anonymous asked:

I know this is a weird question but how do you think El studies when there's exams coming up? Xxx

haha i would have no idea but if you’re asking for study tips then here we gooo:

  • download cold turkey or self control, ban tumblr/facebook/twitter/youtube/any website you frequently visit
  •  light candles get all your supplies (water, snacks, highlighters, pens, sticky notes etc) so you don’t find an excuse to go and get them
  • put your phone away (get your mum to hide it or put it in the others side of your home)
  • work from the subject you hate most to what you like the most so you don’t think “oh i’ve done 2 hours of a subject i love thats good enough
  • make study notes as soon and as frequently as you can, make palm cards
  • condense your study notes leading up to tests
  • highlight, read, look study write check, read honestly the best way to study is to read over notes
  • talk through your notes with a friend or family member
also go to the library - you’re forced to do work, don’t go in a big group, bring/buy everything beforehand and you’ll see it makes a difference! and don’t be afraid to ask teachers to look through your notes and for help :) - olivia