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So wait, Prussia had great affliction to Germany and HRE... So does that make them two separate nations... Finally Hima-papa decided to speak up. But with that given, really young Germany existed while HRE was there but Germany doesn't remember all that since he was really young. It all makes sense now.

This may be Hima’s subtle way of denouncing that theory? He’s been separating the two in recent strips and the way I interpreted is HRE dying young while (as stated before in a character note somewhere i think - correct me if I’m wrong) Germany being like America in that he grew at a rapid rate. 

Prussia Reading Brothers Grimm ~ Official Art in Color [x]

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What does the hetalia fandom mean about explaining "that" ?????

Ah, ‘that’ is Germany and HRE, and whether or not they’re the same person.

It’s a longstanding theory in this fandom, and since Hima has recently showed HRE in a bedridden and sickly state (as he’s done in previous comics, once with HRE yelling at everyone to unify, reminiscent of Germany yelling in meetings, and again in the Private Concert strip starring Prussia), I imagine people are expecting and excited to soon learn an answer to the big question.

I mean, it could unfold in several ways…

Option One) Germany could be his own person completely. If HRE died, and that was the absolute end of him…then yes. They’d just be blood-related.

Option Two) Germany could have been born from HRE’s body, which sounds strange, but Hima did say Germany was unlike the Italy Brothers, who were born as babies, because Germany already had ‘an existing body’.

If that’s the case, then it’d be like ‘Old Body, New Soul’.

And I suppose in that scenario, even with their own separate souls, some of the memories must have been retained. Sort of ‘saved on the hard drive’, or a house haunted by a ghost…the body was already lived in once, and so when Germany’s soul moves into it, ah! There he finds these memories which aren’t from his own life. It’s someone else’s childhood; that whole flashback scene at the end of Buon San Valentino. – If Germany is not HRE, or if he’s not using HRE’s body, then how could Germany see Italy in his memories with Italy as a child? Germany alone wasn’t born at that point, so it’s very telling.

Option Three) Germany is one hundred percent HRE, body and soul, but lost all his memories except for the sight of Italy in their youth.

Option Four) HRE died, and Germany is HRE reincarnated, but…that wouldn’t quite explain the whole ‘existing body’ thing, unless I’m being too strict with the idea/laws of reincarnation. I mean…the body would have died, been buried or burned, or simply dissolved or faded away (whatever happens to these personifications when their time is up), but…now that I think about it, one time Hima said something about the ‘strange beings living in this world’ and how they can disappear only to reappear later on. And in doing so, their names and personalities can change. So it’s the same body, but a different inhabitant? Or maybe it’s the same body AND the same soul but the latter is altered??

Hima has his work cut out for him, is all I can say. I’m not sure how he’s going to tie this up without stepping on his own toes; I trust him, though, to make it all flow smoothly, with no contradictions to prior info. And even if he does change something in past-canon to make his current ideas fit: that’s fine too. Hima has every right to re-dream his own creation. I guess re-dream is an apt way to describe it? Tying up loose ends and answering the big questions. Maybe Hima originally thought, ‘I’ll kill HRE at the end of the Napoleonic Wars,’ which he indeed drew but later deleted; it showed France telling Italy that HRE was ‘no more’. – That could mean he died, of course, or maybe it could mean HRE is ‘no more’ because now he’s someone else? But it’s usually read as ‘dead’.

And I always assumed Hima deleted that pic because perhaps he saw the beauty in making HRE somehow turn into Germany (either by dying and being reborn, or by transitioning into him with the loss of most memories, or by having his body recycled by way of housing the soul of his successor) because then HRE could keep his promise to Italy. Saying he’d return…and if his body is used by Germany, then…yes, he did return to him, didn’t he? As his best friend.

I have no idea. I’ve always supported the ‘HRE = Germany’ theory without any doubts, really, and I still think and feel with all my heart Germany and HRE are related more so than just by blood. – I think it’s most likely Option Two or Option Three. Either it’s ‘Two Souls, One Body’ or ‘They’re the same person – the same machine – ideas still lingering on the hard drive of the mind, and love still present in the heart – but otherwise, someone wiped the slate clean.’

And I just wonder if Germany is struggling to remember his childhood beyond Prussia raising him, and…just why wasn’t he born as a baby? What happened to his earliest days?? – I’ve always thought Prussia would be the key to all this, as he’s the only man who surely knows all the answers! – I can’t help but think Austria does too, though probably not as much. – Prussia, I imagine, orchestrated or at least witnessed whatever transition may have taken place. Or hell, maybe he just watched HRE’s death, and from that lifeless body, Prussia somehow conjured or, again, at least witnessed, the rising of a unified Germany – its personification – and was amazed, and kept that to himself all these years?? How can Italy not suspect it?! Is this just some grand secret amongst all the old countries??? – I could go on forever with this, and I feel quite silly now, because my first line of this response would probably have sufficed. Ha! But we’ll see, right?

– As far as what Hima has in mind.

And really, if he shows HRE flat-out dying, and Germany existing as a whole separate person who just happened to be born from some other random existing body…*ahem*…then the whole fandom can throw tomatoes at me.

Meanwhile, I’m staying on team HRE = Germany, and I really believe the answer is coming soon, and that’s why the fandom is excited, and that’s what ‘that’ means, and also how Germanys are born, I think. ;)

Analysis: “Are Chibitalia and HRE related?”

I’ve been looking around the Hetalia tag and found somewhere a lot of arguments about Chibitalia and HRE being related or at least made to be brought up as siblings. This made me question how IS the vagueness of the situation analysed?

Since I’m not feeling up to translating everything (Himaruya’s handwriting is a pain to even read, much less interpret), I’ll be using Hetarchive for this.

Here we go.

“Was he referred to as HRE’s brother to begin with?”

I’ll start here.

To start out with, he was not seen as actual relation, but rather as someone who could become part of the empire later. So there isn’t a said “brotherhood” yet, even though you can see Romano in the background acting like he wasn’t brothers with Chibitalia.

He lived in a house with the Roman Empire and other countries. For all we know JUST from this, they could be dormmates. But they could also be raised together. It’s vague as it is.

“The brother I never met” (cough Romano, cough) is referred to in his statement separately than together (he didn’t say both his brothers, he didn’t say the brothers individually, etc.)

And about France, yes, nii-chan (兄ちゃん) can refer to being “older brother” and usually is. But as he refers to himself as “Big Brother” no matter who he’s talking with, plus nii-san/chan/etc. can mean different things depending on the context.

  1. Older Brother (usual usage but unpractical in this case)
  2. As a reference to an older figure (friendly, work relationship)
  3. A vocative form of “young man,” “buddy,” or so forth.

The second and third meanings are most likely the case, but the first is possible (just not possible for nearly every person he talks to like that).

“Did Austria introduce him as a son or brother to HRE?”


He was considered a “possession of Austria” from then on, employed as a servant. That doesn’t sound like a really loving father-son relationship, nor the entrance as an actual sibling to others.

In this case, we have to look at it like this: did Austria introduce Hungary as a daughter or sister to HRE? I think not, or else Hungary would have been referred to as Austria’s daughter instead of Austria’s maid.

They were both employed as servants, therefore a closer bond built around their circumstances is realistic. In this case, “big sister” may refer to as either a created affinity or only as like France’s “nii-san/chan” thing with work relationships. They don’t seem to meet much later on throughout the content, but it is hinted that they remain close after a while.

Now let me copy and paste the information on Austria.

¦ Austria-san ¦
An aristocratic intelligentsia who not only
busied himself with Italy,
but also controlled the Holy Roman Empire.
Loves music more than anything.

Well… I guess I can copy and paste the original. But it says the same thing (or translated enough to it) so just read it for interest if you want.


He controlled HRE. It was not specifically said that he built an affinity of some sort with him, nor did he see himself as a father figure to him.

Chibitalia and HRE’s relations with Austria were probably as impersonal as boss, dictator, or something (well, “dictator” sounds like too much, but you get what I mean).

Or well… it might not that much to say. Usually if you’re someone’s child, you aren’t stealing food… so…


He’s surprised, indicating that he wasn’t immediately to build planned relations. All of those he managed to conquer were probably not ALL his siblings, so it would be impractical to consider Chibitalia much different.

People in the household, basically.

But then Hungary said “family”, which as I look back at the original text, the term “肉親同士” was used. “肉親” means “blood relationship” and “同士” means “fellow”, “mutual”, “comrade”, or something along the lines. However, was she referring to all four of them, or was she referring to Austria’s people? That is where it gets tricky.

But there’s more going for the latter than the former, given that they were not referred to as family or such before, being employed as servants.

Even servants can start to feel much more involved in the circumstances of what’s happening in the household they’re working with. Hungary seems to be a naturally caring person (another analysis for later), therefore it would be natural for her (and pretty much a lot of other people) to feel that way.


Given the number of people who were in the household was probably high just leaving like *snap of the fingers* that, I assume it was the event of people becoming servants as captured nations in one household.

Also, a manor in this case probably refers to how a unit of land, originally a of feudal lordship, consists of a lord’s demesne and lands rented to tenants… or just a large country house with lands. Both make sense for servants to be employed, but with the Hetalia spin of battle, it makes it more entangled.

“A place like this”

It seems that HRE did not consider the household a really affinity-filled place. He seems to believe that Chibitalia was to be a servant figure in his disastrous household that he fell in love with since the 900s.

Conclusion (TLDR):
It’s impractical to say they’re related or were meant to be related, and I highly suggest not saying so. This is due to the lack of clarity when this was created, and the lack of much to say in favour vs. against.

Luckily this isn’t as common in other circumstances where they’re flat-out said to be brothers (i.e. Norway and Iceland, Veneziano and Romano, so forth).

Of course, go free with your own interpretations, but back them up with something instead of just saying them without offering to source.

I was just thinking...

If someone created a room on iScribble for Hetalians, doesn’t matter if you draw well or not, just need to be interested into having some fun, would you join it?

EDIT: I did it. If you want to be part of it, please, send me an ask or a message with you username. :)