hs batchmates

High School Reunion AU
  • Gunther: Are you still into judo?
  • Levi: I am. You should try it. It's good for relieving stress. (looks at his watch then at the function room entrance for the nth time)
  • Eld: Are you waiting for someone?
  • Levi: I'm waiting for my wife. She told me to go ahead because she's not yet done with the paperwork. Hopefully, she'll be here any minute.
  • Oluo: You got married? How long have you been married?
  • Levi: About a year now.
  • Eld: Introduce her to us when she arrives, okay?
  • Levi: Sure.
  • Gunther: Do you think she'll attend this reunion?
  • Eld: Who?
  • Gunther: Hange Zoe.
  • Eld: I don't know. I heard Petra invited her.
  • Oluo: That woman is crazy! One time, she mixed various chemicals in Chemistry class that resulted in an explosion. She was forbidden to conduct experiments since then.
  • Gunther: I always see her digging the school grounds during high school. I have no idea what she's looking for.
  • Eld: She's collecting bugs back then. She puts them in a small jar that she carries around.
  • Gunther: She talks to specimens in Biology class. Weird!
  • Oluo: She chased me with her dissected frog. Ugh!
  • Eld: She's super smart, though.
  • Oluo: Smart, but crazy.
  • Gunther: I wonder if she got married, too.
  • Oluo: Who in his right mind would marry that woman? I don't know anybody who would do that. Oh, speaking of the devil.
  • Hange: Wooh! I thought I'd never make it here. I was stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Levi: You should have joined me in the car. (to Eld & company) Guys, meet my wife, Hange.
  • Hange: Long time no see!
  • Levi: So, Oluo, you were saying...
  • Oluo: (nervous laugh) I'll go get some food. (Eld and Gunther follows Oluo)
  • Hange: Levi, what have you done this time?
  • Levi: Nothing. I'm just drinking wine here.
  • Hange: Okay.

Also, me and my high school batchmates went on a Binondo pseudo-tour yesterday. Pseudo because most of the shops were closed so there was not much to see. Who would have thought that the Chinese businessmen of Chinatown observed the Sabbath Day? Anyway, it was a short tour. Shorter than expected because of the unexpected circumstances lolwat. After an hour and a half of taking pictures and walking around, we ate the famous congee of Wai Ying at Benavidez St. This was how it looked when it was served. The other picture was our group while taking a break from eating. Haha. It may look small and unintimidating (?) but it took us about an hour to finish the whole thing. Mygalleh. It is amazing how I do not easily quit on alcohol but this little bowl gave me a headache halfway through. Good food though. I think we’ll be going to Intramuros next. :)