I was in dance class the other day and we had to pirouette in one part. As we were doing it, the guy behind me, Jack, said “that bit makes me feel really gay”
I turned around and said “it makes you feel gay? Maybe you should ask Nick out if it makes you feel gay.”
He tried to save himself but ended up stammering a bit, then Nick who was standing next to him piped up and said “say flamboyant”.
Jack said “yeah that’s it, flamboyant” and we all continued dancing.
This is why you gotta pipe up when you hear people use gay as a description for something other than happiness or sexuality- because it only takes a second for someone to recognise their mistake and correct it with a little help.


are you kidding me?

8 Steps to Naturally Cure Constipation - How to Naturally Cure Constipation

8 Steps to Naturally Cure Constipation – How to Naturally Cure Constipation


We’ve all been there before and it’s not nice. When you’re feeling constipated, it’s most likely because you’ve been eating bad foods that are clogging up your system. In order to get things flowing again, you are going to need to make changes from the inside out.

Follow these 8 steps on how to cure constipation and you should be flowing freely in no time:

1. Cleanse your system


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