My day just seems to be getting better and better!


Who needs a Valentine when I have these awesome news?

And, in honor of my good day, I think it’s time I write the shit out of my klaroline fanfics!

You know what I'm happy about?

That I didn’t help trend Klaroliners Love Joseph Morgan because I don’t love him and frankly I lost all of the respect that I had for him and I’m not even mad. He can have his bullshit show and I can have my opinion.

I'm going to Applebee's now, so adios my loves!

I am having a wonderful day and tonight’s episode of TVD better not fuck that mood up!

I better get Caroline not regretting her decision to sleep with Klaus and if she does regret her decision, these shall be my reactions.

Happy New Year to my lovely followers!

I am wishing you all a Happy New Year and hopefully this year will be our greatest year!

I appreciate the people that I have met in the klaroline fandom and I love you all. The skype chats that I have with my klarogang castle loves, bring me great happiness!

Let’s just think positively and ignore the hater…

Happy New Year!

Yours truly,
Hana ❤️

The sad moment when you think your tumblr friend will continue to be your friend even though you ship klaroline and they hate it , but it turns out they no longer want to be your friend cuz you ship something they don't.
I sat down and started studying like a good girl but then I hear my doorbell ring...

Guess who it is!!!!

It’s the hot guy from the pharmacy that is the delivery guy that I told you guys about our eye sex.

Oh my god. I’m crying. He’s so hot. He’s beautiful!!!

Right now he was on the phone and we couldn’t exactly talk but we talked with our eyes (eye sex, really)


Shit, he’s gorgeous…

Okay, I’m done! But OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!! UGH!