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This is a 24/7 stream that plays random Homestuck music. Canon music and fan albums are both prone to show up here, as well as other albums made from the Homestuck Music Team.

-And yes, we know you’re super surprised that this stream is “still up”. You’ll get used to it.

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B$ are gained either by sending a donation via Super Chat ( $1 CAD = 7 B$) or by being active in chat.

If you have problem for it to play, it must be an old version. Tell me and ill update it ;)

What about Nikandros, though? I missed him! How is he doing? What is he doing? Was he stuck in Delpha covering for Damen? He surely joined the celebrations for the Ascension! Was he proud of Laurent? What are his feelings and thoughts about him now? How much have they changed through the months and their shared wrestling lessons?! Is he satisfied about with the unifying process’s developments? How many times has he rolled his eyes at the royal couple just in the last few weeks? Is he drinking enough, eating enough? Is he ok??   

Oh crap, he didn’t tell Townes from Carolina that the song was about her until he played it on the Today Show.

Hmmm….oh well, at least it gave her a couple of days to make her entire social media profile private before people actually figured out that her name features in the song and came after her.

Never has a lyric been so literal as “Well I guess she just found out”

He looked pretty sheepish about that.

If this gets 1,000 Notes Skaianet will Remain

After we discussed things in the meeting (which was a lot of ranting actually), we’ve come to the conclusion that we are going to leave whether or not Skaianet ends up to our followers.

If this post can get 1,000 notes by Sunday, June 15 at 10PM (EST), then the radio, chat, and everything else Skaianet does and is planning to offer will continue. Both likes and reblogs are included.

Further information will be under the Read More.

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Guys, I just wanna say that the DJ, Kyle, is absolutely elated about the amount of success his homestuck radio station has gained over the past three days.  He’s gained over a thousand hearts already, and there are hundreds of homestuck fans flocking over to listen to the music every day so far.  As of right now, the homestuck radio station is dominating Mixlr, the site the station is hosted on.  As Kyle’s friend, I want to thank you all so much for supporting his station.

We’ve been discussing the idea for an official name for the radio station, as well as the possibility of a segment where random homestuck characters come in and play all of their themes for a half hour or so.  Nothing has been officially established yet, but Kyle will be releasing some polls to get your say on these subjects.  So please continue to support him and his station, and be ready to answer the polls when they come out so we can make the station even more enjoyable!

Thank you!!