video game aesthetic meme: [8/?] : guardian - destiny 

Ghost: “Can’t we just wait here with the murderous robots?
Guardian: “No, little light.”
Ghost: “Don’t do that.”

Hmmn…i cant really gather my thoughts regarding Lapidot ever since the latest episode (S2E21) about Peridot’s revelation lol… 

How would my “ideal” Lapis reacting to this now that Peridot is actually so tiny? Fusing gonna be tricky for both of them now XDDD  

Well, pervy aside, tiny Peridot is cracking me out. I wanted to do a fast fanart after the show, but i just cant get my thoughts around the crack-pairing hhahaha  

/Is it me or Peridot is calling Lapis as “Lazuli”…hrmmmmmm…oh well!

graysons a dick and makin me post this picture

(no hes not but he wanted me to so i will)

anyways I SAW….HARRY POTTER…..FINALLY i started crying when remus’s corpse showed up and it just got worse from there i think mom and i were in hysterics by the time harry got shoved into kings cross (but cleaner and no train!!!)

how are you tumblr

Ok there’s something really messing me up though. In the ep 4 trailer we see nathan be all “the storm is coming, you’re all gonna die” but in the final product they took out the storm bit. If he knows about the storm then that opens the door for soo many possibilities but if it was taken out then does that mean he doesn’t know about it anymore? They must’ve taken it out almost last minute if it was in the trailer too.

bxmboozled replied: … you know what i dont think hes been shown since batman eternal?? i dont think hes still inthe cave but its been so long????? where is tommy elliot????????? is he ok? is he drinking water?


i wonder if scott snyder has a twitter and/or if he checks it because i’m so tempted to be like “scott where did he go where is cotton eyed joe i mean hush”

A year (???) ago or so I remember someone came up to me at work with a bunch of glow-in-the-dark items and as I was scanning them I asked if she was having a party and she was like “No, I just really like glow-in-the-dark stuff. It’s my fetish haha.” and I was like