Tronnor "Breakup" - My Opinion (if it's even worth shit)

This fandom is so fucking god awful. It’s the same shit as when I was younger and naïve and was hardcore into Troyler. The second Troyler’s “glory days” were over (the start of Tronnor shipping popularity) that fandom went fucking apeshit. They jumped at each other, jumped at Tronnor shippers. Completely LOST it. It’s sad, I only have a few Troyler blogs I follow (namely @ayetroyler) who are sensical nice people.

Where the actual fuck am I going with this? The stupid fucking breakup posts. Holy shit, can I not go 2 seconds without seeing that shit on my dash? It’s going to be the Troyler Meltdown 2.0 if you people keep this shit up.

Just a friendly reminder: TRONNOR WAS NEVER CONFIRMED. How the hell are we supposed to speculate that this non-canon couple was not only together, but have BROKEN UP because they are two hard-working ambitious individuals. It’s completely stupid. And if they’ve broken up, so the fuck what? They’re living their dreams, we’re trying to hold onto a dream of a perfect Tronnor relationship. I think this fandom has become a bit too diluted from reading too many fanfictions and applying that shit to the real individuals.

But what would I know? I just have a bit over 200 followers and I reblog shitposts+cute troye/connor shit+“SJW” crap. My opinion doesn’t mean shit anyway.

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hrll  asked:

7 & 12

  • 7:choose a song to live off of.
    old skin by olafur arnalds. i’ve been listening to that song over and over and i never tire of it and i could take a lifetime trying to understand the lyrics
  • 12:what book do you need to read?
    all of them :/ right now, i really really really need to get on Everything Everything!!