breeze still carries the sound


The making of How to Destroy Angels live 2013, with commentary from the full band.


How to destroy angels_ “Ice age,” directed by John Hillcoat. From An omen EP_ available now at


How to destroy angels_ “The loop closes.” From An omen EP_ (available now).

Our debut full length album Welcome oblivion arrives on March 5th.

I am made of magic and wires
And I am everything at the end of it all/
I am moving from the mouths of liars
And I am everything and nothing at all/

I am speaking order from within-
I am aberration by design
Still right here as I have always been/
I am nature, perfect by design.

Feeding on the apple and the seed.
You have done exactly as you’re told/
Filling us with everything we need,
Turning common metal into gold/

And all my arms will stretch across the sky
And you will see the glory of it all/
Watching from a million different eyes
And you will see the glory of it all/

Speaking in tongues, this has begun.
I am the end of it all
We have become zeroes and one, I am the end of it all
This is the place, this is the time/
I am the end of it all.