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Holy Trainer, Batman

I had heard so many positive reviews of the Holy Trainer that when I got one (short cage, largest ring size) and it was excruciating to wear I was so disappointed. It was especially a shame since (1) it’s super discreet, (2) it looks good (3) it lacks some of the flaws of the CB-x series like stupid vents (4) I really like the built in lock as opposed to a clanking padlock.

However by progressively testing it I realise it’s only painful when my balls are tight against my body. Since I realised that I’ve been trying to stretch my balls a bit (with ball stretchers, obvs) and it seems to have paid off. Unless I’m cold the HT now fits great.

Currently I’m wearing it about 20 hours a day. When I get woken up with a painful erection at 4am I am releasing myself in order to maximise sleep but over time it’s getting less painful and I expect to be able to sleep through with it before long.

And finally, the best prize of all: I can use a urinal while wearing it! I can do so in such a way as to keep it from all but the most insistent peepers so I’m not too concerned about being found out. It’s NOT part of my kink to share it with innocent bystanders, so I’m definitely not trying to show it off.

Currently looking to move down a ring size if my body will take it, to ensure it sits higher. Boy this chastity thing is expensive.

                         I’ve never said that in my life.
                                   Bleh, bleh-bleh.
               I don’t know where that comes from!

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"When is he NOT using his phone tho… Not that he ever shares anything worthwhile with us tho." IKR?? 😩😔 Honestly, what the heck does he do with all those pics he seemingly often takes? Because even when he shares, he's often stingy. Does he have powerpoint presentations for the harem every week by the pool to show them off or what? I would definitely buy the other merch (shirts, sweaters) in the Hot Topic post if they had them there, but not the current T. HT's sales are great.

I will NEVER forgive him for not sharing that pic with us.


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hey kids remember that if you drive an expensive car like a new mercedes you can make asshole maneuvers like making a right turn from the left lane and be completely unencumbered when the only reason why you didn’t cause an accident is because nice people like me pay attention and have breaks that work