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2p characters as song lyrics. I might do more of there if there is an interest. Send me ur ideas and suggestions.

Lyric credits in order of appearance: Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time•P!ATD, DONTTRUSTME•3OH!3, Dance Floor Anthem•Good Charlotte, The Lazy Song•Bruno Mars, One of These Days•Pink Floyd, Beautiful Boyz•CocoRosie, Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time•P!ATD (again), My Own Worst Enemy•Lit, Bubblegum Bitch•Marina and The Diamonds, Raise Hell•Dorothy

You guys…. Really asked for it. Here ya go, some HT!paps stuff for your soft tol boi needs. And don’t worry your little heads, Uf!sans/Chopper and I are making sure Ht!Sans/Jaws isn’t going anywhere… Though uh… he’s pretty much in hibernation at this point so theres no point in really worrying?

Thank you so much for the asks!!


Augh! You’re so lucky we’re family! 🔪 *pouts* Now my hair is messed up! There go my plans for tonight, I can’t conquer the world with messy hair like you did! @grandparomeaskblog

i got a lot of asks about the cheating, and i’m not gonna post them all, i’m just gonna post this. personally– i’m not exactly torn apart by the cheating storyline. i didn’t like it, i think it was unnecessary but i’m not losing any sleep over it. but some people really didn’t like it and they’re not being unreasonable? like, i’ve seen a lot of posts circulating in wake of this (and the thing with kadena) saying that wlw fans are asking too much, or asking for our characters to be “perfect” or “pure”– but there’s a difference between not being able to handle the slightest bit of angst, and being uncomfortable with/disliking the idea of one character cheating on another. let people be upset.

on the other hand, people seem to be very all or nothing about well, a lot of things. i wasn’t the biggest fan of the cheating but i’m still gonna watch wynonna earp. i still love this show. i’m super excited for the last three episodes. you don’t have love every single thing about a show to justify still watching it.

don’t send the cast hate y’all. laters ✌️✌️✌️

So alongside my AU story “Time Not Lost”, and my more “for funzies” merman AU with double helix, @funkyracoon and I have been gushing over this adorable little Greek mythology AU with Hannibal and Adam Towers. (Yay more Hannitowers fun times)

Hanni is basically Thanatos and he discovers the beautiful flower nymph, Adam, through his singing. The death god is immediately smitten while the nymph playfully teases a while, but ultimately they hit it off. It really has become the biggest fluff fest my flower boy has been a part of so far and i love it!