What is an Empath?

“Empath” is one of many words that describe a specific ability. That ability includes feeling someone’s aura or energy, seeing their aura or energy, feeling the same emotions and/or physical sensations as someone else, smelling someone’s aura or energy, etc. Most empaths don’t experience all of these, although often more than one. 

Here’s a quick informational thingy on empaths! 

Other Words for Empath: 

  • Sensitive(s)
  • indigo child(ren) 
  • ESP
  • sixth sense(?)
  • HSP

Signs you are an Empath

  • You have anxiety. This is common, as empaths oftentimes become overwhelmed depending on the amount of people, their specific energies (sometimes a lot of intermingling energies and emotions are overwhelming) etc. 
  • People drain you
  • People often tell you you’re a good listener, come to you to talk, rant to you, etc. 
  • strangers tell you their life story
  •  your emotions and energy effects everyone around you (ie: you are angry about something, and that emotion is projected to everyone in your household. as a result, they all become angry. 
  • your parent(s) or grandparent(s) are empaths
  • etc. 

Please come to me if you have any questions. My ask box and messages are always open. 

To My Fellow Introverts

Recently I was in a relationship that ended for a number of reasons, one being that he thought I wasn’t “extroverted” enough. As an introvert, and one who is  sensitive about it, you can imagine how much that impacted not only my self-confidence, but my own self-worth.

I’m not just introverted, I’m also a highly sensitive person (here’s a great article on HSPs if you don’t know what that is) At times I often feel guilty or upset about how introverted I can be. I don’t like bars, I don’t like loud parties, or anything loud in general. I used to joke about how I was a lame college student because my Friday nights consisted of Netflix and writing. I’m a bit uncomfortable around new people so I don’t talk a whole lot, and I feel much better meeting people one-on-one then in a large group. My idea of a good time is hanging out at home writing, reading, or binge watching Gilmore Girls. If I go out, it’s usually with a small group of friends and I’m going because it’s an activity I know won’t stress me out.

I was dating an introvert, so I thought he would have understood why I wasn’t interested in going to bars with his friends or getting high, and why meeting his family stressed me out because not only were they new people to me, they were people I wanted to like me. That’s pressure for a normal person, but to someone who is highly sensitive and overthinks a lot, it was like the Olympics of fucking meet-and-greets. 

So to hear someone who I had let into my bubble, who I shared my little world that I am incredibly protective of with, tell me that the part of me that makes me me wasn’t good enough for him, it was crushing.

The past few weeks had me thinking “what is wrong with me?”

Answer? Not One. Fucking. Thing.

Let me repeat. There is nothing wrong with me.

I am who I am, and once I got all the crying and feeling sorry for myself out of my system, my usual self-confidence came back raging like a pissed off honey badger. So now I’m here to share with any other introverts and HSPs who may doubt themselves or feel ashamed of who they are:


You are special. I am special. I have friends who value me for who I am. My own family may tease me, but when I remove myself from the Christmas party to hang out with my grandma’s cat, they understand. 

So just because one stupid boy couldn’t accept who I am, and instead saw my introverted personality as a flaw, doesn’t mean it is. Sure, it was someone who I cared deeply about and their opinion hurt, but that doesn’t make them right. I quite like the person I am, and there is a lot I like about myself due to being introverted:

I am creative: I’ve written four books! FOUR. I wrote the first one at sixteen, and now I’m twenty-three. If it weren’t for the fact that I like spending long hours by myself being creative, that would have never happened. If I weren’t an introvert, I wouldn’t be nearly as creative as I am. If I didn’t like sitting on my own thinking deeply about things, I would never have been able to create an entire world. I even started a webcomic based on my books, and I got my work self published! I’m proud of that, and I have every right to be. You hear that my fellow introverts? Be proud of your accomplishments. COMPLEMENT YOURSELF. We don’t do it nearly enough.

I am capable of growth: I used to be afraid to get gas in my car by myself. I was borderline agoraphobic in high school. Last year I lived in another country and went to school there for a year. I even helped establish a Harry Potter club! Did I still hang out on off days and read books and do nothing? You betcha. But I also hopped on a plane or a train and went to different countries too. Growth. There’s a difference between being introverted and having a fear of living life. I got over the fear, and I accepted who I am. That is okay, so long as I don’t let fear hold me back.

I know myself: I know what I like, and I know what I don’t like. I’ve learned that it’s okay to say “no” and that I shouldn’t feel bad for it. A lot of people don’t have the insight into themselves to recognize what bothers them and be confident enough to not only talk about it, but actively make sure to remove themselves from situations that could have a negative outcome. I hate bars and clubs. Drunk people worry me and I find them annoying half the time. I also dislike smoking, normal or weed. I don’t mind if people do it, and I’m certainly not going to tell them not to. These things just make me uncomfortable, so I make sure to remove myself from those situations. There’s no benefit to me sitting around in a club or bar, listening to drunk people scream and overly loud music being played. I don’t like it, and that is okay. I don’t have to like it. And I most certainly shouldn’t have to like it because someone thinks I should. If someone doesn’t like me because of that, then they certainly aren’t worth my time as a friend or more.

In short, I like who I am, and I’m angry that I doubted myself even for a moment over another person’s opinion. But we all have those moments, we just have to not let them define us. I am proud and happy of who I am, and you should be too. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise. It is perfectly okay to be you, and be confident in knowing yourself and doing what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Whether you’re introverted or highly sensitive or both. You have a right to be happy and who you are.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt with Civil War Veterans dedicate Peace Memorial at Gettysburg photographs, 1938 [Philadelphia Record photograph morgue collection]

On July 3rd, 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt, in his memorable open car, arrived in Gettysburg, PA to dedicate the Eternal Light of Peace Memorial on the 75th anniversary of that fateful battle of the Civil War. Soldiers in the background salute as the national anthem was played to the 250,000 in attendance at the dedication. Two civil war veterans, A G. Harris [confederate army, age 91] and George N. Lockwood [union army, also age 91] were also in attendance and represent “the last reunion of the blue and the gray.”