a giveaway!

ive never done one of these before so uh, bear with me?

i hit a follower milestone a little while back so! im doing this as a thank you.


1) should be following me lets be real

2) must answer in 24 hrs

3) uh idk actually i think thats it??

what i will draw:

1) OCs

2) characters

3) furries maybe

what i will not draw:

1) nsfw (blood/wounds are ok tho)

2) anything very complicated, but u should ask


3rd prize is a bust, second prize is simple full body and third prize is full color up to 2 characters!

if you dont want to take the chance of not winning but still want a super kool drawing, please consider commissioning me!

so just uh, like or reblog this and good luck! ill be announcing the winners, uh, july 17th i guess?


Download Holidays Pack.package || Do not upload it on the exchange or upload to a paysite! || Grab the mesh HERE & HERE. 

This time, the meshs are not included. As you can see on the pictures, it’s seems that some parts are broken. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if the meshs are really broken… 

 BTW, I used  new hair textures. It look less shiny in CAS and less plain. If you don’t like it please tell me, so I can re-upload the haircuts with my old textures.