to a second viewing, and I think it might just be my favorite Christmas story ever. I SHALL MAKE IT A CHRISTMAS TRADITION AND FORCE MY SISTER’S FUTURE CHILDREN TO WATCH IT. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.