Absolutely thrilled to be able to show off some incredible art by Htg17 (more art can be found on Tumblr and DeviantArt)

Thanks so much for your amazing work Htg17! =D

Meet Hawk, one of the protagonists in my little hobby novel, Crack the Sky!

Hawk lives in a world that is out to get him, every corner could mean death, so he is constantly prepared. A walking inventory, he is dressed for survival with plenty of supplies and tools across his person.

Every day his goal is to survive.

Especially on days when mad Pyromancers throw their underlings at you as balls of screaming fire >=D

A little teaser of the novel can be found here! (As a hobby project, my aim is to create an amazing world, not write with grade A grammar and spelling =p)


Okay!  So as some of my followers may know, it was amoriendi‘s birthday on the 27th.  I decided that it’d be fun to contact the artists I knew/admired on tumblr and see how many of them would be up for an art trade!  I got a surprising amount to agree to my little scheme, so for most of the month of June I was working on art of their characters, and vice versa!  I’m blown away by how amazing all of these works are, and just how varied!

In order, the artists are: htg17, samuraioctopus, abra-ka-dammit, c3rmen, roulette-kneebasha, guavasaur, buttsandbrawns. faebelina, thedovahcat, shithowdy, and last but certainly not least, safrona-shadowsun!  


Aaaand the rest of icons and stuff. Later may be more. May be. Or not. It depends on how hungry i will be AHAHAHAHA Get it?)) Aaah, silly jokes are so funny.

This was created for Fandom Battle contest, so tried to add some individual emotion according to each “fighter” of our team. Why drawing icons is such a joy, it’s…pointless..naaah, who cares

You can use it)