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Magnus came home late that night. He had worn a periwinkle blue and gold suit, with a simple black tie. Catarina had invited Magnus out for a special day out, and they both had dressed up and visited some of their favourite fancy restaurants around the world. 

The day as enjoyable as it was, had made him miss Alexander terribly. The whole time he spent with Cat, he wondered what Alec would think if he were there, or if he should bring Alec here next time. It was so prevalent and obvious that he missed his lover that even Cat had made several comments about it, throughout heir day out. 

By the time Magnus had come home, he had expected Alec to be in bed already. He portaled into the living room of his loft only to be greeted by Alec curled up on the sofa with the cats curled up on his chest. 

For a moment Magnus stared frozen, unable to do anything but feel the urge to document the moment forever. Alexander looked so beautiful sleeping peacefully there on the sofa with Church and Chairman on top of him. He took a quick picture but his flash was on which stirred Alec awake. 

As Alexander sat up the cats fell off his chest and glared at Magnus and scattered away. Magnus quickly went to Alec who was rubbing his eyes. 


“Yes, love?” 

Alexander didn’t continue and just pressed his face on Magnus’ shoulder and fell back asleep. Magnus smiled and pulled Alec up and carried him into their bedroom. He put him down gently onto their bed only to see Alec flutter his eyelids open again. They both stared into each others eyes for a moment until Magnus broke eyes contact and got up to change out of his clothes. He could magic out of his clothes but he felt like taking them off slowly due to the attention on him. 

As he got up and off the bed, Alec sat up and grabbed Magnus’ hand and then pulled Magnus towards him using Magnus’ black tie. Alec pulled them both into a lip lock while securing his hold onto the tie. 

As Magnus finally leaned into the kiss. Alec let go and slid back slowly onto his pillow and as Magnus let go Alec had fallen back asleep. 

Magnus softly laughed at his lover, wondering what alcohol did he taste on his lovers’ tongue.

Boyfriend Yamada Ryosuke
  • Actually the best
  • Lowkey possessive of you
  • The king of worrying
  • “Have you eaten yet?” “Are you feeling okay?”
  • Would buy you little gifts regularly he’s a sugar daddy
  • I hope you’re not scared of too many things because he is
  • If you are and something comes into your house he’ll probably call Chinen
  • Yes it is “our” house because his house is your house and your house is his house until you finally move in together
  • Lots of shopping together
  • Shopping would usually be followed by dinner dates
  • Probably your biggest supporter
  • Would love when you compliment him and would usually compliment you back straight away
  • This may initiate a compliment competition
  • You’d probably end up being close to Keito and Chinen
  • All four of you would hang out together quite regularly you x Yamada x Chinen x Keito, the new best ot4
  • Kind of an attention seeker to be honest, he just wants you to focus on him
  • You’d probably get a dog together eventually
  • Or dogs, more likely dogs
  • You’d both treat them like your children, they’ll be very spoiled
  • Cuddling at home, watching TV with the dogs next to you :’)
  • He’d slowly play with your hair while cuddling, or trace patterns on your skin with his fingers
  • Comfortable silences
  • Probably followed by long talks
  • He’d really care about your comfort, no matter what the situation is it’s always one of his top priorities
  • I hope you like games because Yamada definitely does! He’d love to play video games together
  • Might get a bit competitive while playing but it wouldn’t go too far
  • Honestly you guys will probably end up playing games for hours sometimes, he’d agree to do something else as soon as you want to though
  • Overall he’s a bit doting, but it’d mainly be a very comfortable relationship ^^

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I love JUMP ballads more than I love Arioka Daiki ( lol no )

Ok, but this set is my fav though if you can recommend me some more, please dm or comment below.

This was suppose to be posted earlier , but I’m kinda frustrated cause Daiki forgot to greet me yesterday for my birthday ( cries forever )