Home Sweet Home || Crisscolfer

Darren had managed to squeeze in the door holding both carriers since he didn’t want Chris carrying anything too heavy for him just yet. He seen the paparazzi as soon as they had turned the corner to get to their place. Taking a deep breath he knew this was going to mean more press work he had to step up and say something about. Evan and Eva were neither one happy about getting to deal with the cameras and the loud noises that were going on around them. He handed Eva her llama back and Evan his dragon and started rocking the carriers gently on the couch once Chris had made it in the door.

After a few minutes the twins settled down and Darren had hopped up to get Chris to sit down since he seen that he was still a bit off balance from everything. He smiled and sat down next to Chris on the couch rocking the twin’s carriers with his feet. Pulling the diaper bag out of all of their things he sat it next to the couch knowing he was going to leave soon so Chris would be stuck with the babies soon and he didn’t need him running around the house. He handed him the remote, phone, and the diaper bag. “I sort of want you to stay here on the couch and don’t try to do any lifting just yet okay? Just the twins” he put his hands on his hips and smiled “Do you understand Lucy? You can not get up, nor can you be on the show!” He teased and kissed Chris’ head. “And god forbid there be any headlines of me leaving to get Bri again” he sighed and kissed both of the twins heads.

what has bellaire done to the kids?

yea, i was exactly one.

“ omg in college do i have to be in honors? you know. like cuz in high school i was in all ap classes? cuz my brain is worth a shitload more than average kidz. i’m more elite. ”

i get this question a billion times. college doesn’t even acknowledge your honors in the transcript credits. no 4.0 vs. 5.0s anymore. but you know what honors does to your gpa? it murders it. MURDERS.

my calculus grade is living proof, and i’m drowning in my miseries.

Something To Do With My Hands
  • Something To Do With My Hands
  • Her Space Holiday
  • The Young Machines

Her Space Holiday - Something To Do With My Hands

I don’t care where you move I don’t care if it’s far
All that I ask is that I know where you are 
In case our timing is right
In case you need more from me
Than a bit of advice
Or a tongue full of sympathy



Hyuk copying Leo

Let's meet again in our uniforms
  • Let's meet again in our uniforms

From KnB 3DS game Shouri he no Kiseki scenes-only video, unfortunately deleted (´・ω・`) Akashi and Kuroko met briefly in the lobby

Kuroko: Akashi-kun
Akashi: Tetsuya
Kuroko: What were you doing? You seem to have been talking to the front desk.
Akashi: Yes, to receive this.
Kuroko: That’s….is that Rakuzan High’s (basketball) uniform?
Akashi: I thought I will need it, so I asked it to be sent. By all means I want us to meet again in Winter Cup in our uniforms.
Kuroko: That’s right. If we both keep winning and advancing, we will definitely clash against each other somewhere.
Akashi: That’s right
Kuroko: I promise, I will make our reunion in uniform a reality.
Akashi: Yes. I will look forward to it

EDIT: Turns out this scene marks the getting of Rakuzan uniform item in the game ( ̄▽ ̄) which means we can make Kuroko use it

Home Sweet Home → Nemi

Nick smiled. He stood right in front of their new home with a cardboard box in his hands. This house was so beautiful. It was big and a little out of town so they’d have enough privacy. The right place to raise their child. The singer walked up to the door and placed the box down before he pulled out the keys and opened the door, his smile growing even more as he saw the huge entrance area. This villa was modern, but still really comfy and cozy. He immediately fell in love with it when they looked at it the first time and it was clear to both of them that this was their new home. So they bought it. Nick placed the box down on the cooking island in the kitchen before he walked back out. 

“I’m so excited to move in.”, he said and cupped Demi’s cheeks, kissing her gently before he grabbed another box from the truck they rented so they could move sooner rather than later. He carried the box inside and headed back out to Demi. The singer smirked and licked his lips before he quickly picked his wife up bridal style and carried into their new house. “Welcome home.”, he said and kissed her lips gently before carefully putting her down onto her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his forehead against hers. “I’m not gonna lie…life’s good right now.”, he said and kissed the tip of her nose.