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“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (III)

A/N: Part III of CEO Harry! I sincerely hope this was worth the wait and that you guys enjoy it. Thank you for your lovely comments and support. As always, this includes smut, daddy kink and a shitload of angst. I hope you like it. ♥

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV.

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The sense of overachievement deeply ingrained in Y/N’s mindset is an innate weapon that can be both a blessing and a curse: when success is the rule rather than the exception, each failure, no matter how minor, feels like the end of the world.

Oliver Zhang represented all four horsemen during Y/N’s friday night apocalypse. She was certain she hadn’t experienced humiliation to its greatest extent until he stood her up at a VIP rooftop bar that overlooked the whole city and highlighted the blossoming nightlife she was letting go to waste -along with three hours of her precious time and a new outfit.

Unable to convert stress into drive whenever the gap between her expectations and the reality of her circumstances starts to diverge, she reverted back to a well-practised posture: that of spoiled brat utterly resolute in her decision to fuck shit up and get away with it.

The taste of defeat and the remnants of shame hovering on the tip of her tongue assumed control of her body and, naturally, what ensued was nothing short of wrongdoings she would gladly exclude from her future autobiography.  A videotape in fast forward, memories that her mind would disguise as dreams -and therefore wouldn’t regret- until the following morning.

What her brain did register was that at some point, her low cut silk burgundy dress came off. 

And somewhere along the way, she ended up in Harry Styles’ bed.

Her resolve might parallel that of an all-powerful creature but she’s only limited to her human strength, and no human in recorded history has been proved strong enough to fight off the inevitable.

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imaginary friend // h.s

author’s note: A quick shoutout to @iloveyouhaz because I submitted a part of this story to her and she was kind enough to read it and give me feedback! Hope y’all enjoy! P.S: I had the song ‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’ by Dodie Clark on repeat while writing this, so give it a listen while you read! You can find it here.

w.c: 2k

summary: Harry has an imaginary friend called Y/N

Even as a child, Harry was introverted. While the other children his age would be out and about playing, he preferred to stay in the comfort of his bedroom, spending time with his imaginary friend Y/N.

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AU Meme: You’re a famous actress and are dating Harry in secret. He is always questioned about you in interviews where he is quick to say that you are just friends until one interviewer found a picture of you two kissing exposing your relationship.

Send me in some requests, please.

Not okay- 2

So here it is. Sorry for making you guys wait. I really appreciated the feedbacks :). Have fun reading and ask me questions. Hope you guys like it. P.S Harry in that blue velvet suit has got me fucked up.

You ears were thumping with his words. You heart sank deeper and deeper with the passing seconds. And the air you breathed on seemed like ending any moment now. 

Being a strong and independent woman, you didn’t expect your heart to break that easily. But it still did. Maybe because of how much love it carried for a person. The same person who made you feel humiliated. It wasn’t easy. How it could be? The ache made you feel ashamed of yourself, for loving someone with such passion and having your heart broken by them within a few mere minutes.

Even the sun shines after a few days of heavy thunder but it was different with you. You wanted to feel the pain more so that you have the bruise on yourself for loving someone so dearly. 

Sometimes things don’t work out, or a person doesn’t turns out to be like how you imagined they will. Harry seemed just a sweetheart with you. You thought that you both are such good friends that he will always try to keep the bonding up with you. But oh boy, you were wrong. He didn’t feel the same. To him you were just another songwriter that he wanted to use to gain more profit. 

He had no idea how much he hurt you. 

And there, you decided to keep contract with him. But not being the same y/n. You wanted him to feel the pain he gave you. You wanted to take away his friend from him. OR you thought was. But the pain still was pulsing inside your veins. A friend of you was gone. The friend who you thought was gonna be there for you always but no. And you hated him for that.

To quit the job wasn’t a solution. You had loans to pay and for you sake you needed to work on.

The soft pattering of rain woke you up from the deep slumber of sleep. As soon as you opened your eyes, you head was stuck with a deep ache with nausea filling it up. The night before you fell asleep crying. You drove fast as you could from Mitch’s house and ended up crying the night away.

The harsh words of Harry welled your eyes up again. You closed your sensitive eyes trying to soak away the salty water. To some extinct you can stop your cries, but what about the pain? The hurt? The pieces in which your heart was? Pain can’t be soaked, hurt can be rewind and the pieces, they can’t be fixed.

You took a deep breath and got up to get ready for the day. Today you had to go to the studio to help Harry start writing for next album. This wasn’t going to be easy, but you were strong.

Leaning down to tie your shoes, a shiny key ring caught your eyes, it was a gift from Harry. He gave it to you one random night. God knows why.

You shook your head trying to get rid of the haunting memories and drove to the studio.

–At the studio–

As you stepped inside the studio the strong aroma of coffee crawled up your nostrils. You walked inside and was suddenly pulled in a hug by the same talk, lanky man who broke your heart the night before.

Nothing seemed to change. The man was same. The feelings were same. The only difference was, the perspective of seeing that person wasn’t like it used to be.

The words ‘annoying’ ‘she’s not like you’ ‘till then I’ve you kendall’ and all other shit roamed around your brain like it’s all that you have.

You pulled away as soon as you felt yourself dwelling in his arms.

“ where were yeh last nigh’?!” Harry asked, ‘wow like you don’t know’ you thought so self and shrugged.

“I came. Had some work so went back home” you said simply and walked past him. For the first time you didn’t had a long talk with him on the porch like the other days where you guys used to exclaim things and other stuff while standing on the porch.

“Oh cmon y/n. Wha’ kind a friend yeh are. Don’ have time for her bestie?!” Harry said walking behind you. His words again made you weak at knees. Friend? Bullshit!

You decided not to reply and work on what you were there for. You picked the notebook up and started to pen down your thoughts. Fortunately Mitch wasn’t there or else you would’ve been sitting with sweat beads covering your forehead.

“You alrigh’?” Harry asked sitting beside you. He placed his hand upon yours, rubbing the soft flesh of your hand softly. Your hands did fit in his perfectly. Like a puzzle. The sweet gesture reminded you of all the times you guys had your hands interlinked. The memories and flashbacks, weren’t good.

You pulled your hand out from his and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear looking down in your notebook. You didn’t think he was worth the reply so you just nodded your head.

The whole day you spent avoiding him. Giving him little one word answer, avoiding his gaze, preventing any touch from him. Whenever he tried to hold your hand or peck your cheek, you’d move away, paying more attention to your work.

And the day ended. You were packing your stuff when Harry came up from behind and spoke.

“Yeh wanna hang around a bit?” Harry asked hopefully clearly annoyed with the fact that you didn’t payed any kind of attention to him.

You picked your purse up and held the file in your hand.

“No. I’ve some work.” you said. And before he opens his mouth, you left.

Harry deserved that treatment. He made you realise that loving someone more than the should can be harmful and now to lessen the pain, you were doing Vise-versa. You were being in your limits, working how you should.

The next few months you remained the same. Worked till time without any wasted talks. You told Mitch everything that happened and he understood every bit of it. It wasn’t easy for you. Seeing Harry’s face everyday kept reminding of how worthless he made you feel. No doubt he felt annoyed. Annoyed with your sudden behaviour and there came a time where he too took it professionally and cut it out entirely. Everyone in the team was taken back with the sudden nature of you both but no one dared to speak.

And the last day came. You just got paid and was walking back from the management’s room when Harry stood in front of you.

He had his stare on your face and you were struggling to avoid it. His hand made there way up your arms to hold them firmly.

“look a’ meh” Harry said. More like demanded. You peeked up at his face a little and man he looked dead serious. His eyebrow was raised and he did looked not in the mood of joking.

You gathered all the courage you had in yourself and looked at him with the same expression.

It was happening. After months of holding it back, you’re gonna explode.

“What??” You said trying to sound serious.

“Wha’ is it?” Harry asked with the same tone

“what do you mean?”

you asked.

“yeh know wha’ exactly I mean! Who do yeh think yeh are? Huh? How can yeh jus’ back up?!” Harry yelled at you. Everyone in the studio now had their eyes on you. They all knew this was gonna happen.

The blood in your veins boiled up as you pulled him inside the spare room harshly

“ how dare you talk to me like that?!!” You shouted.

“Don’ you fuckin’ dare to shou’ at meh!” Harry said. His breath was heavy and face was red. Seeing him like that made you more angry.

“What the hell do you want?!!” You said running your hands through your hair in frustration. You already had enough and didn’t wanted to have a fight.

“How could yeh?! How can yeh jus’ block me ou’ of yeh life?! How can yeh jus’ walk inside the studio and act like a complete stranger?! And now yeh are jus’ leaving me like tha’?! Didn’t even signed a new contract!!” Harry kinda yelled. He was annoyed so badly. Why’s he so.

This all made you tear up. The flashback of the day of him bitching about you flashed on the back of your eyelids as you tried to control yourself. You never wanted to turn out like this but circumstances made you to transform yourself to the person you are today.

“I’m jut doing my work” your said controlling your emotions trying to sound as calm as you could.

“Don’ you put that shit on meh!” Harry said warning you but who the hell he was to do that.

“So you wanna know the truth huh?! So listen! You talking about my back, bitching how much annoying I am made ma change! You talking how irritation I am made me change! You ditching me, calling yourself my friend then saying you faked it just because you wanted me to believe and stay in my bubble made me Change! And falling for you then having my heart broken made me change!” A shaky cry left your mouth as the words left your mouth. You still couldn’t believe that Harry said something like that. Your eyes were red and the sobs kept escaping your lips.

“I-I didn’ know you heard meh” Harry stuttered. His eyes turned red as a tear left his eye.

“Y-you have no right to cry! Stop! Stop the fuck being fake! I hate you! I hate you forever!” You spat harshly wiping your tears and walked to open the door when his hand held yours.

“Let me go you dick!” You said crying. But he didn’t. He had his grip on yours.

“I dint mean it. Bloody hell I never could! It was jus’ Kendall was there and I was scared t'open up to her. Yeh know how much of a bitch she turns if she sees meh with someone else. And I knew if I agreed with her, then she’d try to get you away from meh and I didn’t wanted tha’. ” Harry said. It was hard to believe. You turned to look at him and the look on his face made it prominent. He was crying. And this was the first time you saw him crying.

“D'yeh really think I’ll mean all tha’ after all the fun we had together? I never, ever faked a smile when I was with yeh. I always loved you.” Harry said and let go of your hand.

This is all seemed so unreal. And for the first time in months, you felt you could breath.

“why didn’t tell me this before? Why when the contract in ended and I’m ready to leave?!” You asked him annoyed.

“Because now yeh are no’ a songwriter t'meh. But the girl whom I fell for. Now I’m no’ talking t'yeh as a co-worker of mine but as a friend whom I lost months ago. An’ here I beg you t'return the lost friend of mine.” Harry cried and his eyes pleaded. Pleaded to have his friend back. It made harder for you to hold back anymore so without any ado you ran and wrapped your arms around his neck holding onto him for your dead life. Harry had his face hidden in your neck as you both cried.

“Oh jeez I-I missed yeh. So much. God I love yeh so much.” Harry said squeezing you. You pulled away so that you could have a better view of his gorgeous face. You unwrapped your arm from his neck to wipe his tears and push his hair back like you used to.

“Don’t you cry round butt. I love you too.”

you said making him giggle. And Harry brought his lips to yours. He kissed you like there was no tomorrow, like he was afraid you’d leave again. Will become cold again but you weren’t this time. You kissed him back with these me love and passion. The love dripped from the kiss.

The old days were back with a slight difference. You weren’t friends any more. But we’re lovers who were more like buddies.

Just smth i wrote because i was bored

Rain spluttered against the windows, creating a relaxing and comforting sound in the background. My stomach was comfortably toasty with the chocolate curls nestled upon it cutely as I read my book.

Harry and I had decided that we were going to spend this Sunday in bed, since the weather limited us with things to do. However, Harry had been a little restless, getting bored easier than me, who thoroughly enjoyed being curled up all day.

It was when I removed my hand from gently running my hands through his fluffy locks to turn the page of my book and didn’t return it when he spoke.

“Babeee.” He drawled. Immediately I retuned my hand to its previous activity, and he sighed in content as I lightly scratched at his scalp. From here I could smell his shampoo, vanilla softly tickling my nostrils everytime I ran a hand through.

It wasn’t long before a soft, warm, hand started stroking my side gently. At first I ignored it, just appreciating the closeness of our bodies.

But, that hand soon moved down to the outside of my thigh under the covers and when I ignored that it made its way to the inside of my thigh, which was bare due to my limited clothing.

In response to the soft touch upon my exposed thigh, I lightly scratched his head. This earned my a light hum of satisfaction before he placed a light, feather touch of his lips against where his head lay on my tummy.

However, this didn’t stop there as more of these ghost kisses were scattered around my navel, Harry’s touch on my thigh less light and more laden, having my leg twitching in response.


“Yeah babe?” He uttered innocently against my bare skin, nose also lightly skimming against it.

“What are you doing?” My attention was dragged away from my book as I watched him place sweet kisses upon me.

“Nothing.” He hummed against me, to which I placed my book to the side of me. This caused him to finally look up at me, frosty green eyes meeting my own.

“Is it because I’m not paying attention to you?”

A smirk tilted up the left side of his mouth as he lent up on his elbows, large hands resting on my stomach, almost covering it completely.


Using my other hand to play with his hair, those eyes closed in appreciation. Dark lashes fanned against his cheeks, one’s that forever made me envious.

“Do you always have to be such a baby?” I joke, smiling softly as his eyes snap open. Frown lines appear as he speaks.

“I’m not a baby.” But his lovely, pouty lips say otherwise.

“Sure you’re not.” I hum, watching intently as he moves up my body, closer to my face.

“Come ‘ere.” He sighs before I’m closing the distance between our mouths, engaging in a sweet, soft, kiss.

“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked”

A/N: I got stuck with OTR and wanted to try something new. Basically this is businessman Harry, long af, smutty af and has daddy kink. Please tell me what you thought of it if you read it? I might start working on a second part if you like it. xx

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV.

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Y/N is good at getting what she wants. Most of it, she won’t lie, is handed to her in a flash when she mentions her last name but she’s never felt one goddamn bit of shame for it. If there’s one thing she had been taught is to feel proud of her genes and with pride is how she shall use them to her advantage. She enjoys drawing out the tension when her high heels click into her office and everyone around her avoids direct eye contact in case she throws a fit or feels like firing them. Likes that whenever she has a special gala evening event her assistant’s phone blows up with designers begging her to wear their brands. Fucking loves being the heiress of a growing empire and she defends it mercilessly. A hustler in couture dresses and fresh manicure.

In rare occasions, though, almost once in a blue moon, Y/N gets told No. When she can’t use her father’s connections as a shield, she isn’t afraid to build her own and get to work.

“Styles Enterprises, how may I help you today?” the female voice squeaking bored Y/N to death. She decided to let the silence linger just for kicks. The girl on the line might’ve had nothing better to do, but she, on the other hand, was in the middle of chugging down her Cosmopolitan. What could that bimbo do about it, anyway? Y/N could get her fired with a snap of her fingers, didn’t even matter that she wasn’t her boss.

Speak of the devil, that fucker was dead.

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Então, vocês sabem que tô tendo um puta problema pra escrever, e eu contei isso pta minha amiga Grazi e ela escreveu dois pedidos daqui que eu não estava conseguindo escrever 

Por isso agradesço pra caralho 

Te amo muitarrão <3 

Nota da ajudante da Lary: Harry não é famoso. Vou colocar L.A. porque tá mais popular que Londres. Não faço ideia o que Harry come. E do namorado da Gemma. E por últimos e mais importante: Garotas, amem seus corpos, do jeito que são, porque vocês são gostosas pra caralho. 

 40 quilos. 

Era o que dizia, toda vez era aquilo, aí vem toda a família estilo manada: “Você não está se alimentando” “Está muito magra, tá doente?”
Claro que aquilo não era uma opção minha, aquilo sou eu deste que me entendo por gente. Já tentei um pouco de tudo e nada de ganhar mais massa, ou “carne”. 
Esse também era um problema que enlouquecia minha mente e meus dias: eu não era gostosa. Não era desejada. Então a vida amorosa ia cabeça pra baixo descendo a ladeira. Sempre que conhecia alguém tinha medo de me entregar, de partir pra outra etapa e de conhecer a família, porque, você sabe, magra demais. Não come. Doente. Anoréxica… Blá blá blá
Trabalho em uma lanchonete em L.A., claro que a gente atende uns famosinhos e umas sub-famosas.
Acontece de tudo um pouco aqui, agora, Harry Edward Styles pela quinta vez não acontece assim. Aquele homão,deus grego sempre sentava em frente a janela com uns amigos.
Nunca só.
Ora e meia trocamos palavras, nada tão “óh jesus”, mas coisas que vão além do pedido normal. “Oi Oi Tudo bem? Sim e com você? Bem E a família? Bem e a sua? Bem O tempo tá fechando! Bem… Está.” E eu, como sempre, me iludindo facilmente. Já sonhei saindo com ele ou o beijando, ou fazendo o que casais fazem, então eu me lembro do meu corpo, só isso é o suficiente para eu querer morrer.
Eu não era garota para Harry.
Dilacerante, tô ligada. Aí em mais um dia cheio de tédio, chega ele. Aquelas roupas broxantes e aquele sorriso de abrir pernas, com todas aquelas tatuagens, eu sou aquela louca debruçada no balcão babando. 

- Vai lá falar com ele, boba! –Sandy, minha amiga me anima. Ela sabe de todo esse drama que eu passo comigo mesma. – Vai se não eu pego esse boy. Lá vai eu, Harry veio com a deusa que ele chama de irmã e o cunhado. Vou te dizer, que família abençoada. 

 - Hey, S/N! Oi! – ele disse antes mesmo de eu chegar a sua mesa 

- Oi, vai querer o de sempre? – cappuccino com bolo de chocolate. Ele assentiu lindamente. 

 - O meu também vai ser o de sempre – disse Gemma enquanto eu babava mais um pouco pelo irmão dela. O namorado apenas fez um pedido mais inovador que os Styles. 

 Enquanto ia pra cozinha pegar os pedidos com ajuda de Sandy, vi por cima das bordas grossas de meus óculos o sorriso que dava gás para minha vida…. é S/N, que casca grossa. Quando estávamos nos aproximando da mesa ouvi o bendito comentário: - Não sabia que contratavam garotas com problemas de saúde. – disse o cunhado de Harry. 

- Ela não é doente…! – a frase teve uma pairada já que Styles-deus-grego-sapão não sabia se era ou não 

- O quê? Magra daquele jeito? Impossível. 

 - Ela me pareceu saudável – disse Gemma. Harry apontou pra irmã e fez uma cara como “tô te dizendo”. Olhei para baixo e encarei o meu corpo, o avental que dava voltas e voltas na minha cintura, as pernas finas, a velha barriga chupada, realmente. Impossível.

- Não dá pra pegar – disse o cara. E ai foi o meu ponto fraco, como já estava perto da mesa típica dos Styles, larguei a bandeja e nem se quer dei o trabalho de os servir. Andava tão rápido para fora do estabelecimento que minhas pernas doíam.   

No lado de fora, tinha uma lixeira grande e uma arvore ao lado, foi ali que eu me escondi. Ouvi Sandy me chamando e outros passos largos e pesados que não pareciam dela. 

A minha visão embaçada transformava em uma estrutura grande de um homem com umas calças largadas no joelho. Harry. 

- Gemma, eu achei, avisa a amiga dela. -  Ele se agachou em minha frente, tirou fios de cabelo do meu rosto e me abraçou. 

 - Eu sou magra desde criança. Sei que sua mão contorna o meu pulso diversas vezes, mas essa sou eu; 

 - Pssss, não precisa. 

- Eu não tenho o melhor corpo do mundo ou coisa assim, eu sei que não sou gostosa, mas poxa! Eu sou! Eu sei que ninguém vai me amar ou… 

- Eu sou apaixonado por você – tá, isso superou qualquer sonho. – E eu não me importo por esses detalhes do seu corpo. Você me conquistou por isso. – tocou na minha testa, depois a selou. 

- Eu não sei o que dizer… - Não diz, só vem, vamos mostrar pra aquele cara lá dentro do que realmente se faz uma mulher.  E eu posso te contar uma coisa? Você é gostosa pra caralho 

Harry Styles - Romantic Night in Hotel Imagine

[Happy Harry Styles Day! ]

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Moving in

I Am, gonna be doing lots of drabbles and blurbs tonight plus i’ll be answering the asks, so if you have any question or any sceneario which you’d like me to complete then just send in. All of imagines are now under ‘Miss me when i’m gone’, I’ll be tracing that tag too.

Anonymous: Can you do a imagine where harry asks you to move in with him.

This one is a short , more like a blurb because i ran out of ideas. Still hope you enjoy.

“Smell nice in here.” You said entering Harry’s house. The sweet aroma of cinnamon and vanilla candles filled up your nostrils. Friday. The day from which your paradise starts till sunday because for three days either you spend the days at Harry’s place, or he does at yours. You guys had it done turn by turn and today was yours.

Finally you’d be spending the whole three days at your lovers place.

“hmm candles you broug’t me” He replies with his thick voice as he goes in his bedroom to set your bag in the wardrobe . Harry always used to get excited when it came to night over. Who wouldn’t?

Taking your shoes off, you walked over to the kitchen and poured yourself and Harry a glass of wine. Red liquor shone in the wine glass perfectly-suiting his expensive L.A. house. Harry has always been a hater of messy things. Fair and tify is what he  loves.

“e’lo there love” harry says wrapping his muscular arms around your waist resting his chin upon your shoulder. You tilted your head sideways to pecks his lips. His lips were soft and sweet. A little peck turned out in a heavy makeout session. 

He had you pressed against the kitchen island as your lips were busy in moulding with his. His velvety tongue sent shivers down your spine. His hand was cupping back of your neck pulling you close to him. You didn’t think that there’d be any space left between you guys to be filled. As you felt his hand creeping up your tee to unhook your bra, ypu pulled away earning a groan from him.

“ Sorry baby, time of the month.” You said pouting. Harry smiled softly before leaning in and giving your lips one last peck.

“It’s okay baby. don’ worry. Bu’ tha’ doesn’t mean tha’ we can’t dance” Harry said wiggling his eyebrow as he played ‘Can’t help falling in love’. He offered you his hand with a heart warming smile on his face. You giggled as he swirled you around singing the lyrics,

“But I cant help, falling in love with you” he sang as he pulled you to his chest and swayed sideways. Pushing your hair over one side of your shoulder, he nuzzled his face in your neck and whispered the lyrics.

These are the moments that you live for. With harry being by your side not caring about the world.

“move in with me?” Harry asks as the song ends. The house went completely silent. It’s not like you didn’t wanted to move in with him but, you were scared of what future would bring you. No doubt you saw a future with Harry. But sometimes things doesn’t turns out how you want them to.

“Yo-you want me to move in with me?” you asked.

“yes, I wan’ t’ see yeh face every mornin’. I wanna kiss you every second of m’ life. I wanna live every moment with yeh.” Harry said as he stares in your eyes having a grip on your waist. You leaned in and rested your forehead against his as he did the same.

“i-i am scared Harry” you whispered as those words left your mouth you felt two fingers lifting your chin up. 

“Scared of wha’?” Harry asked with creases of tension on his forehead. He always believed that he could protect you and he thought he was doing his job, but then, what were you scared of? This question quickened his heart beat.

“it’s not anything bad. Just scraed of the future” you said rubbing the apple tinted skinof his cheek. With a sigh of relief Harry closed his eyes.

“ Oh darlin’, there’s nothin’ to be scared of. I promise i’ll ptrotect yeh, I’ll never ever hurt yeh baby.” Harry said. A sweet smile creeps up your lips as your heart boosts up with love. You cupped his cheek and pecks his lips.

“i know. And yes, I’ll move in with you.” you said as harry engulfs you in his arms. Place where you belong. Though you were moving in with him, but the actual house of yours will be in his arms.

“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (II)

A/N: Part II of businessman Harry. It contains smut, daddy kink and it’s quite long. I’m stil not sure if it’s alright, but I hope you like it. 

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV.

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“Styles Corporations’ CEO Harry Styles enjoys 22nd birthday bash in tropical paradise with long legged beauty”

While no one would ever dream of describing Y/N as anything less than a genius, a business luminary whose accomplished eminence is often described as freakish by those who are several decades older than her yet much less successful, she could humbly admit to all of them that she was the biggest fool in the world for thinking that getting over Harry Styles would be easy. She didn’t want him back; she just wanted what he had taken from her. He could keep the black lace thong he had tucked into his pocket a couple of months ago after he had bent her over his desk, raining dirty words and harsh nibbles down her neck. But her sanity? He would definitely have to give that back. The sooner the better. As for delivery preferences, no white roses or puke-inducing handwritten notes this time, please. And while he was at it, she had another request: If he was going to be in her head all day, he should at least regard some sort of decency and put some clothes on. How inconsiderate of him. Chivalry is dead.

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Could you do one where they get into a fight but theres a fluffy ending? 

Sure! Hope you liked it. 


Harry wishes he could turn back the clock, turn it back to before his mouth, that was usually peppering her skin with reverent kisses and slurs of adoration, had turned into a snarl, spitting out things that he didn’t genuinely mean, splintering her heart into shards the he could now only pray she would allow him to stick back together again.

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AU Meme: Harry’s girls, (Y/N) and Darcy ft. in 1D movie.

daddy and possessive/protective Harry are my fav

Blind Eyes (destiel au)

Dean didn’t really notice the small, nerdy, quiet guy in half of his classes until he accidently ran into him on the way out of class. Opening his mouth to yell at him for not looking where he was going, he focussed on the other boys eyes, they weren’t focussing on him. He squinted at the boy who had begun to splutter apologies, “S-sorry, I couldn’t see you,” even still the boy wouldn’t look directly at him, only in his general direction.

Just as he was about to demand the boy look at him he noticed the white cane in his hand, it took a moment but it finally clicked- the boy was blind. “No, no, it’s my fault,” Dean reassured, subconciously looking the other up and down in a quick check for any injury he may have caused.

“I’m Dean, by the way,” he introduced himself after a brief moment of awkard silence. The other boy smiled slightly, “Castiel,” the other offered his name in return. Dean ran a hand through his hair and looked at Castiel who was standing rigidly and he suppossed that was so he didn’t bang into anything.

“I could walk you home,” Dean spoke, he already felt bad for running into a blind kid and it wouldn’t be any trouble. “That is, if you want to,” he added, stuttering, “If you don’t already have a lift.”

Castiel smiled, “Thank you, Dean, I would much appreciate it,” he accepted gratefully. Balthazar, his friend who he usually walked with, was not in today. Reaching out awkwardly and fumbling he managed to grab hold of Dean’s forearm and brought his hand to his elbow.

To say Dean was startled was an understatement but he quickly understood that his hand on Cas’ elbow was for guiding. Thankfully, they were on the ground floor so there weren’t any problems with stairs. “So where do you live, Cas?”

“Garrison street,” came the reply, Cas had a deep voice for someone his age and it sent shivers up Dean’s spine. Of course Dean had to admit that Cas was quite attractive and he found his gaze drifting to Cas much more than he should considering Cas couldn’t even see his lingering looks.

“Wait, Garrison street?” Dean asked suddenly, “I only live a few streets away, how come I’ve never seen you around?” He was out most of the time and knew loads of people in the area due to his job at Bobby’s garage, he was surprised he had never even seen Cas if he lived so near.

Cas shrugged, “I don’t really go out all that much. It’s pretty pointless if I can’t see it,” there was a lack of the sadness in his voice that Dean would’ve have expected. Dean had always assumed that if you were blind you would give anything to see again.

“How long have you been blind?” Dean asked before he could stop himself. God, how rude can I get, he thought and screwed his eyes up in annoyance at himself. “You know you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.”

Once again, Cas shrugged, “It’s fine. Most of my life, I lost my sight in a car crash when I was three years old, I dont remember anything from before then so I just live with it. I dont know what I’m missing out on, therefore I cannot find room to care.”

Dean was stunned for a moment before chuckling, “Guess that’s a pretty good view to have about it,” this caused an upturn of Cas’ lips.

Cas was glad that Dean understood him, most of his family were annoyed that he didn’t mind. As if it personally offended them. Although he knew it was probably because they didn’t want him to have to accept a more difficult life.

“Which number?” Dean asked when they reached Cas’ street, hiding the disappointment in his voice that he would have to leave. Cas’ street was long, wide and had trees lining the path, overall it looked much more welcoming and homey than his own road only a few streets away.

“4.” Dean walked Cas down to his house, then up to his front door. Just in case anything happened. “Thank you, Dean,” Castiel thanked him sincerely and knocked three times on the door, “I appreciate you walking me.”

Dean shrugged then remembered Cas could not see him, “No problem, anytime.” It was true, he would walk Cas home anytime he asked, he’d had a surprising amount of fun.

The door was opened by a short guy with blond hair, “Who’s this?” the man asked obnoxiously. Cas rolled his eyes at his presummed brother, “Hello, Gabe,” he turned to look in the direction of Gabe, then back to Dean. “Good bye, Dean,” he smiled at Dean (well, his direction) then stepped into his house.


It became a regular occurance for Dean to walk Cas home, the only days he couldn’t were when he had football practice or when he had to drive Sam. They talked about anything and everything and over the next few months became quite inseperable.

Dean and Balthazar often clashed with each other, both mildly possessive and wanting to be the one to help Cas with things. Though he felt like their respective relationships with Cas were fairly different, but he didn’t know in which way.

Dean and Cas were sitting cross-legged across from one another on Cas’ bed. “Remember when we first talked? Well, Ive been thinking, I wish I could see what you look like,” he sighed.

“I know what you sound like, how tall you are, but not anything else,” Cas elaborated sadly. Dean felt his heart rate raise, why would Cas wanna see him of all things?

Dean swallowed, “I could describe myself,” Cas eagerly nodded. It took a moment for him to think, where do you even begin when decribing yourself to somebody who couldn’t see and didn’t remember colour?

“Well, I have kinda short blond hair. Sand coloured,” Dean hoped Cas could understand colours by associating feelings and experiences and went on to describe himself. “And green eyes, my mom says they’re candy apple coloured, with some honey tone flecks in them.”

When he looked up Cas was staring intently as if soaking everything it. That was when Dean realised that even blind eyes could blaze like meteors. “Do you know what you look like?” Dean whispered to which Cas shook his head no.

“You have really dark hair, like dak chocolate. And the brightest blue eyes that look like a raging sea. And really…pink…lips,” Dean trailed of in whisper.

He was only an inch or so away from Cas’ face and their breaths mingled in the space between them. His hand came up and tenderly cupped Cas’ cheek, testingy he brushed their lips together and when Cas didn’t pull away he pressed their lips firmly together.

There were no fireworks, or grand explosions, but it felt right. Complete. Cas kissed back and their lips moved together in a soft harmony with everything else fading away. Cas’ senses were alight and every touch was amplified, the gentle brush of Dean’s tongue along his lip sent shivers through his body. The first brush of their tongues together had them both whimpering and Cas clawing at Dean’s shoulders bringing him ever closer.

They only pulled away when they had to, for air, and rested their foreheads together. “Wow,” Cas whispered, he had never been kissed before but he was sure that it was the best way it could have gone. Dean chuckled and agreement and interlocked their fingers, “We should do this more often.”

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Let Me Come Home

It was early in the morning for the kids but you had been up all night, you had been up every night for the past few weeks. The divorce would be finalized soon and then maybe you hope you’ll sleep. You stretch out your exhausted limbs and swing your legs off the bed and slip on a pair a kitten slippers. Harry and you had been married for almost seventeen years and for most of them were spent fighting. It was only now that the both of you (mostly you) had decided to get a divorce. 

You had grown up in a home where your parents fought all the time so you knew what it was like to have a home like that. Harry didn’t. His parents got divorced when he was still young and even though he made closure with it, it was still a sore wound.

 Harry had moved out and into a hotel until he could find a place to stay for awhile. 

You woke up your oldest child, August, he was sixteen. He was already moody but he had been sweeter lately. Unlike most teenagers, he understood that a divorce is hard on everyone. Your youngest, Abigal was already up and in a tutu that she wore for her Halloween costume last year. Abigal was four and in Daycare, in her small hand, she held her prized stuffed giraffe. She didn’t quite understand what was happening at home but she knew that Daddy was gone and Mommy was sad. “Hey kiddo, why don’t we go potty and put on some real clothes?” you asked Abigal. you hadn’t realized it until now but Abigal was only in her undies. 

After potty and a change of clothes, you carried Abigal down the stairs that were much too long for a four-year-old to climb down. You feel your stomach drop as you remember that Harry had this house built especially for you, how you wanted a grand staircase and vaulted ceilings and large rooms so you could host parties. Parties that never got to be planned.

 August had already sat at the table with a pop tart, “August, I told you last time and the time before that to stop eating those. You have time to put a piece of toast in the toaster or even make cereal.” You tell him. “But we never eat them unless we’re late-” “And when are we late?” you ask with a raised eyebrow as you place Abigal into one of the chairs and she puts her giraffe in the neighboring one. “Well, I’ve already started eating it so I can’t waste it,” August argued. “Alright but I’m throwing those things out,” you ended and made yourself a cup of coffee and Abigal some toast with some jam.

 Abigal gobbled up the food as you heard a knock at the front door and opened.

 note: change locks on all doors you reminded yourself.

 Harry came into the kitchen and Abigal jumped from her seat and ran to her father. “DADDY,” she yelled as Harry picked her up “Hey there sunshine,” he replied as he placed her back on the ground. “Good mornin’, August,” he nodded towards his son. August was a momma’s boy. “Mornin’ Pops,” and continued to eat his pop tart while staring at his phone. “Nice slippers Y/N,” Harry commented, You nod but stay silent looking into your coffee hoping that when Harry takes them to school and Daycare today that he won’t come back and try to wiggle out of the divorce again. He’s called you almost once a week trying to win you back and even with the ‘No’s he still tries. 

Harry flicked his wrist to look at his watch and widen his eyes. August looks over at you with a look that says ‘See, pop tarts are a good idea’. “Oh c'mon guys le’s get you guys off to school,” Harry says as he turns around heading for the door, Abigal trailing behind him as August shrugs on his backpack. “Harry,” you finally say and he turns to look at you “You almost forgot Abby’s giraffe.” You pick up the dirty stuffed animal and handed to your daughter who hugs it, the neck bending away from her. “Oh..,” Harry said “Well we couldn’ forget tha’ now can we?” he asked Abby as she nodded. You gave both of your children a kiss goodbye as they left the house and into their father’s car.

“Don’t forget you’re picking up Abby from Daycare and I’m picking up August, alright?” you ask Harry. He nods and heads towards his car. Abby waved at you from her booster until the car left the property. You sighed in relief as you finish your coffee and head up the stairs to change into better clothes. Though you loved your slippers they aren’t very appropriate for the office. And by the office, you mean the room that you worked in. You typed away at your computer trying to understand your work when you heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Harry’s head peeks through the door and slides completely in. “Hey Y/N, I was hoping we could talk,” Harry asked you almost like he was on extremely thin ice. 

He is on extremely thin ice. 

“Well I’m a bit busy right now, Harry so it’ll…”  but Harry had already placed himself on the edge of your desk. You placed your fingers on the bridge of your nose, pinching the skin while sighing. You close your laptop and look at Harry trying to see why he was still in the house. “I know you said no but I think we should talk this out,” Harry began but you had already stood up from the desk. “What is there to talk about Harry? I’ve told you this over the phone and in legal documents. I don’t think there is another to tell you that no I don’t want to get back together.” You stated and sat back down with the feeling that he wasn’t paying attention to any of what you had just said. “But why?” Harry asked in a whine, you slammed your hands onto the desk which caught his attention and stood back up.

 “YOU KNOW WHY HARRY,” you said boldly and continued. “I will not have my kids hear me scream at you while you whine like the four-year-old and then run away like the sixteen-year-old.” You didn’t sit back down this time “So you’re the victim in all of this?” Harry sarcastically questioned you and got off the desk and stood in front of it with his hands on his sides. “I did NOT say that and NEITHER of us are victims in this. Abby doesn’t even understand what the hell is going on and August isn’t acting like a normal teenager. Do you know how bad I want him to fight with me? I want him to slam his door and play loud music and NOW I CAN-” suddenly Harry was kissing you just like you two were young again. You sat down on the desk and let him kiss you for a couple minutes.

 Harry’s hand brushed the stray hair off your cheek and held it, “I know neither of us are victims, Peach but I can’t stand sitting in tha’ hotel room, it’s strange knowing tha’ it’s in the same city of my wife-” you began to pull away, shaking your head but he gently pulled you back in. “My wife and kids and I can’t go back to them, I miss the kids so damn much and I miss yeh, I miss yeh more than I ever thought I could,” Harry confesses. “Y/N,” and he placed his other hand on your side of your neck so feather like you barely felt him except for all the heat radiating off of him. “I miss you so fucking much, I miss your food, your clothes in the same place as mine. I miss having you in the car asleep and drooling,” Harry somehow got closer. “I miss looking at you when I wake up, I miss your hands, your lips,” and kissed yeh, “Your neck,” and kissed your neck, “Your collarbones,” and kissed your collarbones.

 You were in a daze, a drunk daze of Harry, something you hadn’t had since you began dating. Harry’s hands had moved from your neck and cheek to your sides and squeezing them as he began to suck on your collarbones. "Please,” Harry pleaded “Let me come home.” "Home?” you questioned as you sobered up “There isn’t a home here anymore, not for anyone.” You pushed Harry’s shoulders and stood up and walked to your office door and opened it. Harry stayed on the desk, staring blankly at you for a few minutes trying to see if you were serious. He stood up and walked to the door but stopped in front of you “Wha’ are yeh gonna do abou’ the house?” he asked you and without missing a beat “It’s in your name and you know where the door is, lock it when you leave.” You released the doorknob and walk back over to your desk and re-opened your laptop and went back to work as Harry left the house, the lock faintly clicking after the door closing.


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fic rec; Touch the Rain and Feel the Summer Breeze

Touch the Rain and Feel the Summer Breeze by kaleidomusings 

rating T | wordcount 2847 | notes high school au, bb8 is a service dog  

Poe is hopelessly in love with the cute librarian at his school (and no one is at all surprised Finn loves him right back except for him).

Anonymous: I have a request if you want it??? Harry having pre wedding jitters. Love your writing!! <3

Thankyou so much honey, I loved writing this! Love you! xxxxx

Ever since he was a little boy Harry had always dreamed of his wedding day, looking forward to the sweaty palms and shaky knees as he waited for the love of his life to walk down the aisle.

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Harry Styles - Boys Make Fun of Relationship - Imagine


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Pedido feito por fashionistaonduty :Faz um do Harry que eles namoram e ele agride ela bêbado, a noite ela vai embora escondido e grávida. Quero um final legal pfvr. Obg.

Espero que gostem e desculpem os erros!

E mais uma vez o rapaz chegava embriagado em casa, a esposa do mesmo o esperava tensa por conta da notícia que receberá de manhã e ao mesmo tempo feliz por saber que tem um ser em seu ventre. Harry a olhou sem emoção no olhar e ela, inocente, foi o abraçar, sem saber que o marido, instantes depois, iria lhe dar um soco em sua face. Com o impacto, ela foi atirada sobre o sofá, com a mão no rosto, (S/N) chorava e sentia todo seu corpo tremer enquanto via o rapaz subir as escadas.

Já esgotada, a moça viu aquilo como a gota d'Água, ela poderia até aguentar a embriagues do marido, poderia até aguentar as loucuras dele, mas uma agressão iria muito além do que ela poderia suportar. Acariciando a barriga e chorado muito, ela subia as escadas com medo de ver o rapaz por ali, mas para a sorte dela, ele já havia dormido. Em silêncio, ela arrumava as roupas que tinha ali, enquanto colocava tudo em uma mala enorme azul.

Sem rumo, a moça dirigia enquanto tentava controlar o choro, mesmo com tudo o que Harry fazia, ela o amava mais que tudo, mas agora o que mais importava era o pequeno ser que carregava, e se para ter o bem de seu filho, ela precisaria ficar longe do marido, então ela o faria.

Estacionou em frente a pequena casa que tinha, desceu pegando a mala bastante pesada e logo entrou na residência.

Já exausta, tomou um banho rápido e logo caiu na cama se rendendo ao sono.


Três meses depois.

A garota já estava com 5 meses de gravidez, hoje finalmente iria descobrir qual era o sexo do filho e por isso quase nem dormiu a noite, rolava na cama enquanto acariciava e cantava para a barriga.

Harry estava irreconhecível, uma barba grande, olheiras enormes e um corpo quase esquelético, depois que a esposa foi embora, o garoto caiu na gandaia, não chegou a ficar com alguma mulher, a dor de perder a garota que amava era tanta que não teve coragem de beijar outra pessoa.

(S/N) levantou animada da cama, quase tropeçou nos próprios pés enquanto se arrumava, ela estava tão feliz que ninguém podia atrapalhar sua felicidade. A campainha de sua casa tocou e ela estranhou, passou de tudo na sua cabeça, mas nenhuma delas mostravam Harry ali parado. Ao abrir a porta, viu o garoto e recuou com medo, tentou fechar a porta, mas ele a impediu enquanto entrava sem a permissão da mesma.

- Vai-i embora- A voz da menina falhou e Harry não pôde evitar de olhar a barriga da mesma.

- Você está grávida? - O rapaz disse e ela paralisou, enquanto o olhava tensa.

- Sim…- Disse baixo o suficiente para ele escutar.

- E esse filho é meu? - Harry se aproximou e dessa vez ela não recuou.

- Sim…- Ao falar sentiu as penas bambas e logo em seguida os braços de Harry a rodear.

- Meu Deus, eu vou ter um filho. - Ele dizia emocionado.

- Sim Harry. - Saiu dos braços dele tentando passar uma posse de durona. - Agora que já sabe, pode ir embora.

Harry a olhou surpreso, a garota ainda o encarava seria enquanto ele andava até ela.

- Eu não vou embora. - Disse antes de beijá-la e ela ficar estática.

- Harry não, eu não sei se quero. - Ela disse e ele sentiu o remorso percorrer por casa parte de seu corpo. - Não sei se quero tudo aquilo de novo.

- Por favor, eu só preciso de você e esse filho, eu sempre quis ter uma família e agora que eu posso, não quero estragar, por favor meu amor, só uma chance.

- Eu não sabia que você queria ter uma família- Ele acariciou a bochecha dela e ela suspirou se dando por vencida enquanto via os olhos pidões do marido. - Tudo bem, eu te perdoo, mas só desde vez, me ouviu?

- Tudo bem meu amor, tudo por você e meu filho que está aqui. - Ele ajoelhou beijando a barriga da mesma.

- Você quer ir comigo no ultrassom? - Ela disse animada e ele se levantou sorrindo.

- É claro que eu quero meu amor, é tudo o que eu mais quero. - Harry a beijou e ela sorriu sentindo tudo estar perfeito.