video game aesthetic meme: [8/?] : guardian - destiny 

Ghost: “Can’t we just wait here with the murderous robots?
Guardian: “No, little light.”
Ghost: “Don’t do that.”

graysons a dick and makin me post this picture

(no hes not but he wanted me to so i will)

anyways I SAW….HARRY POTTER…..FINALLY i started crying when remus’s corpse showed up and it just got worse from there i think mom and i were in hysterics by the time harry got shoved into kings cross (but cleaner and no train!!!)

how are you tumblr

it’s so weird, like. tumblr isn’t conducive at all to carrying on intensive conversations and in fact the site itself keeps trying to strong-arm its userbase into using it for passing along photos and art and decontextualized snippets of text and little else

and yet it’s far and away the social media platform i’ve been able to best engage with on a consistent basis????