HSJ’s Reaction To Their S/O Hugging Them Suddenly

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Yabu: He would find this super cute! He’d probably laugh before hugging you back, bringing you as close as possible. He’d rest his chin on your head and probably start a conversation, staying like that until one of you wants to/has to pull away.

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Hikaru: Would be pretty surprised by your sudden hug. After the initial surprise, he’d hug back and start planting pecks on your face. You will basically be attacked with kisses. He must outdo you, be prepared.

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Yuto: You basically just made his day. He’d hug back straight away and would probably turn it into a cuddling session, think before hugging him because you’ll probably be stuck cuddling for hours.

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Yuya: Always down for skinship so he’d think this is great. Would let you just hug him for a few seconds before hugging back, maybe placing a kiss somewhere and stroking your hair.

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Daiki: This would make him very happy! Daiki is basically your personal teddy bear, hug him 24/7. He’d give you a bear hug in return for your hug, he may not let go for awhile.

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Inoo: Another personal teddy bear. Would be laughing at your sudden action and trying to turn it into a cuddle session as soon as you hugged him. 

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Keito: Would take a second to hug back because he’s flustered and internally screaming but he’d love it. After a few seconds, he’d just bury his face in your neck, staying there until one of you pulls back. He loves any kind of skin ship with you, please hug him regularly.

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Yamada: Would get pretty startled but it’d still make him very happy. He’d teasingly scold you for startling him before hugging you back, letting you hug him for as long as you want.

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Chinen: Surprised but delighted, Chinen would be a bit taken aback by your sudden skinship. He’d take a second to hug you back, jokingly asking what you’re doing. But Chinen is always down for hugs so he’s definitely not complaining. 

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HSJ and how they would helping s/o deal with an all-nighter for an exam?

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  • would be looking over your shoulder for most of the night
  • If it’s something he knows, expect him to insert himself in your studying
  • “No, no. You did this wrong. Here, I’ll show you…”
  • tries to give you instructions, but somehow gets frustrated over his own explaining – especially if you take a bit of time to understand things
  • eventually, he ends up answering your study questions himself; if he knows the answers
  • however, if he has no clue about what you’re studying then he’ll do his own thing for the night
  • will likely take it upon himself to cook since you’re busy
  • quietly leaves a plate on your desk, but decides to eat near wherever you’re studying to talk
  • “Hey. Come on, Y/N, put that down and eat while it’s hot.”
  • there’s no room for arguing, Ryosuke won’t let you skip any meals even for school


  • he was done with school a long while ago and he honestly has an aversion to anymore school work
  • as such, he’s more of a ‘good luck with that, i’m not gonna be much help’ kind of guy
  • periodically checks in on you, though still doesn’t help much (lol)
  • comes in once in a while with tea or a light snack
  • eventually comes in the room again, when he misses you, and stays with you for the rest of the night – talking about not much of anything and it’s a little distracting
  • won’t let you stay up all night studying
  • “Staying up all night never helped anyone, did it?” He says while closing your book. “If you still don’t know it after reading for hours, then another hour or so won’t help.”
  • and he’s honestly right


  • gives you the peace and quiet to study, going off to play games or prepare himself for work
  • seriously, he’s super respectful of your study time and won’t bother you unless it’s to bring food or a drink
  • and even then, it’s only because he’s noticed that you haven’t left your room for hours and it’s past dinnertime
  • if you come to him for help, however, he’ll listen unless it’s a subject waaaay off his radar
  • even then, he’ll give a second or two to look it up in order to be of some help
  • goes out to bring back coffee for you both, or another drink if you don’t like coffee


  • is watching you do homework for the first few minutes, both absent minded and curious about your work
  • starts flicking a stray piece of paper you’re not reading and that’s when you finally ask for a little privacy
  • so he goes off to try and do his own thing, only to come back now and then to ask about little stuff
  • “Where’s that thing I put on the table?”, “What do you want to eat tonight?”, “You want this place or that one?”, and the latest “How’s it going?”
  • you know he means well, but dang it…
  • it’s not going too well with all the interruptions
  • so you tell him the truth and he’s a little shocked
  • he thought he was doing the right thing by being attentive
  • then again, he supposes he wouldn’t like to be disturbed either while studying
  • so he finally gives you space

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