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Does Sheldon become worse in the latest seasons? He seemed like a very accurate, though funny representation of someone with Asperger’s in the few episodes I watched early on.

The problem is that - as far as I can tell - he’s never been officially declared Autistic, and any canonical mention of any form of Autism in relation to him has been derogatory and purely for laughs. Most of the “humor” the show now derives from his character is in getting the audience to go “oh wow, how do people put up with him? He’s awful”

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“Far too many notes for my taste, and none of them about Christine.” *corners self*

I had to look up that reference but then I laughed

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is this the new THAT post


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Let it go, Psi. Let it go.


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RIP Psi’s dash -plays TAPS-


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oh shit what if steve actually read derelict I'M SORRY

IF HE DID I BLAME YOU actually no I love you

also cards on the table last night I got stupid and sleep deprived and calmly asked Michael on facebook if he’s ever seen it in his fandom travels

I mean he didn’t answer but my point is I can no longer blame anybody but me if the band sees the fic


(never saying yolo again)

(also when I say calmly I do mean it I didn’t screech at him or anything)