So I’ve been drawing some Avengers fanart in class and decided I wanted to post it on here. None of them are final projects, but I’ve got a few sketches.

Tony! (wtf his hair, I think i did it okay this time, but seriously wtf is up with his hair why is it so hard to draw)

Here is a sketch for this fanfic idea. I’m currently working on a colored pencil version, which is incomplete but currently looking like this:

Loving her red hat, if I do say so myself.

This is a sketch of another drawing I’m working on putting into colored pencil, this one a version of Clint from my dragon au.

Last but not least, random sketch (sorry, note to myself on the right there) of two of Loki’s children, little-kid style. I’m planning to draw a much neater version of this and outline it in pen.

Huzzah for fanart! Mine is clearly nowhere close to the best on this website (and will never be) but at least it’s fun to work on. :)
Here, There Be Dragons - Unadulterated - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

Here, There Be Dragons

Thor isn’t the only Avenger not native to Earth. But when Tony unexpectedly starts showing symptoms of draconic magic, Clint understandably panics—after all, he thought he’d left everything having to do with his heritage behind three centuries ago…

Chapter 4 is now up! And almost 10k words long…

*Beyoncé voice* Can I share my story wit’chall? (Beystans will get that lol) Anywaydoe, this person on tumblr drew this picture of me and I cannot even express how excited I am about it. Honored isn’t even the word. Like, this is truly awesome and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to inspire and spark creativity in people. This makes me want to get more creative and really crank out all these ideas I have. And peep how many notes the original image has to date. 849!? ME??? I just… I can’t even believe. I’ve been on tumblr for a long time and I never ever thought I’d be rebloggable. I haven’t done throwback Thursday in a while, so I’ll be back. I have more to say. #tumblr #htbd #art #inspiration #inspo #thankful

Last thought before I knock: I never want to just be a decent looking woman with an arguable sense of style. I mean, I enjoy being that, but I don’t want that to be IT. I never want to be just another face in a sea of self esteem and desired attention. Visibility should be a vehicle, not a destination. Ultimately we all have something to say. Use your talents to propel yourself to a broader audience. Don’t just be seen. Be worthwhile. Be smart. Be heard. #theinnocentwoman #htbd