luzsmiles  asked:

Hey, mmm I have a little question, how did you figure out how to do profiles? PD. Your art is so amazing :3c

When drawing profiles I separate everything in to different simple shapes. 

Starting with a circle then going half way down the circle I make a V shape for the face. Then I draw a triangle for the nose. Then I draw the ears, eyes, and mouth.  The neck starts on the other side of the circle. 

Here are some variations of the eyes, nose and mouth 


Wolf watching the snow fall by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
 Featuring a wolf watching the snow fall…

Profile || Dean

Real Name: Kwon Hyuk (권혁)

DOB: 11/12/1992

Fast Facts

  • Helped to write songs for popular artists. Notable songs include: Growl (EXO), Black Pearl (EXO), Voodoo Doll (VIXX), World Tour and VIDEO (Lee Hi), YOLO (MadTown), etc.
  • Has top notch Instagram tags and is 200% pure cute
  • Often published songs under “Deanfluenza”

Tattoos: None?

Profile || Monster Woo

Real Name: Kim Young Woo (김영우)

DOB: ??? (guessing at least early to mid 30s)

Fast Facts

  • Spent 5 years in the California Youth Authority in the past (unknown charges)
  • Finished military service in 2013
  • Brought Krumping to South Korea and often credits dancing with saving his life
  • Founder of “Woo Fam” which is a dance crew and had appeared in videos for G-Dragon, Dynamic Duo and others
  • Hobbies include: riding motorcycles, working out, killing ovaries

Tattoos: Hell Yes