17 Things I Learnt in 2017 (Study Edition)
  1. Some days you won’t feel intrinsically motivated. That’s ok. That’s why friends, motivational speeches and pump-up jams exist. 
  2. You learn as much from your extra-curricular activities as you do from your formal education. This is where you’ll gain soft skills. 
  3. Treat all subject matter as though its wildly interesting. If you speak about everything like it’s your favourite topic, soon enough you’ll genuinely find an interest in it. 
  4. Pick subjects you like. Don’t pick a subject because your friends are doing it, it scales well or you think it’s what you should be doing.
  5. Pick subjects you absolutely suck at. You don’t have to only pick subjects you know you’ll do well in - you can do things that challenge you; things that will make you grow.
  6. Don’t pay too much attention to ranks. You don’t have to focus on others - only on beating yourself. 
  7. Ask for help! Ask your friends, your teachers, your parents, your seniors - anyone who you think will listen. There is never any shame asking for help.
  8. Study everything. Don’t neglect one subject in favour of another. Make sure every subject is getting time, even if it’s not an equal amount. 
  9. Lists help a lot. Write down things. Tick them off as you go. 
  10. Your academic goals don’t have to be the same as anyone else’s goals. You shouldn’t have to worry if your goals are higher or lower than anyone else’s - they are yours.
  11. Studying with friends makes studying around exams a whole lot more bearable. 
  12. Pay attention to your health. An ‘A’ grade is nice, but 8 hours of sleep per day is nicer. 
  13. Pay attention to your friends’ health, especially around exams. Some of your friends might be struggling, make sure you’re there for them and you support each other. 
  14. Talking about doing something isn’t nearly as effective as actually doing something. 
  15. If you’re good at something, help someone else. It’ll help out the other person and help you better understand it if you help someone else understand it. Win-win. 
  16. Sometimes you won’t meet your goals and that’s ok. Don’t let one failure overshadow all your successes. 
  17. Do things you enjoy. Don’t give up your hobbies entirely just to focus on academia. You’ll do much better if you have time to have fun and relax. 

A peep into my life right now. Less than three months until the exams I’ve been dreading for three years, we’re at that point where we’re learning one topic in class, working on another at home, and beginning to revise the topics we’ve been learning since Feb. It’s hectic.

Tea, coffee, my newfound love of thrifting, and caring for my plants is what currently keeps me sane.

Good luck to my fellow VCE Year 12s, we’ll be needing it this term xoxo

D A Y  1 / 1 0 0 

Today marks the start of school holidays. I have heaps of goals that I want to achieve and I know that if I am going to achieve them I will need lots of motivation along the way. I am restarting my studyblr and making it a place that anyone can message me about absolutely anything, whether you need study motivation or whether you want to rant about your day. I am here for you. 

18 Ways to Have a Better 2018 (Study Edition)

Note: these are just things that I have found help! These may not help or work for everyone, since everyone is different and has a different studying style!

1. Let yourself waste time sometimes. It’s great to be productive, but you don’t have to be productive all the time. You can give yourself time to relax and unwind too. Revising on the train is great but sometimes you should let yourself play a game. Laminating your notes and sticking them on your shower door is brilliant but sometimes you should just let yourself jam! Studying doesn’t have to be all you do.

2. Thank your teachers, professors, lecturers or anyone else after a class! They put a lot of effort into helping you attain an education, and a small thank you might just help make their day!

3. Take care of your physical health. Join a sport, go on walks, or do some simple stretches! Whatever you can physically do, try and do something! 

4. Take care of your mental health. Try out things which can help you relax, like meditation, drawing, singing, whatever it may be!

5. Plan, but leave space for spontaneity. It’s great to have a study schedule, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. Maybe something will come up or something will take longer than expected. Always leave some cushion room for something coming up!

6. Have realistic goals. That’s not to say don’t aim high - you should most definitely aim high if you want. But be realistic in yourself. Everyone is human. No one can work 25 hours a day! 

7. Remember that your education exists out of academia! Learn how to drive, sign up for a cooking class, join a sport, take up a new hobby. All these things will also teach you skills, don’t discount them.

8. Stay positive. Sometimes you’ll hate a class or fail a test and thats ok. It’s all part of the learning process. Don’t let it get you down. 

9. Try something you haven’t tried before. If you love science, maybe try a humanities class! You’ll never know it might surprise you and you might love it. If not, at least you have a wider perspective. 

10. Form a study group with friends. This doesn’t work for everyone, but, often if you study with the right friends, it can be a really rewarding experience. 

11. Study in more than one place. Studying in different environments can make it seem a whole lot less tedious. 

12. Don’t only talk about studying. Being a student may be a major part of your life, but that’s not all you are. If all you talk about is studying, it can be easy to forget all the other lovely things you are! 

13. Don’t isolate yourself. Especially around exam season, it can be easy to stay at your desk, in your room for 10 hours a day. Remember to make time to communicate with your friends and family! 

14. Sometimes the stress of school/college/university can be really harmful. If you’re ever feeling low, talk to a counsellor or mental health professional. Taking care of yourself is really important and there’s no shame in asking for help! 

15. Do what works for you not someone else. If making beautiful study notes helps you, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not worthwhile. If you’re not really into aesthetic study notes, don’t let anyone tell you thats bad! Everyone has different ways of studying and thats totally fine! 

16. Try some new ways of studying. IF you’re more of a textbook person, try listening to a podcast. If you’re more of a podcast, try out mind-maps. There might be new and exciting ways of studying which work for you! 

17. Get enough sleep. It really depends on each individual person as to how much you need, but make sure you get enough! If you have trouble sleeping try  speaking to a doctor! 

18. Remember that failing is a stepping stone to success. It’s always ok to fail at something! The important thing is that you try again. 



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here’s some communication study!!
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My study related replies: 

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There’s also a bunch of high school level studyblrs with “how to” masterposts. Granted, the majority of them are US/UK, but there’s some transferrable skills you’ll be able to gleam. 

The hsc is scary beast, but dw university entry ATARs  like you would not believe because hello US style graduate model $$$$$ 


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Have you ever written notes so badly that you can’t stand to look at them? And it just bugs you each time you try to study from them… and then you get in such a bad mood about the subject in general. 

There’s one simple fixer for that. Just take pride in your notes. Don’t allow yourself to study from obnoxious average notes. It will most definitely put you in a better frame of mind at least, and decrease brain cloudiness.

Here’s some quick tips:

1. Write neatly. It’s kinda obvious. 

2. Have a proper system for note-taking. eg. Write in sections on the page (not left to the right); Use columns (like the Cornell Note-taking system); Use mind-maps and diagrams etc.

3. Use colour associations. Learning is so much easier when the page has colour and context. Try it. 

4. Make it look good. If it looks bad, seriously you don’t want to look at it for any length of time. If you think you don’t have great handwriting, then just try your best to make it better than your average.

5. Doodle for visual appeal and context. Notes without context creates confusion. So a doodle here and there that relates to the content, even if you’re not an illustrator from heaven, will make a difference. 

6. Finally, just love your notes. It just helps. 

Hope the study is going well!! 

Study tip: Draw diagrams to visualise difficult concepts.

Anyone in my biology class knows that I am seriously struggling with the concept of osmoregulation. To help me understand it a little better (because I seriously have no idea what the flipping heck it is), I decided to draw up a diagram, which is something I do whenever I don’t understand something so that it’s easier to visualise. But it can never be any old diagram - I always have to make it a little pretty. Also, I know I can’t draw fish, but let’s keep the attention on the fact that I now understand why freshwater fish diffuse salt into their environment. Now to draw diagrams for every other dot point in the biology syllabus!

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i graduated high school about a month ago and although i had a great time, here are a few things that i wish i did in my last year. buckle up, it’s a long read!

1. take my last year more seriously

i was definitely caught up in the excitement of my last year of high school and prioritised having fun and enjoying the last of it rather than focusing on study and doing well in my final exams. i wish i had established a regular study schedule and stuck to it instead of studying the night before all my exams. the one thing i regret is not giving my final year 100% because i know that no matter my final marks, i could have done better.

2. take more photos and videos

although i did focus most of my time on having fun with my friends, i wish i had taken more photos and videos of those moments, especially earlier on in the year. i printed out a few photos from this year and realised how little i actually captured. if i could go back, i would take more photos of the many ‘lasts’ of high school. 

3. utilise holidays for study

throughout the year i had many opportunities to study during our two week holidays, however, i definitely took advantage of all this free time and instead used it to sleep in, binge-watch tv shows or hang out with friends. now that i look back i realise how much i could’ve done with those two weeks, especially before trials and the hsc!

4. stress less

it seems kind of counter-intuitive but if i could tell my pre-graduation self one thing it would be to stress less. although the last year of high school is important, it’s certainly not the be-all and end-all. there’s so many ways to get into what you want to do and your final marks are not the only option. i also spent a lot of time unnecessarily stressing over exams and assessments that in the end don’t really mean much and were much better than expected. i wish that i knew at the time that i’ll eventually get through it all and that it’ll be okay. 

5. appreciate the small things

lastly, i wish that i appreciated the small things during my last year. what i mean by this is that it only hit me during the moment that this would be the last lunch i would have with my friends at school or this would be the last free period i would have. i wish i realised throughout the year that i would soon have my many ‘lasts’ so that i could have appreciated them more beforehand. 


Doing some biology past paper questions! Omg I can’t believe I only have one week of school left and then I’m graduating! Thirteen years of schooling will be over…I’m quite sad. 💔 Also, here’s a peek of my little library 👀