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Hot Topic

This is a list of pro’s and con’s to lifting at hot topic.

Pro: they have no securety cameras. (Every location I’ve been to didn’t have them, but it still wouldn’t hurt to check. Don’t make it obvious what your doing tho.)

Con: Staff talk to you a lot. They try to sell you things and sometimes just strike up conversation based on what your looking at. This is annoying, but they have to do this because they have no cameras.

Pro: they have plenty of racks of cloths to hide behind when you put your items in your bag. But don’t to back to the same one with one item, or it will become obvious what your doing.

Con: They have tags on a lot of stuff. Cloths and jewlery are big ones. Although sometimes there are items of that sort that don’t have tags. Just becareful.

Pro: They have loud music. They play some screamo music and that can make sound if you happen to be getting rid of tags (although I have no expirense with tags so don’t come to me for any of that.)

Con: The stores are usually kind of small. Its not really a problem bc it is spacious but its not as big as Rue21 for example.

Pro: They have super cool band and fandom stuff! Seriously, HT is my favorite store in the mall! …. Its just hard to lift at my local one bc one of the workers is sus of me and my friend :(

Hope this helps! I’ll do more stores soon!