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I have trouble picturing gamzee in kismesitude w/ anyone (not cause im against it, but cause hes so sweet lol) & we didnt really get any canon representation of gam pitch flirtin, except mentions of him abusin terezi in possession mode. So like, how do u think he pitch flirts?? Cause ya ship equigam & all that.


If you’ve read SAitB you know that I tend to favor pitch ships that involve “pissing off your partner for shits and giggles” as a dynamic, and that’s pretty much where I’m coming from for GamQuius as well! Gamzee is very free spirited and likes to play around as much as anyone, likes to have a good time and all that, and Equius is AWFULLY UPTIGHT. It takes like, -500 effort in order to get that guy riled up. So I can see Gamzee looking at Equius all flustered and sweaty and blushing and just think it’s the most motherfucking hilarious thing he’s ever encountered. Sorta like when your friend gets embarrassed because they did something silly so you tease them about it, all in good fun? Like that, but more intense. Gamzee thinks its so motherfucking funny to just needle this dude, or does stupid shit just to get Equius to open his mouth- stop- sigh in resignation, “Okay.” Like that’s so fuckin funny you know?

And Equius only feeds into it. Now that Gamzee’s off sopor and has a couple functioning neurons to rub together, Gamzee’s finally reciprocating his advances, but instead of the big swooping grandeur way that Karkat’s movies or ancient epics (which Equius is more inclined to have read) depict, Gamzee is just being an annoying little shit! And it’s pitch but not in the way that gratifies Equius, which only makes him MORE riled up and so he keeps telling Gamzee that he’s annoying and detestable and the worst person ever and Gamzee just looks him dead in the face and LAUGHS at him and it is the most frustrating, attractive, god-awful thing ever and Equius just HATES him for it, works himself right up into a fray over it.

Which, of course, is exactly the reaction Gamzee wanted. So Gamzee needles him more, makes like a gnat and just bothers the shit out of this sweaty brother, and Equius’s reactions continue to just be so motherfucking funny to him. And Gamzee has a leg up in the situation, see, and that’s really hilarious because technically he knows he can tell Equius to do anything he wants, and Equius will do it, but Gamzee just sorta takes that into his own hands and uses THAT to annoy Equius too.

Also please picture Gamzee stumbling into Equius’s hive, grinning delightedly about something, kickin’ a wicked elixir, and just. Draping himself over whatever Equius is doing. Or draping himself over Equius. And then smooching Equius right on his gross n sweaty cheek before telling him he tastes salty and licking his face because he’s a disgusting, gross, dirty clown and Equius is a disgusting, gross, sweaty horse and Equius gets even sweatier bc Gamzee is bein gross and affectionate and Gamzee thinks that is the cutest motherfuckin’ thing and he just plants a big ol sloppy kiss on Equius and they’re both gross and dumb and need like five million showers and they’re makin’ out and Gamzee tastes like soda and Equius has to v e r y carefully hold him around the waist so he doesn’t hurt this stupid, annoying, beautiful miracle in his arms and like

Listen dude anon friend buddy chum pal amigo listen this is a GOOD SHIP okay.

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boii im loving the alpha kark designs?? theyre so nice,,whats the dif between the signless and the survivor? :0

basically kk stays hemoanonymous (usin makeup and stuff, i have hcs abt this) and managed to make it into the threshecutioners but like., sometimes in intergalactic wars u get Knifed so he got outed as a mutant and like this 👌 close to being killed on the spot or put into permanent ‘care’ but got scooped up by alpha dave last second n joined the troll side of the rebellion on earth ;0c