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All my music is downloaded becaused depending on where I am, the wifi ranges from downright unusable to pretty good, so streaming usually isn’t the best choice. Also jpop.

1. The recording of my high school concert band in national competition (The first one was a commission in homage to our former (legendary) band director, On Fundy Bay - A Good Man March by Bill Thomas, the second was Toccata Marziale by R. Vaughn Williams, and the last one was Hounds of Spring by Alfred Reed (my favourite out of the 3))

2. I’ll be there - Arashi

3. Stay - Da-iCE

4. Over The Top - Hey! Say! JUMP

5. Girlfriend - Solidemo

6. 3xxxv5 - ONE OK ROCK

7. 逆転 Winner - Johnny’s West

8. Mermaid Rhapsody - Sekai no Owari

9. Kimi Attraction - Hey! Say! JUMP

10. Portal - Lights

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Chinen Yuri & Nakajima Kento -  たったひとつだけ (Only one)

HSJ new song - White love.

anonymous asked:

You can try to contact avast and see what the deal is, but the bank should be really understanding of the situation. I'd try to get my money back but I understand making calls they're uhhhhhh bad

I wanna do that but theres still the problem of me not having the same email from 2016 nor my account information hsj rip
I guess me being the owner of the paypal account would work tho?? Hhh
And yea id definitely just…id probably just go to them in person and drag my mom with me hdjjf


HSJ Fantastic time (training)


harry shum jr…..dancing……with a dog