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georgia!! can you write something with denmark comforting iceland after an asthma attack?? and/or them baking a cake together or something??? it would be really cute aaa uvu

While being the sole designated baker of the household, Denmark occasionally asks one of the others to assist him in making pastries. Most of the time, it’s to pick up on some gossip- or, in this case, pat Iceland’s shoulder and try to talk him out of his humiliation.

“Don’t worry, no one was staring… well, not very many of them were,” he assures him, stretching out the dough and peering sympathetically at him. “They felt bad for you, Ice. It’s perfectly understandable that you had an asthma attack, what with all the volcanic activity at the moment, and some of the Asian nations get it too. Oh, and I spoke to Portugal after the meeting- he says he’s fine about you knocking your glass of water over him, though he has to copy his notes out again. Still, everyone’s wishing you well, and no one’s laughing. If there were, I would’ve broken their nose, and look- no bruised knuckles!”

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what if nerd!denmarks parents wouldnt approve of his relationship with punk!norway bc "he has a bad influence on him"

Oooh let me spill my thoughts about this~
I completely agree, Denmark’s parents really don’t like Norway because he’s a bad influence. When he comes home from Norway’s house his parents would always bad talk about Norway and try convince him to find friends from his school to hang out with instead.

They’re also really not supportive of their relationship when they hear about it and they threaten to have him kicked out if he doesn’t take his school work more seriously. Though he does take his school work seriously, only now he has a boyfriend.

This leads to lots of stress in their household and angst for Denmark.


On the other hand, Norway’s parents like Denmark and he has been paid to babysit Iceland on occasions. Norway’s parents don’t really trust him to remember to feed Iceland or himself so Denmark sorta babysits them both.
When Icey goes to bed Denmark and Norway sit up talking~~

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Okay, I am terribly sorry if you guys already answered this question. But English is not my first language so it can sometimes confuse me. It's about the Nordics mascots, "Gachapon event at specific stores", do you mean as in they're only available in Japan or that just some stores online will sell them?

They’re only avaiable in-store at certain Animate stores in Japan, not online or stores at other country.

Gachapon usually refers to the physical machine, as seen below:

They’re like vending machines, but they dispense items randomly after you’ve placed your coin/s in. 

Like any other merchandise, they’ll usually be available for online sale through second-hand sales/resales after they have been won by someone in Japan (i.e. ebay etc).

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i was thinking of buying a norwegian. but since ive never owned a norwegian before, im not sure. is it hard? what do they eat?? do you need to take them skiing every day???? do they like cuddling????? are they family friendly???

omg ok so norwegians are spoiled creatures so you gotta get it expensive food. if it’s snow you have to take it skiing at least twice a day, if not normal walks are ok.  they are shy, but once they warm up to u they’re very cuddly. they’re pretty family friendly but don’t expect pups until they’ve finished their education.

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What is the au called with the punk looking norway and nerdy den???? I must know!!

It’s basically a Nerd!Denmark/Punk!Norway AU that was created by the brilliant picturesquegoddess, and all started with this photoset! It depicts Denmark as a high school, bespectacled nerd, who clearly thinks a heavily tattooed and side-shaven punk Norway is the cutest thing on Earth. Which he definitely is, just look at him.

Since then, it’s pretty much become a huge hit in the DenNor fandom, with asexualaphden writing a beautiful fanfic, art by aimofmof, moi3138 and dandedandelions, and awesome cosplay by hrodvitniir! These aren’t the only examples- more can be seen on picturesquegoddess’ tag, and in the DenNor tag itself.

It’s a great AU and interpretation of them, and I hope I’ve helped! uwu