Home sweet homeless- 2

Opis: Harry ma 20 lat, pstro w głowie i drobne problemy z alkoholem. Ale ma też mały ośrodek weterynarii ojca do prowadzenia, mimo braku odpowiedniego wykształcenia. Kiepsko, prawda? A co, jeśli dodam, że w krótkim odstępie czasowym stracił rodziców i siostrę, zostając z dwuletnią siostrą i kilkumiesięcznym siostrzeńcem? Cóż, właśnie tak jest. A Louis ma 25 lat i nie ma nawet tożsamości. Urodzony we Francji, oskarżony o serię morderstw na swojej rodzinie i poszukiwany listem gończym, wydaje wszystkie pieniądze na ucieczkę do Holmes Chapel i ląduje tam na ulicy. Harry mija go wiele razy, zawsze wykazując się dobrym sercem, jednak dopiero po tym, jak niemal staje się świadkiem brutalnego gwałtu, przyjmuje go do swojego domu. W ten sposób wzajemnie zmienią swoje życie. 

Ode mnie: Nie bardzo wiedziałam, co tutaj opisać, więc postawiłam na prosty opis jednego wieczoru. Jakby się ktoś do mnie po tym odezwał, to byłoby miło. Nie wiem, co mam myśleć o tym rozdziale…


-W porządku, Harry, na dzisiaj to koniec.- Ciepły głos blondynki w średnim wieku przerwał ciszę, kobieta uśmiechnęła się wdzięcznie, jednak jej błękitne spojrzenie wyrażało czyste zmęczenie, więc Harry nie czekał na dalszą część standardowego pożegnania. Po prostu wstał, skinął głową i wyszedł z gabinetu, instynktownie naciągając koszulkę niżej na brzuchu, chociaż wcale mu się nie podwinęła. Też był zmęczony terapią- nie dawała żadnych zauważalnych rezultatów, a mimo to wciąż musiał to ciągnąć, katując siebie i panią psycholog cotygodniowymi spotkaniami. Gdyby to było płatne, już dawno przestałby przychodzić do jej gabinetu.

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Aaaaaand surprise! With #LapidotBomb being this week, I’d like to take this time to finally do a formal introduction of my AU, which now has a name!

Welcome to Home Sweet Home, a Lapidot domestic AU series by me!
Because I know that this is a ship that in addition to cute shippy stuff, also tends to amass a good deal of angsty content (and don’t get me wrong, I love angst myself but it can get pretty overwhelming sometimes), with this series, I hope to ease the heartbreak a bit with heaping doses of fluff, togetherness, and most importantly, love. All in a post-redemption setting!
It’s been a journey working on these pieces each week and I’m so thrilled that this series has been so well-received on here, and I hope to be able to give all you Lapidot shippers even more of this content as the weeks go on~

[HSH Masterpost] | [HSH Series Art]

You Guys Are Too Sweet WTF

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Okay no jokes aside you guys are too awesome:

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She’s a marshmallow. Too many compliments

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@sweet-elite-andy: FISRT OF ALL cutie pie. We don’t talk but I like seeing her on discord. She loves me I love her.


Home, Sweet Home

Although the constant hum of the train that delivered him across the districts was once his friend in aiding him to sleep, Peeta groaned and mentally blamed the train’s noise for waking him up since there wasn’t anything else to blame. The last time he had woken up was because Cato had squeezed him hard from the nightmare but, thankfully, he had managed to easily fall back asleep without any problems. He couldn’t tell how long he had been out for but it was certain that he was much more rested than his previous time of being awoken. His eyes slowly managed to open and the first thing that he had noticed was that the train’s windows offered a view of an unknown district shrouded in a blanket of darkness. Nighttime had apparently sneaked up on the boy and it took a few groggy moments of sleepiness for it to register that he was still naked and lying on top of the Career that was supposed to depart from the train back in District Two. For it to be late in the afternoon already there was no way that the train hadn’t yet crossed the district and his heart nearly sunk down into the pit of his stomach out of fear for Cato getting off at the wrong stop. Then again, Peeta had no idea why he was wanting to panic in the first place because as selfish as it seemed it meant that there would be at least a few more minutes with the boy that he didn’t quite want to depart from yet.

Even though there had been a long session of sleep shared between the two boys their hands were miraculously still intertwined and Peeta’s free hand was still resting softly on the larger boy’s stomach. The initial fear of Cato being late had forced him to be wide awake so attempting to sleep once again would only prove to be useless, so the baker continued where he had left off and let his hand start to slowly graze the abdomen underneath his palm to gently start waking the sleeping giant up. His mind was already racing and thinking back to how the Career had held him tightly and had accidentally woken him yet he had no idea if it was any correlation as to why the other blonde was still with him when District Two was long gone. He was definitely interested in getting some sort of answer because, in all honesty, he didn’t know what was going to happen anymore that night. Peeta had been expecting to say his goodbyes to the other and visit his new home within the Victor’s Village but now that Cato was still with him it seemed as though the plans were going to change. His eyes glanced upward to watch and see if there was any shift in the boy’s expression while his hand continued it’s path of tracing the muscles underneath his touch. Though he was baffled as to why the Career was still around, the boy couldn’t deny that he was honestly happy to wake up and still see him nearby and embracing him.



Hyuk copying Leo


Cas snorted loudly and jumped, startled, as he was shaken awake by someone standing over him.

“Wha— the fuck—” He slapped the hands away and grabbed pathetically for his glasses on his bed side table.

Finally reaching them and slipping them on, Cas looked up to see his boyfriend, Dean, crouching by his bed.

“Dean?” He asked, unnecessarily.

“Yeah,” Dean glanced sheepishly at the floor and then back up at Cas. “It’s me.”

Moonlight shone through the curtains on Cas’ bedroom window and fell across Dean’s face, enhancing his features.

“Moon…” Cas muttered, his voice cracking, and looked behind Dean at his alarm clock.

“Are you kidding me? It’s 4 AM, Dean. How did you even get inside?”

“Well,” Dean glanced towards his window, which Cas now noted was still open a crack.

“Oh my god,” Cas groaned and propped himself up on his elbow. “You broke into my house—”

“I didn’t break in, we know each other—it’s not breaking in—”

“That makes no difference!” Cas hissed, realizing if he rose his voice any higher he’d wake his parents.

“Look,” Dean said. “In my defense, you should seriously consider getting locks installed on your windows if you don’t want random teenage boys breaking in at night and—”

Christ,” Cas threw his head back dramatically. “Why? Why did you break into my house?”

Dean bit his lip and looked down again.”It’s stupid.” He said.

“Dean, for fucks sake, if you broke into my house to tell me—”

“I couldn’t sleep.” Dean stated, wringing his hands awkwardly, in a display that was unlike him.

Cas reached out and grabbed Dean’s hand, pulling it under his duvet towards warmth.

“What’s wrong?”

Dean shrugged and squeezed Cas’ hand.

“I don’t know…I just…nightmares.”

 Cas sat up straighter on his bed and scooted over, making room.

Dean moved to sit beside to him and pulled Cas’ hand into his lap to play with his fingers.Cas allowed it, knowing Dean always needed something to do with his hands when he was nervous.

“What were they about?”

Dean shrugged again and didn’t look up. 


Cas inhaled slowly and held his breath, trying to think of a response.

Dean’s father had been arrested a year prior for domestic violence, and since, Dean had only ever brought him up once. To the school counselor. 

“What happened?” Cas asked, watching as Dean turned his hand over and traced a finger over the palm.

“I keep…I keep dreamin’ he comes back for Sammy. To hurt him.”

Dean’s voice is small and quiet, childlike almost, and Cas has the sudden urge to just hold him and tell him everything would be alright.

“That’s not going to happen, Dean.”

“I know.” Dean let go of Cas’ hand, and Cas frowned slightly at the loss of contact. “I didn’t ask to be so paranoid about it.”

“It’s understandable.” Cas consoled him.

Dean dropped his head back against Cas’ headboard, and Cas moved in to wrap an arm around his waist.

“I’m sorry.” Dean whispered.

“For what?”“For—” Dean gestured vaguely at the open window to their right. “Waking you up. Bothering you. Christ, you’ve got school tomorrow.”

Cas shook his head. “I don’t care. This is more important.” Without thinking, Cas added, “You’re more important.”

Dean rolled his head to the side so they were face to face.

“Thank you.”

Cas leaned up and kissed the tip of Dean’s nose, grinning when Dean closed his eyes and scrunched up his face in response.

“Do you want to stay the night?” Cas offered.

It wouldn’t be the first time they’d shared a bed without sexual undercurrents, so Dean didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Yeah,” He said. “If you don’t mind.”

Cas was already lying back down, pulling his duvet over his head.

Dean slid down under the blanket and rolled over, wrapping his arm around Cas’ chest.

 Cas’ voice was muffled by the covers as he muttered, “‘Night, Dean.”

“Goodnight, Cas.”

Alulírott HiCaPaCity mint a Nagy Piros Fehér ZöldCápa kijelentem,

a legmélyebben felháborít a 2016-ban 13 év fegyházra ítélt magyar terrorista Budaházy György féléven belüli háziőrizetbe helyezése,

amely felér a szabadon engedésével, míg másokat galygyűjtésért,
biciglis szabálysértésért valóságosan bebörtönöznek.
/ SK : HSHHunter S. Havellant /

teamwigetta777  asked:

Ay Takame! Acabo de leer el Capitulo de Whatever They Say y hshs no me imagino lo que vendrá en el futuro con la historia. No sé aveces creo que vos y Kahime están juntas no por casualidad, tienen tanto talento las dos tanto ella como en el dibujo y vos en la escritura 😤❤ que bueno que hayas compartido tu Fanfic con nosotrxs y no te lo hayas guardado, es muy bonito.

Ay muchas gracias! Me alegra mucho que les guste! Amo escribir y lo había dejado hace tiempo, ya me estaba volviendo un bulto gris xD y no me había dado cuenta lo necesario que era en mi vida hasta que lo intente para ustedes, y de ahí ya no paro xD
Y si algo he aprendido de la vida, es que las casualidades son escasas. Y el que con @xkahime cruzaramos nuestra a vidas es un claro ejemplo, ella es todo lo que necesito, ya no busco mas.
Gracias por el apoyo a ambas, de verdad nos hacen muy felices, intentamos devolverles el amor con dibujitos y fanfic, que ya pienso en mil más xD

Samewadaweek day not6 x’’D Festival.

Fuack well dayum. Much late. Good job me x’D
Festival.. New Year.. Fireworks. Done.
Happy New Year. May 2016 be less of a fucknugget than 2015.  (°w°)/
//hugs you peeps hahaha//