Home Sweet Home || Crisscolfer

Darren had managed to squeeze in the door holding both carriers since he didn’t want Chris carrying anything too heavy for him just yet. He seen the paparazzi as soon as they had turned the corner to get to their place. Taking a deep breath he knew this was going to mean more press work he had to step up and say something about. Evan and Eva were neither one happy about getting to deal with the cameras and the loud noises that were going on around them. He handed Eva her llama back and Evan his dragon and started rocking the carriers gently on the couch once Chris had made it in the door.

After a few minutes the twins settled down and Darren had hopped up to get Chris to sit down since he seen that he was still a bit off balance from everything. He smiled and sat down next to Chris on the couch rocking the twin’s carriers with his feet. Pulling the diaper bag out of all of their things he sat it next to the couch knowing he was going to leave soon so Chris would be stuck with the babies soon and he didn’t need him running around the house. He handed him the remote, phone, and the diaper bag. “I sort of want you to stay here on the couch and don’t try to do any lifting just yet okay? Just the twins” he put his hands on his hips and smiled “Do you understand Lucy? You can not get up, nor can you be on the show!” He teased and kissed Chris’ head. “And god forbid there be any headlines of me leaving to get Bri again” he sighed and kissed both of the twins heads.

what has bellaire done to the kids?

yea, i was exactly one.

“ omg in college do i have to be in honors? you know. like cuz in high school i was in all ap classes? cuz my brain is worth a shitload more than average kidz. i’m more elite. ”

i get this question a billion times. college doesn’t even acknowledge your honors in the transcript credits. no 4.0 vs. 5.0s anymore. but you know what honors does to your gpa? it murders it. MURDERS.

my calculus grade is living proof, and i’m drowning in my miseries.

Something To Do With My Hands
  • Something To Do With My Hands
  • Her Space Holiday
  • The Young Machines

Her Space Holiday - Something To Do With My Hands

I don’t care where you move I don’t care if it’s far
All that I ask is that I know where you are 
In case our timing is right
In case you need more from me
Than a bit of advice
Or a tongue full of sympathy



Hyuk copying Leo

Home, Sweet Home

Although the constant hum of the train that delivered him across the districts was once his friend in aiding him to sleep, Peeta groaned and mentally blamed the train’s noise for waking him up since there wasn’t anything else to blame. The last time he had woken up was because Cato had squeezed him hard from the nightmare but, thankfully, he had managed to easily fall back asleep without any problems. He couldn’t tell how long he had been out for but it was certain that he was much more rested than his previous time of being awoken. His eyes slowly managed to open and the first thing that he had noticed was that the train’s windows offered a view of an unknown district shrouded in a blanket of darkness. Nighttime had apparently sneaked up on the boy and it took a few groggy moments of sleepiness for it to register that he was still naked and lying on top of the Career that was supposed to depart from the train back in District Two. For it to be late in the afternoon already there was no way that the train hadn’t yet crossed the district and his heart nearly sunk down into the pit of his stomach out of fear for Cato getting off at the wrong stop. Then again, Peeta had no idea why he was wanting to panic in the first place because as selfish as it seemed it meant that there would be at least a few more minutes with the boy that he didn’t quite want to depart from yet.

Even though there had been a long session of sleep shared between the two boys their hands were miraculously still intertwined and Peeta’s free hand was still resting softly on the larger boy’s stomach. The initial fear of Cato being late had forced him to be wide awake so attempting to sleep once again would only prove to be useless, so the baker continued where he had left off and let his hand start to slowly graze the abdomen underneath his palm to gently start waking the sleeping giant up. His mind was already racing and thinking back to how the Career had held him tightly and had accidentally woken him yet he had no idea if it was any correlation as to why the other blonde was still with him when District Two was long gone. He was definitely interested in getting some sort of answer because, in all honesty, he didn’t know what was going to happen anymore that night. Peeta had been expecting to say his goodbyes to the other and visit his new home within the Victor’s Village but now that Cato was still with him it seemed as though the plans were going to change. His eyes glanced upward to watch and see if there was any shift in the boy’s expression while his hand continued it’s path of tracing the muscles underneath his touch. Though he was baffled as to why the Career was still around, the boy couldn’t deny that he was honestly happy to wake up and still see him nearby and embracing him.


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Home Sweet Home || Jarley

It was strange to think that Marley had been gone over a long weekend, a whole three days. It didn’t seem like she was gone for very long, but at the same time if felt like she had been gone forever. She just wanted to go home and see her boyfriend. Marley knew that he wasn’t fond of her leaving for so long and she learned that she wasn’t so fond of leaving him alone either. Or more so, she didn’t like leaving Jake alone with Puck. She knew how crazy the pair could get from all the stories she heard from before her and Jake were together. Marley didn’t like being so nervous and self-conscious about it all but she just couldn’t help herself. Sure, her and Jake had been together for a couple months now, but that still didn’t mean that one day he could decide that she wasn’t good enough for him. That was her biggest fear and she would do anything in her power to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

When Quinn pulled up to the apartment complex, she leaned over and embraced her friend in a brief hug, thanking her for the weekend. As quickly as her body would allow, Marley climbed out of the car and grabbed her suitcases before darting up to her apartment and keying in. “Jake! Babe, I’m home!” Marley called out into the apartment, wondering where her boyfriend was especially since she didn’t know how much longer she could go without seeing him.

Home Sweet Home || Perrie & Zayn

Zayn’s beauty sleep was abruptly disrupted by Ron, his camera guy, poking him on the shoulder for who knew how long. He pulled his sleeping mask off his face and let it dangle weightlessly on his neck as he sat up and stretched in his plane seat. He yawned widely and ruffled his unstyled hair, looking out the window then at Ron. “We there yet?” He asked sleepily. His companion nodded once, “Pilots just announced we’ll be landin’ in a few,” He replied as he started setting up his camera and pressing the red button. Zayn sighed, rubbing his eyes before smiling sleepily into the lens, “Morning,” He waved, “We’re just about to land in L.A.” He paused, rubbing his face to make himself a bit more awake. “Then we have to get through customs and all that then Perrie should be waiting for us,” He smiled softly, nodding. After a few minutes, the Pilot announced that they were going to land in five minutes and instructed the passengers to buckle in. Ron turned off the camera again and did as he was told. Zayn sighed and put his sleeping mask on, figuring he could nap for another five minutes. 

After they landed, it took Zayn and his camera crew of one to get out of the plane ten minutes. Then to get through customs and checks was another good hour. And baggage claim took another forty minutes. He had told his wife they were landing at 7:50 AM and it was already 9:34 AM when they were finally making their way to the exiting gates. As he pushed the baggage trolly carrying his stuff, Zayn pulled his phone out and called Perrie, hoping that she was still in the airport waiting for him. He glanced to Ron and saw him behind his camera, filming his every move.