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i have an extra ticket to the nyc dunkirk movie screening premiere on the 18th !! my two larrie friends and i are going and we are looking for another larrie to come with us !! you just need to be 18+ and be able to be in nyc by 5 pm ! i have a lot more info like dress code and where to meet and the rules that i can share if you come with us !! just reblog this and then message me if you would be interested !!

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Omg I haven't made the 'good girl/blurred lines' connection until now. I honestly think it's not the case, harry wouldn't be that ignorant, i hope, but who knows. We just have to wait a few more days

Nah of course not (I mean, I would unstan, but that’s not a concern), I just want to get the association out of my head because I cannot read any “She’s a good girl” lyrics without hearing that fuckin’ song! I want it replaced by Harry’s voice immediately :) 

Anon 2: i mean i hope since it’s des’s favourite, it won’t be too cringey? prayinggg

Hope not! I guess it’s a sexytime song. I saw that fan’s tweet where she said she asked Harry “how good was she?” and he said “It’s 2pm!” lol :)

Anon 3: Whats wrong with blurred lines. I don’t know but it I think it was hit so I don’t know what’s so bad?

Read the lyrics! 

Anon 4: I thought they said that Good Girl was the name of one of his songs. Obviously it isn’t, but that’s what I remember was said by one of those people who met Irving Azoff.

That was ages ago, yeah, before we had the album’s tracklisting. I guess the “She’s a good girl” lyric must be pretty prominent if Azoff called the song that, and the fan from today’s listening party also mistakenly called it Good Girl

I really, really hope Harry plays it tomorrow on the Today Show!!!.

Anon 5: My kink is bromanceshomance losing her shit about Harry having a gendered pronoun in the song and trying to explain how that doesn’t matter because there’s a little thing called “narration”. Which of course didn’t apply to any of the other songs. Im cackling

Oh my god, yes lol:

Ha ha!