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11 Random Facts

11 Random Facts

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Shit, Facts..

1. The first impression I give people is always being a bitch. The thing is, I’m just very shy at first.

2. I’m very loud, I’m always singing HSM-songs. 

3. I’ve been writing fanfictions since I was 9 (in my native language) First, Zac Efron then Justin Bieber, and now Harry Styles lol - also a Zayn Malik fanfic

4. My life goal is to be a veterinarian and live in London.  

5. I used to smoke weed, but had once a bad trip and never smoked again. 

6. I’m a make-up enthusiast and shopaholic. - also I’m a beautician. 

7. I got the name ‘Charlotte’ because it was the only name my dad could properly pronounce. 

8. I have a belly button piercing, a tragus piercing and two helix’s.

9.  My favourite colours are orange, pink and blue.

10. I passed my driving test from the first time, which is very uncommon in the city where I live. I think it’s because of the jokes I made. 

11. I eat everything except raw tomatoes and olives.

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Remember that High School musical song where Troy sang about his conflicted emotions?




hey remember that High School Musical song where Gabriella sang about rejection?




hey remember that High School Musical song where Sharpay and Ryan sang an overly glamourous song about what they want?





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Until recently, I though my ramblings about Ryan Even and Chad Danforth just the crazy fantasies of a 17 year old mad woman. But I have come to the conclusion, that everything I believed was correct. Not only is Ryan and Chad both gay, but they are in love.

Now, I can’t make such an absurd statement with absolutely no evidence, that would be ridiculous. I’m not asking you to believe me when all I had to prove my statement was a gif of Chad VERY OBVIOUSLY checking out Ryan, but I believe that once all my evidence has been accumulated, no one will be able to dispute that Rychad is a romance that rivals that of Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose, and Edward and Bella. 

1. Any bright person who’s ever watched HSM will notice that there is no doubt that Ryan is very very gay. But why has he never come out? He seems to have no problem acting very stereotypically homosexual, he is in a community at school that is known to be more open to people of that sexuality, and he is a very self confident person? Is Ryan just shy? No. Ryan is still closeted to protect, not himself, but his lover. Chad. 

2. Chad is a masculine, jock, sporty kind of guy. There is no stereotypical evidence to support that he might not be straight. (Because OBVIOUSLY everyone who is gay HAS to, by law, at gay). But what if his masculinity is his way of hiding his sexuality. He’s in a high school, a very hard time in someone’s life to come out, it is reasonable to believe that his adversary to Troy breaking the traditional straight, cis-gendered, masculine role could be because he himself has not accepted his attraction to men. 

3. Chad plays basketball to see other men nude in the showers? Maybe.

4. If you believe, and are as drawn to, the “opposites attract” trope as I am, you’ll see that Chad and Ryan are a perfect match. Ryan- a flamboyant, singer and dancer and Chad- a traditionally masculine jock is not only that perfect example of opposites uniting to find a balance of their interests (as seen in “I Don’t Dance”, but is the perfect basis for a Disney love story. 

5. After a flirtatious dance number between Chad and Ryan in HSM2 (I Don’t Dance), the two are seen with arms around one another…. IN EACH OTHER’S CLOTHES. (http://www.buzzfeed.com/ahmedaliakbar/suuuuuure-you-dont-dance-chad#.jmoYN1jpQ)

Do you guys remember in HSM 3 where Chad wanted to ask Taylor to go to prom with him but he was so nervous to do it and he got rid of his basketball and got flowers for her but when he went to ask she was in the cafeteria and she was pretending like it was too loud to hear him and then Troy literally told the whole cafeteria to shut the fuck up and Chad was about to piss himself because he was so nervous so he stood on that table and screamed out “Taylor McKessie, will you please be my date to the prom?” and she said yes and she was so happy and the whole cafeteria went crazy and Chad was happy as shit and still looked so scared. Cause I do, that was literally the best moment in high school musical history, Taylor and Chad had the cutetest relationship and the biggest crushes on each other.