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My Photo Gallery Did A Thing And I Don’t Know How I Feel About That


Ashley: I call her my twin sister. She’s always there for me. Some people are really competitive; we’re not. We’re really supportive of each other. You don’t find that a lot in this business.

Vanessa: We were never competitive in any way, shape or form. We completely understand each other. She’s a lot of fun, and she’s just grounded.

Happy National Best Friends Day!!!

Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares,” she confessed. “Then I realized that’s not what that’s about. ‘Spread the love, be a good person, they support you, be nice.
—  Vanessa Hudgens on fangirls fawning over her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron
MBTI Types + “High School Musical: a bad lip reading” quotes

The video that inspired this shitpost.

ISFP: I like trashbags and I’m very soft.

ESFP: I’m cool. I’m like a cool bomb. A water bomb.

ISTP: Kickin’ your friend. [don’t kick ‘em!]

ESTP: My friends all congratulated me on my cool hallway stands while I waited outside the classroom.

ISFJ: I was going to take an old person to prison.

ESFJ: I’m about to drink from the popular cup.

ISTJ: This girl who reads with her fingers in the middle of a party!

ESTJ: You look like a human, but that is not what you are.

INTJ: [you should look behind you.] Well, I used to, but I’d see my friends and, uh… I don’t want to.

ENTJ: I can’t do it. Not when all these people are scared of me.

INTP: Lumpkinella may have been a machine, but that night she displayed one very human emotion: stage fright.

ENTP: My friends think I’m just normal… but I’m really the pretzel king. I’m quite a guy.

INFP: I don’t want to grow up like a dinosaur, cause everyone will try to scratch me.

ENFP: Oh, I like when they put glitter on these signs. I wanna do that!

INFJ: My ears are scared and the baby ostrich is cold.

ENFJ: Wanna see something real cool? Hand. I gave it to you so you could hold it!

I’m not gonna @ whoever made these posts because I don’t wanna pick on this person but like…

There’s these posts going around in the #Hamilton tag where this kid is writing down their parents comments during each and every song of the musical and I s2g it’s all so obviously fake because apparently their parents both ship Jamilton or something and also use language that only a teenager on the internet would use. And I’m not trying to come for this kid or anything but it’s just like…come on, now. Come on. Don’t hurt me like this.