Dee Da must have been a purse in a past life, because this cat just loves being carried around. She’s a 1-year-old shorthair with a beautiful tuxedo pattern. Dee Da also has a cute, little white mustache smudge under her nose. Come meet this big-time cuddler at the Humane Society of Allen County.


Renaldo’s a street-smart tomcat with a lot of confidence, the kind of cat who speaks softly but carries a big body. This 3-year-old orange tiger bears the marks of a few fights during his life outdoors, but he’s beyond happy to be inside, where he rules the roost. Renaldo currently lives in a colony room at the Humane Society of Allen County and gets along great with his fellow felines, but he’s not crazy about dogs. He also really, really enjoys having his rear end scratched and shows his appreciation by licking the air with glee.


Rosco is a real survivor. This orange tiger and his buddy Jep spent most of their lives side-by-side in isolation, beating a case of ringworm. But they won and grew into healthy, strong young cats. Rosco loves to eat and has a thick neck and brightly colored fur to show for it. He gets along well with cats, especially Jep, and even tolerates dogs. The Humane Society of Allen County helped save Rosco’s life; can you help make the rest of his life a happy one?