hs 30 day challenge

day six: Your favorite song

oooooh this one was hard! it was tie between umbral ultimatum and Rex Duodecim Angelus

but its definitely this one. I love how it sounds like controlled chaos thats just about to boil over and start flooding everything. And the transition from jack to bec noir is a gorgeous one. Especially when Bec transports to the trolls session and the music changes, my heart always leaps a bit when it happens. I feel like this song does a fantastic job of helping tie huge parts of the story together.


Day two: Your favorite troll

its definitely Kanaya. Shes a bad asss, but she also does whats best for her friends. also her sense of fashion is fanstastic. As soon as I met her I felt that she was going to be the rock of the trolls. It’s simply who she is. She tries shaping her friends into heroes and she aint afraid to avenge wrongs. As far as being a bad ass goes, she is simply the best there is. (sorry there isnt more im so tired.)

also rosemary is the shit <3<3<3


Day Seventeen: Your favorite Derse agent

I know she’s not an agent but COME ON. She became superbitch megahitler and didn’t lose one bit of her obsession with sparkles, money and need for attention. yet she still manages to rule over a planet and start a delicious bakery empire.

*grudingly tips hat off to her* You’re crazy, but i got mad respect for a gurl who stays that fab doing all that