High School Musical Marathon

Last June 17, Wednesday, we decided to have HSM Marathon. I still haven’t watched these movies seriously because when we watched on my blockmate’s condo, I were studying. huhuhu. Anyway, I still love their LSS-able songs. Before starting the marathon, we went to grocery first. We bought some drinks and chips. Then we went to Ash’s condo in Archers. She’s on the 29th so I really loved the view from there. We also had pizza from Pizza Hut. Yaaaay. My friends also prepared some mojos and fries haha. Haaay what a life. I am hoping for more times like this! Hashtag chill life lol

michaelsofficial asked:

hiya I don't rly go out much but I went to the pub tonight and now I am watching HSM drunk #dreamlife

yeah same my fave place is my room tbh. sounds like a chill day!

ship+why: MICHAEL omg you’d be a perfect couple
his reaction when he finds out you like him:

your+ and your ship’s song: sugar we’re going down - fob
what concert he takes you to: imagine dragons
first date: movie night
who mocks you most: calum
who always asks you for advice: ashton
best friend: luke
compliment bc why not: i love your hair so much and your url too how did you get it wtf and your blog is amazing too ok i love everything

i’m doing ships!!

anonymous asked:

your hsm fic post reminded me that I used to write Justin Bieber youtube fic when I was in 6th grade starring me as the love interest

I’M LAUGHING SO HARD I used to write Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez fanfiction but on paper

ink-halo asked:

When you get this, you must give six random facts about yourself, and then send it to 10 of your followers! :)

Oh man

1. I am 4'10" (thats like 1.47 meters)

2. I like to write poetry

3. I have a cat named Pixel

4. I have never seen any of the HSM movies

5. I am scotish, irish, and italian

6. My birthday is july 13th