• March of the Batterwitch
  • Mark "Shadolith" Nabors

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March of the Batterwitch

This is one of my submissions to the Homestuck album contest.

As a theme for Betty Crocker, the piano intro is meant to evoke an image of the batterwitch scheming in her kitchen. As the song evolves, I tried to conjure the image of her walking outside to look upon her army of drones, marching into battle.

I ran out of time, but I was planning to add an ambient wash of kitchen sounds that I recorded to complement the piano solo. I’ve been informed that I’ll be allowed to make such changes before the final album version if this song is accepted.

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The sentry’s dead.  Our worm is lost.

This is an updated and improved version of “Funeral for a Worm,” a dirge for Sentry Worm.  I had a go at submitting it as my third entry (before it ended, ofc), so we’ll see if Toby accepts it (not that it matters either way, really).

As previously noted, this is a remix of Explore by George Buzinkai.