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Zero (who doesn’t “do” relationships) didn’t freak out and was immediately ready to lie and risk himself when he thought Jude shot Jelena.

Zero who kept everything close to the vest, and learned so young in life to only rely on himself. 

He was willing to put *everything* on the line JUST so Jude wasn’t in danger and didn’t feel alone in this. 

That my friends is some true love.

Robron, Zude,Malec,Coliver

Kaboom! Show producers got me f**ked up!!! Now everyone is happy as hell at the same damn time. Rah!!! It’s so lit, I don’t even know what to say right now.


**Author’s Note:  This is my take on what could have happened if Dersha would have reunited before Vegas…so an A/U prompt.  This is set of course during the former season, after ep. 3 and before episode 4 as if a few days had passed. Certain things are noticed and other things are on Derek’s mind. I’m taking on one of those “other” type of scenes. Just blame Derek, lmao. K? K.  Enjoy! **


Words. They were more than just elements of speech. If used right, they could build a person up. If used wrong, they could break a person down to a point of no return. They could be found at the root of many things; wars, divorces, murders…You name it, and words played their part. Each and every one we dared to speak was much more powerful than we realized. They were the type of things that could be said in just a few seconds, that’ll have you spending a life time thinking about what was spoken. And even if no one else was convinced, Derek Roman definitely knew the special power words possessed.

‘Thank you Derek, for being such a good friend’. Derek’s first lesson on the subject began with these nine. After months of being away from Ahsha Hayes, he suddenly found her back in his life resulting in one of the sweetest acts of kindness he had ever committed for anyone… Redemption of her dream job on a silver platter. Derek never once regretted his decision, he only hated the last word that left Ahsha’s lips when she thanked him in return. Friend. Friend? Ever since Ahsha uttered that word at Terrence and Jelena’s engagement party, it forever played in his head. Back and forth, over and over. No matter where he found himself… meetings, practices, interviews all he could think of was that term and how it sounded coming from the one person he missed the most. He had played things cool that night especially when he told German that he was coming for her, but he could never fool himself. And after seeing the two together later that night, Derek couldn’t help noticing something quite peculiar. He knew if he didn’t face his fears, the war in his head would continue on for weeks. So when he asked Ahsha to meet him at his mansion Thursday evening after their practices he was surprised that she had agreed so fast, but nonetheless he was relieved that he would finally be able to obtain some sort of reasoning.


The smooth, sultry sound of Tevin Campbell flowed through Derek’s mansion as he and Ahsha stood in the foyer. It seemed like every light in sight had been dimmed. Did Derek really wanna talk? Or was he trying to set the mood for something else? Ahsha had always known that Derek enjoyed a great tune, but was now really the time to be doing so.

Ahsha secretly wished she knew the real reason she was here. It was definitely too late to turn back now though, she had come. And if she was being completely honest, she was happy that she had. Besides, it was certainly the least she could do after he had gifted her with one of the biggest returns of her life.

As if reading her mind, Derek began to speak. “The music is just to lighten the mood. I knew the both of us would probably be a little tense, and I remember how music could always calm your nerves,” he explained, as his voice competed with the music to see which was sexier.

“You said you wanted to talk,” Ahsha shyly spoke fidgeting with her dress, indicating that the music had yet to begin what Derek had intended for it to do.

“You look beautiful Ahsha relax,” Derek softly cooed, his voice was barely feasible. Here he was letting his own nerves take over. Or was it Ahsha’s beauty that had him in a bind?

The little indigo blue dress she was wearing contrasted lovely with the mahogany of her blemish-free skin, but for whatever reasons Ahsha doubted Derek’s words. She was the type of woman that no matter how many people said it no matter how many times they said it, still she could never accept the fact that she was truly gorgeous. No one around her understood it not even Derek. They didn’t know whether modesty played a part or some bigger inner issue that Ahsha made no one aware of.

She offered nothing. Instead she simply remained quiet and waited for Derek to continue. Besides, he was the one that wanted to talk.

“Look, Ahsha I… The other day, you said something,” Derek quietly began. Ahsha’s softly arched brows furrowed as Derek went on, “At T’s engagement party, you called me your friend. Is that really something you want? I mean, are you really okay with that?”  Just like that.  Derek went in. With no hesitations.

Ahsha glared into the eyes of her ex-lover as she silently reviewed his words.  The sincerity of his stare and the vulnerability in his voice was undeniable. As he awaited her response, he was at her mercy. The tension between them had increased before it even had a chance to disintegrate. A lump formed in Ahsha’s throat as she found herself mind-blown. This was what “the talk” was about? This is why he wanted to meet with me? Ahsha almost wanted to laugh, but with the look on Derek’s face she wouldn’t dare do it. Honestly, when she had called him her friend she didn’t give it too much thought. The biggest thing on her mind at the time was the new start she had been given with the Devils. Besides, what was she supposed to say?

“I see you’re not up for talking.” Derek stated, interrupting Ahsha’s monologue as his ebony eyes studied hers.

“Umm…What do you want me to say Derek?”

“I saw you after the party. When ole dude kissed you in the parking lot, you didn’t look too happy,” he replied, staring Ahsha down waiting on her to deny his claim.

“You know his name and I was happy. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well it surely didn’t seem that way, you damn near looked disgusted when he pulled you in for a hug afterwards,” Derek added. “What was that about?”    

“So what, you’re watching me now? I didn’t come here for you to belittle me like some child Derek. I don’t know what it is that you think you saw and honestly I don’t care. I know how I felt and that’s all that matters. Why do you even care,” she groaned. Hmph! Anytime anyone got this defensive this quick, allegations against them were usually spot on.   

“Oh please Ahsha, you know the arena only has one parking garage.  I just wanted to see if you were okay. I notice the way you look at me whenever we run into each other and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same way you looked at him the other night.” Ahsha’s eyes shot down to her hands as Derek continued… “You know what Ahs? You say were just friends but you and I both know that there is nothing platonic here, there once was but there hasn’t been for a while now.” Derek was right, the two had been way more than acquaintances ever since their first sexual encounter at the overlook. And after sharing a moment like that, who in the hell would wanna be just friends?  But why did Derek feel the need to bring that up now? He put the new label on what they currently were, not her. “I guess what I’m trying to say is of course we’ll always be friends but I want to be so much more than that and I know you do to. You said yourself that love was never our problem.”

“So! What does that have to do with anything? I was just being honest…something you should try.” Ahsha placed a hand at her hips as her eyes pierced into Derek’s.

“Really Ahsha? It has everything to do with us. But I guess you thought everything I said the other day was just for show, huh?” Ahsha turned her face as Derek finished. She believed every word he said the day he spoke about wanting to build a future with her… It was just so many reasons why she couldn’t bring herself to forgive him so easily even though she wanted to. However, when it came to Derek nothing was ever easy, so she lied.

“Maybe,” she harshly retorted, causing Derek to slightly frown.

“Well it wasn’t, I was just being real. Something you should try accepting.”  

Ahsha snatched her head around as that last word left Derek’s lips. “Look Derek, I didn’t come here to fight…I…I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I never imagined that I would be a Devil Girl again nor did I have the strength to fight for it all on my own, so thank you… But we are nothing more than friends now. You put that label on us a long time ago. Remember? Or do I have to remind you of that infamous night at Kyle’s,” she exclaimed.     

“I know I fucked up… I fucked up and at the end of the day I own that Ahsha. I should’ve stayed, and just told you how I felt but at the time it seemed as if everything you were saying was true,” Derek admitted as his brown eyes owned his mistakes.

Ahsha sighed.  “Derek why are you doing this? You didn’t seem too concerned about what our relationship was before but now as soon as I say something that doesn’t sit right with you, you take notice. Why? I mean, I didn’t see the first sign of your concern until you talked about building a kingdom and wanting me to be a part of it,”  she calmly spoke, hoping he would offer her an answer she was willing to accept.

“Ahsha, I…”

“You know what… I don’t even care, coming here was a mistake. I came here not knowing what I was getting myself into, but now I know I shouldn’t have. God… you just can’t expect things to go back to the way they were just because you want them to. And I hope you didn’t think getting my job back would also put me back in your bed. I admit I heard everything you said that night at the arena, but it just won’t be enough,” Ahsha fiercely finished, turning on her heels to leave. 

But Derek wasn’t done. “Mistake? Coming here was a mistake Ahsha? So, we were a mistake?” Derek responded as he stepped to her, closing the open space between them. Didn’t he know that whenever he got this close she just wanted to melt into a thousand puddles? Ahsha hated the corner Derek was backing her into with his words, but they were hard to ignore.

“Derek, don’t.” Ahsha’s tone was hardly viable. What was Derek doing? The baritone of his voice. His touch. His mere presence was consuming her against her will. She wanted to leave, but her own legs wouldn’t allow it. How could a man so underserving at the time have this effect? Ahsha thought to herself as she felt Derek’s lips kneading the small skin of her ear.

“Shhh, I know…” Derek’s soothes ran through her ears as he moved in closer. “Do all your friends treat you like I do?” His sensual words made a move on her, as he gently landed them onto the nearest wall. This night was definitely going to be Ahsha’s undoing.

She used all her might to maintain composure, but the fight proved hard. Heat was already building, flowing from the pit of her stomach, leaving a permanent mark between her legs making its way to the soles of her feet. “Huh, Ahsha? Tell me.” Derek demanded answers, as Ahsha’s eyes hung on his. 

She was trying her damnedest to ignore the question at hand, and Derek was well aware that she was. Making sure she would regret her decision, he began layering kiss upon heated kiss onto the sensitive skin of her neck as his large hands explored the depth of her shapely hips. How did they get here? Ahsha wanted to end it, but she truly needed him just as he did her.

Ahsha’s thoughts barely had time to settle  as Derek hiked up her little blue dress and sought her center…earning the first of many moans to come. “Haven’t you missed this,” he left his question open as he massaged her thighs, before capturing her divine lips with his. “The way I make you feel,” Containment of composure was becoming harder to keep safe. Derek’s tone was like rare liquid gold, seducing her like no one else ever could.

“De..rek…” Ahsha’s voice shook with her legs as Derek moved in closer raising her dress another level, giving her a feel of the rock hard bulge that demanded the removal of her panties.

“I’ll stop if you really want me to, Ahsha.” Was he serious? She was not about to let him get her all hot and bothered, just to leave her high and dry. Besides, her body had lost the fight and gave up minutes ago. She wanted to be mad, but couldn’t find the slightest strength nor reason to be so. The pair locked eyes as Ahsha’s hands found the nape of Derek’s neck. He stroked the bare skin of her arms as he absorbed the fancy brimming throughout the surfaces of her orbs. He knew, it was clear now… The answer to all his former questions had been announced this very moment.

Her eyes were like charming chocolate drops provoking his desire to take what he craved. She wrapped her slender limbs around the muscle of his waist and lower back as her newly free hands trailed his freshly shaved head before she brought him down, bringing their lips together. Their lips danced to the beat of the lust pooling between them, slow and steady…But Ahsha’s body cried out for Derek and she needed more, they both did.

Derek’s hands found Ahsha’s thick locks, as the other caressed the blush of her cheeks before he deepened their kiss. He devoured her bottom lip as her tongue begged for acceptance, before he granted its wish. “I’ve missed this,” Derek admitted before a kiss once soft and subtle grew wild and rough as another breathy moan fled Ahsha’s lips. She was losing herself, caught by him. Each kiss, and every touch soaked her undergarments a little more.

Tresses of loose curls teased Derek’s nose as he left Ahsha’s lips before showering her beating chest with similar kisses. He felt her celebrate, as her wetness revealed itself invading the thin fabric of his sweats. Her head fell back as he drew a trail with the tip of his tongue that flowed from the creases of her breasts down to the pits of her belly. Ahsha gasped as he sucked her body into his even further before savoring the brawny delicacy of her inner thighs, making her eyes flutter before him. As tiny kisses were printed up her hips, her head continued to fall.

There was no way out. Every time he kissed her this way it was like a new life sentence, a fate of pleasure and happiness just waiting to be given. She didn’t know that coming here tonight would lead to this.

“Ahsha…” Was all Derek could say, as he looked up capturing her eyes with his own before traveling her body back up to his original point.

She only nodded in agreement, as she placed her head on his shoulder. No other words were needed, because she knew. Ahsha understood the way he felt, because a mutual feeling resonated within her. Her small frame trembled in Derek’s embrace, as he gave her neck the attention it deserved. Each and every ache that embodied her wanted and needed his touch. Of course, knowing her just as well as she knew herself Derek could sense that Ahsha hungered for more almost as much as he did.

“Do you feel that, baby? You sure you ready,” he asked, his voice was coated with sex appeal as his breath tickled her ears sending tingly surges throughout her entire body, affecting her womanly abyss the most.

Ahsha raised her head, leaving the comfort of Derek’s shoulder as she grasped the bulk of his arms before she looked at him. Her dark eyes ran over with certainty and she knew it was wrong, Derek was no German…but unlike earlier she had to admit that her happiness was right here, with him.

God, she needed him bad and the feeling was overwhelming if not anything else.

And suddenly Derek’s crew neck was a problem. Ahsha’s perfectly manicured hands slid beneath it ridding them both of the nuisance, finally freeing one of her favorite parts before she  peppered his chest with miniature kisses as her nails played across his back.

Derek could feel new life flowing through him as she continued her torture. Each and every kiss she granted felt like the greatest. Being without Ahsha for so long gave her the power to turn him on even more, and with her getting wetter by the minute she would be sure to ruin his sweats if they weren’t removed soon.

“I need to see you, all of you,” Derek spoke in a whisper as his leg bumped Ahsha’s center seizing yet another moan. He loosened his grip on her before taking a hold of the little blue garment that adorned her curves and pulled it carefully over her head, revealing her matching Black Bali bra and panties. The little white bow candidly placed at the heart of her lace lingerie reflected reality. In this moment Ahsha was indeed a gift, one that Derek had been hoping he’d receive. One he would never forget. “You look so damn beautiful, Ahsha.” His voice was softer, the sheer sight of her nearly naked was breaking him down.

Derek’s sweet words soared within her, as she reached for the hem of his pants before tearing them down to his knees. “Derek…”  He had heard his name over a million times throughout the thirty years of his life, but no one ever sounded quite like her.

Derek abandoned his sweats that had pooled to his feet before taking the time to admire Ahsha… just as it did with her dress, the brown of her skin contrasted lovely with the soft cream covering the wall behind her. She seemed to compliment everything she was near. Her beauty was unreal. Her eyes alluded passion, yet somehow remained innocent. Her mouth tender and mild, parted faintly. She was a stunner. And Derek wanted the picture to last forever.

“Come on…” He gathered Ahsha lovely in his arms, walking her to a familiar place…A place that missed their union ever so much.

Derek traveled the halls of his mansion, climbing the spiraled staircase as she held him tight, only stopping once he reached his bedroom. He figured the common space would comfort Ahsha, while further reminding her that they could never be only friends.


It was as if nothing had changed, Ahsha found herself pinned down in the middle of a California King, as another king shadowed over her, observing her, as her body glittered with anticipation. Derek traced the outline of her bra, as his touches electrified her inner ambience before he finally slid the clothing down her shoulders. She tried so hard to relax, but found her legs dancing all over the bed as Derek ran his hands all over her entire frame.

He smiled, as he leaned down to remove her panties that had drowned a long time ago before immediately submerging his tongue in her heated core stealing a taste. He looked up only to catch an instant mask of pleasure written all over Ahsha’s face. And suddenly Derek wanted to try something new. Something he’d seen in lots of dirty magazines ages ago. Something that was just plain nasty. Holding Ahsha’s hands in place Derek dove between her thighs once more spilling heaps of his saliva all over her middle, allowing the watery liquid to drift the course of her womb before smearing it over with the pad of his two middle fingers causing Ahsha to lightly jerk as he continued his massage. She always knew things could get pretty dirty between them, but things had never gotten this dirty.  Satisfied with job he’d done, Derek began slurping up the wet mess as the buds of his tongue ran across every slick fold before him.

 If heaven had a flavor, Ahsha was certainly it.

The torturous taste of her sweet juices mixed with his had Derek in his own private bliss. As he pranced over her dearest goods, Ahsha’s lips became her safe haven as she bit her lower one seeking to suppress a moan. As Derek continued to supply ecstasy, sucking and gnawing at her clit she stroked the round of his head. His tongue spiraled with sedated skill and his fingers teased as the beating between her legs escalated.

Derek wanted to savor Ahsha’s honeyed liquids in their entirety, his experienced hands held her hips still as his tongue toured deeper.  His licks were hard, yet soft enough to implement a legion of joy. Ahsha was merely quiet and content as her breath moved quick, she could do nothing but lay her head gingerly above the plush pillows beneath her as her hips heightened to meet Derek’s mouth, ready and willing. Waiting for more.

As pressure began to build, so did the pleasure bestowed upon them both. Ahsha didn’t have to see Derek’s face to know that he was still wearing a smile. Pants and moans escaped her lips, cruising Derek’s ears as her hands found the  slender, yet muscular build of his upper back while her legs rested at the bottom of his lower one.

“Ahh, De…Derek please,” Ahsha’s simple, yet very satisfying cries came as he secured one final splash of her feminine nectar with the whole of his tongue before reverting his eyes back up to hers. That look, the look that embellished her pretty face was one that Derek remembered and missed…She was ready to feel him, all of him.

As Derek stripped himself of his Hugo Boss boxer briefs Ahsha’s tender raisin, rose lips shivered with anticipation before he took one of her legs in his hands. She awaited the return of his presence as he kissed his way up her long limb pausing to suck the small groove between her hip and pelvis. Ahsha continued to watch on as he gave her other leg the same love and affection, deeply kissing a tiny scar that rested at the end of her lower ankle one she’d received during her childhood…One that only he and Sloane knew about before he explored the flat of her belly. As Derek sucked his way up, she squirmed against his lips before he came to one of his favorite areas of all…

Wanting to have her every second that he could, Derek wasted no time and almost immediately began to twist his tongue around Ahsha’s left nipple as his left hand gently rubbed the other, causing Ahsha to close her eyes after the euphoric feel that came with every lick before he copied his actions, softly nibbling on the end of her other breast. During their time spent together, Derek had done everything imaginable he could do to them but he was never nor would he ever be satisfied, and as if the moment couldn’t get any better suddenly Ahsha reached down taking a hold of her right breast before caressing the end with a wink causing Derek to wickedly grin before he gently tugged at the tip with his teeth once again. He was  loving what he was doing and Ahsha was enjoying it even more, but he had lived without her in the most intimate way for so long and now that he had her he didn’t want to live another minute without his most lustful parts engulfed by hers.       

Ahsha’s dainty fingers graced Derek’s face as he finally rose to meet hers before planting his mouth that still encompassed the precious liquid of her river on hers. “God, I love you…And I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to hurt you baby.” With words so very fine and clear, a cocoon of intimacy was formed around Ahsha’s heart, causing it to swell as a lonesome tear trimmed her features. This satisfaction was like no other before it, and suddenly months of being apart felt like a waste. His kingdom speech, the secret stares, and the moment they were sharing now…All of it was the beginning of making up for lost time. But what about German, didn’t she remember him? Her and Derek were just friends, right? They were the only ones that truly knew.

 As Derek cupped her waiting face, he swept away her feelings with the removal of her tears before slipping himself deep inside her most delicate parts, becoming one. Ahsha moaned as his presence consumed her. She privately rejoiced at the revelation of finally being filled with him once again as her heated flesh fought the invasion like a soldier ready for war, revealing that it had undoubtedly been a while since her body had been filled to it’s brim.  

“You’re always so tight,” Derek groaned against Ahsha’s neck as she shifted beneath him making her body accept every single sweet agonizing inch of his thick length. Although her walls were stretching, the feel of Derek could still be described as resembling that of an angel’s touch. So divine, yet so surreal. And just as Derek went in for another feel of her lips, Ahsha dared to speak…she wanted to say something, something nice and sweet to let him know that where she was right now was where she wanted to be but when she noticed the gentle look on the  handsome player’s face every word she knew failed her.“Shhh, just relax…Just for a little while,” he quietly begged, causing Ahsha to simply smile and lie still against the bedding beneath them as Derek continued his explorations.         

His body was all over hers, he thought every single part of her was her crowning glory and he would be sure she knew it. He visited all the spots he liked, leaving small kisses on her nose and the beauty mark that he loved so very much as he allowed her body time to register with what was currently occurring before he began to move. There was no mistaking that Ahsha’s body was the same curvy and cute little physique he had loved on over and over again before, but Derek knew it was something different about the way her eyes lovely burned into his as she went on her own excursion.

Ahsha’s hands journeyed Derek as he sailed lightly. Leisurely wandering from his broad, muscular shoulders to the wide frame of his back down to the plump of his behind before he switched gears, occupying her body, filling her again and again and again. As buttery brown flesh met flesh, his pace was slow and steady. Derek was sure that there was nothing in this life more beautiful or pristine than Ahsha moaning below him, snatching his love more and more. 

He kissed her with a groan eluding his mouth before he made short work of her breasts once again as he thrust into her harder, falling deeper. Ahsha cried out, letting her beautiful noises fill the room as Derek watched over her with love, pride and peace filling his eyes.

He knew Ahsha still cared for him, the fact that she agreed to meet him in the first place was evidence enough. The sheer thought of her still loving him inspired his thrusts as she buried her fingers in the muscle of his shoulders. Derek filled her in every way possible, reminding her of a part of her that existed long ago. Having him inside of her, his chest flush against hers his pelvis bumping her center while they were joined at the hips was the best thrill Ahsha had felt in months and it was in this moment that she had to admit that sex with German was good  but it was never amazing, like this.

Every fiber in her body quivered, as Derek’s pumps and pounds marked her thighs like stencils. She was on cloud ninety-nine, and she never wanted down. He had her in a bind, and the hold was golden.   

Ahsha’s eyes began to glaze over as heat fully packed the pit of her stomach. As she lost control her hands remained all over, wild and frenetic before they found the sheets beneath them. Derek knew her ultimate peak was near, his hand claimed her hips manipulating the tender flesh from the inside out as his other sought her clit driving her body over its edge; ensuring she came, reaching her pinnacle. A subtle cry slipped through her lips as she raised her hips yet again, finally matching his rhythm.

Derek tore her hands away from their hold on the sheets before pinning them above her head. She didn’t see this as him wanting to be in control, she saw it as his desire to fulfill her every need…Just like old times. As his thrusts became longer, Ahsha slipped into a state of triumph that Derek never ceased to provide before he blew a loose hair that threatened to cover her face across her head. He was unaware that this simple act would be the single tip that pushed her to her peak. The breeze of his breath preyed upon the slick sweat that covered her skin, waking the nerves embedded deep inside every fold between her legs.

Ahsha whined, as she took all of him. As if filling her to the hilt wasn’t enough, the feelings of adoration and devotion that Derek buried far inside her were rapturous. The feeling destroyed her, just like it always could.

“That’s it baby,” he urged, as he covered her shoulders with tongue-filled kisses.

“Derek…” Her breathless moans came as serenity reached its limits.

“I know, baby.” After a few more thrusts Ahsha’s firm fences began to close. Even with his strong-willed disposition, Derek began to lose control as his last thrusts became jagged. He sealed their reunion with another passionate kiss parading passion as he pumped into her one final time, before silently praying that this time with her would not be his last. As he watched over her a low whimper left his throat before he came, spilling himself within her womb. His fluids heated her core as her female cavity devoured his seed, pulsing around him.

The two friends remained connected, allowing their sensual highs time to diminish as they exchanged breathy smiles and butterfly kisses. “That was…intense…still say…coming over was a mistake,” Derek asked with a grin, although his eyes comprised of both fear and hope as he rolled onto his back. She did regret it at first… However that sentiment had faded a long time ago.

Ahsha gave a sigh as Derek turned to face her, lovingly stroking her arms. Her head was a mess both literally and fugitively. Her body felt so good, but being that it was late out she was sure that German had went into a frenzy.

However, after leaving her thoughts behind she simply cradled Derek’s chest, “I don’t know. All I know is that… I…I don’t wanna be just your friend. I never did,” she wearily admitted, as her eyes slowly fluttered between them once again.

Derek smiled, causing Ahsha to slightly smile in return. “Me either,” he replied, locking his hand in hers.

Even if this moment wouldn’t last forever, just to have her for now was enough because it was a huge hint of hope for a new start for the old them.

“Ahsha,” Derek began. “Ahs…”  After receiving nothing but silence in return, the handsome player propped his head against his pillow. “Ahs…”


What could’ve been a long night of making up, ended with Ahsha falling fast asleep. Derek wanted to talk, but figured they’d have plenty time for that later. When they were together, Derek usually found that he was the first one up every morning and this particular morning was no different but he didn’t mind and there was a simple reason why. For the past four months Derek’s life always seemed at peace only whilst he slept. It was only then that his heart was full, filled with warmth and love because she was there the moment his eyes closed to take him to a place he longed to be. It may have always been for just a moment, but since she was no longer his his dreams gifted him with a world where they could be together all the time. And this gave him strength for the days ahead. He dreamed of Ahsha almost every night and each dream was different. Sometimes they would argue, and sometimes they would make love until the sun burned down… However every morning was the same. He’d wake up with thoughts of Ahsha fresh on his mind, only for the feel of the cool, vacant sheets next to him to inform him that it was all just a dream. Every time the sun came up it stole him away from his glory, returning him back to reality. He wanted so badly for life to take its course, yearning for the ebony-eyed beauty to be lying next to him bundled in his arms. It was so hard to accept that he couldn’t feel her anymore. But even though it was tough, Derek’s dreams awarded him with one of his greatest pleasures… Memories of Ahsha. He remembered how her skin felt like silk underneath his lips whenever he would kiss all over her. How her childlike laughter would tickle his ears whenever he told one his trivial jokes that only she found funny. Or how the room would always smell of vanilla even long after she was gone. All the small things were like missiles in his mind. But even all the blissful memories in the world couldn’t take the place of her actual presence.

 It’s funny how lately Derek usually found himself hating most mornings and all the tears they brought him…Waking up wishing he wouldn’t have opened his eyes, wanting to fall back into his slumber just to be close to her. Close to Ahsha, where everything was right.  However, this particular morning turned out to be different than the rest and Derek wanted to cherish every single second of it while he had the chance do so.

“Why are you staring at me like that,” Ahsha asked, finally opening her eyes and looking up at Derek.

“How do you know I was watching you,” Derek countered with a half-smile.

“Dude, I could literally feel your eyes burning a hole into me,” she exaggerated. “Besides, I wasn’t sleeping that hard… I felt you rubbing up on me too.”

“Wasn’t sleeping that hard? Yeah, okay. You were snoring and everything,” he chuckled before Ahsha slapped his arm. It was mid-morning and the pair were going back and forth as if they were the only ones that mattered, they simply couldn’t help how easy it was to fall back into their old ways.

Derek unconsciously wrapped his arms around Ahsha’s waist pulling her in closer as she playfully rolled her eyes. “I do not snore! You’re just mad cause you got caught,” she teased.

“MmHmm, whatever you say baby.” As that last word left Derek’s lips so easily, he pondered over how good it felt to say such a thing after being deprived of it for so long. Baby. Such a simple word, yet it held so much love and Derek had longed for a long time now to be able to say it again.

“Seeee, there you go watching me again,” Ahsha laughed while shaking her head, causing Derek to slightly smile.

“What?!” he grinned. “I can’t help it if I got a beautiful girl laying next me. Can I?” Derek quizzed, running his hands along Ahsha’s sides causing her to move against his touch. “Honestly though, I’ve missed this…a lot, so I figured I would take advantage of the moment,” he confessed. Ahsha’s eyes grew at Derek’s admission simply because she knew the feeling was mutual. She had missed him, just as he did her but she couldn’t allow herself to open up in the very way she wanted to. Things were so messed up and her mind was being dragged in a million directions.

Sensing just how much his confession affected her, Derek decided this was as good of a time as any to figure out where they stood. “Ahsha?”

“Yes, Derek.”

“About last night… My question,” he began. “You think that maybe you’re ready to talk now,” he asked, feeling her body tense up.  

“About not being happy?” Derek gave a quick nod of his head, making Ahsha feel slightly at ease as she went on. “Of course I am. Why do you keep asking me that?” she lied, hiding her face behind Derek’s bare chest.  

“Ahsha don’t…Please don’t lie to me again,” Derek said, placing a finger under Ahsha’s chin forcing her eyes to meet with his. “Just say it, baby.” Derek could always tell when Ahsha was lying and her truth could never stay hidden when it came to him. And Ahsha was well aware of the fact  but still she always found herself amazed at how well he knew her, especially now after months of being apart.

“I am Derek. Why don’t you believe me?”

“Ahsha be honest. When I first asked you if we could talk you said yes without even knowing what I wanted to talk about,” he expressed. “Most women wouldn’t even give their ex the time of day, unless…”

“That’s because I figured it was important, you looked so serious,” she continued. “Plus, you literally ran me over when you came up to me.”

“You’re still lying Ahsha,” Derek replied, shooting her a serious glare as his voice grew.

As Ahsha stared back at him, her face showed no emotion at all. “I’m trying here, but I really don’t know what you want me say.”

“How about the truth,” he pressed.

“That is the truth. How many times do I have to tell you that I’m happy before you believe me?”

“I’m not the one that needs to believe it, you are. Listen Ahsha, like I said last night I know  I fucked up but I can’t take the blame for how our relationship ended all on my own, baby. But I’m trying my best to fix it now. It might’ve took me a minute to get my shit together but I’m trying. And me wanting you to be a part of my future that’s real and I meant that,” he stated.  “I just need you to be honest with me Ahs.”

“I am Derek,” Ahsha fibbed yet again, causing Derek to sigh. He couldn’t remember the last time he had loved someone so much, yet been so frustrated with them all at once.  

“Dammit Ahsha! Are we still doing this!? Please baby, I mean aren’t you the say person that said last night that you didn’t want to be just my friend? Or am I going crazy here?” he exclaimed, slightly loosening his grip on her waist.

Ahsha heard every ounce of frustration in Derek’s voice as she hung on to his every word. He wasn’t going crazy, but Ahsha realized that last night she had spoken way too soon. Of course, the fact that he had opened up to her and expressed how much he wanted her to be a part of his future  messed with her heart but now she wasn’t so sure if being more than friends was what they needed right now. At least that’s what she tried tell herself. “Derek I was sleepy, I can’t even remember half of what I said. You can’t hold that against me. And honestly, I don’t even want to put a label on us right now. Just know that I’m happy. Please, can you do that…for me, for now.” Her state of mind was always her favorite excuse.  

Derek groaned. “Nothing about what we did last night says that you’re happy and giving the fact that it’s now 11:30 and you’re still here with me says everything,” he concluded, eyeing the clock on the opposite wall.

“Oh My Gosh! Is it really 11:30?! Please, tell me this is a joke. I have to go. German’s probably worried sick. Shit…I can’t believe I let this happen!” Ahsha was so caught up in the glory of her ex-lover that she had completely forgotten about her current one. She never once thought about the price she’d have to pay, until now.

She immediately left Derek’s embrace and rose from the bed before searching for her under clothes on the carpeted floors. While Ahsha ran circles around the bed, the room fell silent. Derek watched on as she quickly slipped on her bra before seeking her matching panties.

Oh Great! When did this happen?! Ahsha mused to herself as she stared at her reflection in the wall mirror, noticing the rounded mark Derek left on her neck in the midst of last night’s events. Why was she even surprised though? When they were together their fuck sessions always ended with lots of sore muscles, a few bruises, tons of scratches and occasionally a piece of broken furniture when things really took a wild turn. This was just the wrong time to fall back into routine. The absolute worst!  Shit! Its gonna take me a minute to get this covered. Good thing I have that extra set of makeup in the car.

“Don’t look at me like that. It happened and I have to go,” Ahsha apologized, acknowledging Derek’s glare over her. “I know you still wanna talk about it but I…I just don’t know wha…”

“No no go ahead, I get it. No more pressure here,” Derek calmly spoke. “Whatever happens next is on you,” his voice was barely a whisper.

“All I can think about right now is what I’m gonna tell German. I got to think of something and quick.”

“How about the truth,” Derek suggested.

“Oh yeah right, hey babe sorry I didn’t come home last night but I have a perfectly good reason why, I was at my ex’s house… Oh and by the way, I slept with him too. Like that’s really going to happen,” she mocked. “I can’t tell him, he’ll never understand.”

“I guess you’re right, if you tell Germ…”

“Please don’t say his name,” she begged. “He will break up with you,” Derek continued.

“And that’s exactly why I can’t tell him. At least not now.”

“Hey whatevers fine. Like I said, what happens next is on you,” he reassured. “Do whatever you feel is best.”

“I have to go.” Derek watched the woman he loved leave the room. As a single tear streamed down his face, a wave of regret came over him. Had his past fuck ups affected her so much, that she would never be willing to give them a second chance even though her eyes told a different story? He felt her concerns and understood them all but still he hoped that her love for him that he knew was still there would eventually outweigh all her worries. They had made love but Derek still needed to prove to Ahsha that it was true…That ex’s really did change. He knew he had a long journey ahead and he was more than okay with that because Ahsha was worth it… She would always be worth it.

As Ahsha neared the foyer to retrieve her dress, she took a few seconds to look back as she tried ever so hard to hold back her tears. She still loved Derek, but she didn’t want to be the same woman the second time around. And truth be told, she was tired of going from one ex to the other whenever things got rough. German wasn’t the same man she had known before their breakup, he was distant and short-tempered but she felt as if she owed him a chance…However, after Derek approached her the night of the Devils’ opening game she spent several sleepless nights arguing with herself over whether or not if what she was doing was right only to end up just as lost as she was when she first began. However, unlike all the restless nights she had before… She had to admit that on this morning she knew exactly who she saw a future with. She didn’t want to leave but she could, only because deep down she knew that she would be back. For now, it was just a matter of what felt right over what she truly wanted… but she knew Derek Roman had her heart just as she had his. Ahsha didn’t understand why she still loved him the way she did, but what she did know was that a love like theirs just simply didn’t happen every day.  

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Me during 3x07

–did Jude bring a fucking sledgehammer
–why does Jude even own a sledgehammer, has he used this form of therapy himself??? that’s a scene I wanna see
–I fucking knew it! I knew Zero was going have a sibling, they always have to add mysterious estranged relatives into shows like this, and of course they made it a girl so she could never be a love rival who potentially interests Jude, what’s the betting she’s going show up in S4 and become a Devil Girl
–either that or Jude starts looking for her and tells Zero he found her in like the finale of this season
–sleeping rough on the courts oh Zero :( :( :(
–Jude played Zero like a fiddle omg, he knew exactly how to push his buttons to make him snap
–why do I find that hot
–also the Gideon Bible thing, glad they finally used that cause it was screamingly obvious
–look at Zero go, smash that shit up!
–the HUG, fuck it’s even better than I thought, Zero is touching him back I REPEAT there is return touching aaaaaah where are the gifs
–wait is that it
–are you serious, not even a mention in the promo for next week
–what the fuckkkk LaRosa, gimme my Zude

Ok two things…
1) right before the scene ends, when Jude is facing the wall and Zero is kissing his back/shoulders… *deep breath* *fans face* *clears throat*… I am seriously in love with whoever decided that Zero should let go of Jude’s wrist so that he could reach underneath and twine their arms together as he grabbed onto Jude again.
2) I would also like to thank the person responsible for the hair on Jude’s forehead being a little bit wet as they were getting dressed. It makes the whole thing even hotter tbh and made it feel a thousand times more authentic.