hs pet peeves

look, i’m all for whatever headcanon race you imagine any of the characters… but when people have to constantly ask who someone is, i don’t know, it seems a little too artistic liberties. i’ve seen pictures of an african american dave who had full black-haired corn-rows, no sunglasses, a lip ring, and a leather jacket one. i’ve seen a an asian rose with black hair and almond eyes and it got to the point where people kept asking why genderbend-john was paired up with kanaya. like i said, this is NOT saying that you can’t have asian rose or african american dave, but more the fact when you exaggerate attributes of a race, it comes off as really stereotypical and kind of offensive. basically, if it looks absolutely NOTHING! like the character, i just think it goes a little too far! (i guess that if you think this is a racist post, you might be missing the post. i apologize if this is offensive to anyone, but it isnt about any race in particular, but more about stereotypical portrayals of different races)


Gamzee wasn’t just “nice” on sopor slime. He cared about people and tried to help them out. The drug wouldn’t have done that.

We don’t know when exactly he stopped taking the drug. It couldn’t have just left his bloodstream all at once the moment he saw the video. He might have been off it for a week but managed to stay his friendly self.

It was only when his second and probably more important anchor, religion, was taken away from him that he went insane. And yes, he did go insane, unless you think he really was two people like Calliope/Calliborn. He wasn’t just a normal highblood.

After Karkat calmed him down he showed some of his old personality. His first words were of concern for his moirail. He’s tried to help out Jane, though in a horribly ghoulish and misguided way. I don’t think he’s the villain anymore.

Both friendly Gamzee and sadistic Gamzee are the same people. Don’t discount either.


My peeve is that the Alpha kids haven’t gotten a chance to play around with alchemizing outfits and other random stuff like John & co. did. :( I really liked watching the original four goof off and make silly things, and it was a cool way to learn more about their personalities! I hope the Alpha kids get at least a little downtime soon, so there can be a few alchemized outfits and weapons and stuff…