DAY 3387

Jalsa, Mumbai              July 6,  2017              Thu 11:45 PM        

Birthday - Ef Saurabh Bhakri      Fri, July 7
.. all our good wishes for the birthday of Saurabh .. happiness always ..

Many have often wondered what the name Prateeksha, my first owned home, meant  … and how and why was it so named ..

The name was given by my Father, as has been the practice for other names that he has given for the family, and has a reference to a line of one of his poems :

“स्वागत सब के लिय यहाँ पर , नहीं किसी के लिए प्रतीक्षा”!!  ~ HRB 

प्रतीक्षा is Prateeksha ।। 

The lines like most of his views on life and its philosophy have always had a tinge of revolutionary thought .. and so too in the naming of the house, the first ever personal home of the family, Prateeksha ..

“ There is welcome for all at this abode ; but we do not wait for no one “

In Delhi, when we built a home for my Mother and Father, he saw the house for the first time when it became habitable, saw the three floors that it enveloped, with many folds of stairs and named it SOPAAN .. Sopaan means steps .. the steps represented the number that the staircase made up to the third floor ..

JANAK, the office cum residence was also given its name by him .. a prominent and devotional name from the Ramayan .. JALSA, was initially MANSA, the Mother from where the family generation began .. which became JALSA ..

There have been many relatives and admirers that had come to my Father for the naming of their children .. at times there would be requests for the naming of the Company for business that needed a name and they came to my Father .. what is this naming game .. I have othe ften wondered .. there is a desire for getting a name that has both meaning and acceptability .. one that brings happiness and prosperity .. numerology takes over at times .. names of films go through inadvertently the process to decipher whether a particular name is going to be valuable for particular film .. spellings undergoing change as per the numerologist suggestions .. personal names too go through similar adventures .. but .. mostly its been the English letters that have attracted attention .. each alphabet getting a number by its side, added subtracted to come to one that is going to prove successful .. the bottom line being, that an artist could put up the most exhausting work in a project, but if the numbers in the name of the film were not right, the product would fail ..

And then astrologers take over .. time, date of birth, stars and their movements, Latitudes and Longitudes, the star charts, the movement of the planets and their effects .. the ‘जनम पत्री ‘ , and an endless anxiety of what will happen and whether it is a good time to get involved in certain acts or not, health issues, progress, health, death .. the works ..

I do not know how it works .. but it is a presence in all our lives somehow .. 

There is not a single printed news paper or magazine of prominence that does not dedicate at least a page or two on the astro charts of the various celestial birth signs … 

SO .. I know the questions that must be arising in the million minds of the BLOG and elsewhere .. do you believe in them or not  ..?

SO ..

The next topic of discussion in our esteemed Blog shall be ……

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan


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His Roses Bloom (AO3) | soulmate AU

It’s possible that Thomas loves to fall in love with other people’s love. It’s possible that Thomas is merely a hopeless romantic who likes hearing people’s stories about meeting their soulmates. It’s also possible — possible — that Thomas may have accidentally fallen in love with someone who’s not his soulmate. It’s possible.

micamicster  asked:

I've been reading your post-apocalyptic medic stuff and it's been really great! However I was wondering if you'd talked about using honey as an antibiotic in treating wounds? I'm working at a hospital in tanzania right now and they commonly use honey in dressing wounds. My own research into it says that its anti-microbial and has been shown to help prevent infection, however there is a chance of developing a fungal infection from unpurified honey. Do you know if honey would be useful?

Hey there!! Thanks for writing in!

So first of all, let’s rap about language, because  Honey isn’t so much an antibiotic as it is an antiseptic. The terms are related, and given that you’re working in Tanzania right now I suspect this is a regional thing, but here in North America we would describe honey as more of an antiseptic than an antibiotic.  

According to the Medical Dictionary at,

An antiseptic is a substance which inhibits the growth and development of microorganisms. For practical purposes, antiseptics are routinely thought of as topical agents, for application to skin, mucous membranes, and inanimate objects…..

An antibiotic is a substance derived from a mould or bacterium, or produced synthetically, that destroys (bactericidal) or inhibits the growth (bacteriostatic) of other microorganisms and is thus used to treat infections….

Basically, in common parlance, an antiseptic is topical, an antibiotic is typically either a pill or an IV infusion.

But then again there’s also antibiotic cream, which just sends a good disambiguation straight to hell.

So. Honey.

Originally posted by yesiamarebelliousflower

Honey does, as you say, have a long and storied history as a medicine in times when others aren’t available. It’s been used as an antihistamine (by chronic exposure to the pollens in the honey), as an antiseptic (applied to wounds to promote healing and protect from contamination), for burns (as a part of wound care), for sore throats (because sticky), the list goes on and on.

However, just because something has been being done for ages doesn’t mean it works.

Just because science hasn’t established the benefits of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Medscape actually has a page dedicated to honey, and lists the evidence in favor of or against every indication I can think of with regard to honey. It’s here:  . It’s a neat read for all the things it’s been used for, but if you want the TL:DR; version of the evidence base around honey, here it is:

On an A/B/C/D/F scale of evidence, every single indication thus far has been rated Class C, which is described by the sentence: “Unclear scientific evidence for this use.” When I tried to backtrack their scientific evidence to do some of the reading for myself, I wound up hitting a database that required a subscription to access.  

Basically, we don’t have a clear understanding of its benefits or harms.

Now. We could go into the whole debate about herbal medicines, do any of them  work (spoiler alert: some work so well they get turned into medicines). I would really, really love to do a series of posts on herbalism and herbal medicine, but I’m not qualified to discuss them, and I would have to find an actual certified herbalist to weigh in on the subject. (There are also differences on allopathic/homeopathic mindsets to discuss first.)  

So the short and sweet (PUN!) answer on honey is: people use it. They will still use it after society falls down. It might work. It might not. If anything it may be useful for the placebo effect.  

Thanks so much for writing in with your experiences and bringing up a really good conversation!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Knock Knock




Cod grinned and leaned back on his captain’s chair, his long, thin, webbed feet flexing, the veins glowing in the faint reflected light of the nearby planet Stedna-III and, even more strongly, the emissions coming from the back of a much larger ship that they were approaching from behind. “He-he-heeeyyyy, Den’so! Long time no see? Why don’t you open up those doors and give little ol’ me some lovin’, what do you say? Maio’a wanted me to find out how that pass went!”

He bopped the large red button on the screen with one of his toes and it turned green as it cut off the signal and waited for a response. Twitching his ears, Cod smirked over at his second-in-command, Sadra, who was covering her face in exasperation as she stood just behind him. “What’s the matter, milady?”

“It’s a wonder anyone lets you on their ship. If I was Den’so, I’d destroy this ship and send you spinning into space.”

“Oh, save the formality lecture and go get this beast’s belly ready to open up wide!”

“Whatever you say, Khagan…”


H. Rap Brown Breaks down Politics of America on Like It Is w/ Gil Noble

HRB: Even if one of the Black candidates …were to take the office of President, then Black people must be prepared to fight against that person”

Interviewer (Gil Noble): Why?

HRB: “Because you see.. the system mandates the action of the individual. The individual does not determine how this country will function. This country works off the military industrial complex; which means that it’s profitable to wage war. And unless you you know devise another plan or another scheme to sustain or to boost this economy, then it’s going to necessary to wage war – whether you know,  a black individual is on office or a white individual in office. So we’re talking about a complete change in system”

That was from over 40 years ago…what has changed?

anonymous asked:

Why not add wild sardines to this diet? Sardines are low on the food chain, contain omega'3s, large amount of natural b12. I'm contemplating about whether to add sardines to my diet.

Fish are not a health food.
Fish are not health food. Please leave them in the ocean, lakes, and streams. In terms of your health: a muscle is a muscle is a muscle – whether it moves a limb, flaps a wing, or swishes a tail. Muscles consist of health damaging amounts of fat, protein, and cholesterol; mixed with infectious microbes and poisonous environmental chemicals.

Sardines along with most fish are teaming with parasites.

Its amazing how people fall for these marketing scams over & over again. New & Improved Cheerios with added Protein, Omega 3s, Whole Grains, Calcium, etc. Companies create these games by taking things we get plenty of, but are harmful in excess & make them look like essential selling points.

Why is omega3 such a huge thing, when no one cared before? What will the nutrient scam be for 2017? What happens everytime is that more interest leads to more study & we realize more = bad & what people need is enough & less of other stuff.

You will likely be shocked to find out Omega 3’s are not considered safe & have dangerous side effects:

Omega-3 may increase the risk of bleeding, particularly at doses of three grams daily or greater. Caution is advised in people with bleeding disorders or those taking drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding. Dosing adjustments may be necessary.

Omega-3 may affect blood sugar levels. Caution is advised in people with diabetes or hypoglycemia and in those taking drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar. Blood glucose levels may need to be monitored by a qualified healthcare professional, including a pharmacist, and medication adjustments may be necessary.

Omega-3 may cause low blood pressure. Caution is advised in people taking drugs or herbs and supplements that lower blood pressure.

Use cautiously in all people, as omega-3 may affect levels of cholesterol and may cause vitamin E deficiency.

Use cautiously in people who are at risk for hormone imbalance or those undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Use cautiously in people who have abnormal heart rhythms, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease, as worsened outcomes have been reported with omega-3 use.

Use cautiously in people with liver disease or those using agents that may be toxic to the liver. Changes in liver function tests have been reported with omega-3 use.

Use cautiously in people who are at risk for colon cancer. Fish oils may increase the risk of colon cancer.

Use cautiously in large amounts, as vitamin A and D toxicity may occur.

Use cautiously in children and in pregnant or breastfeeding women, due to the potential that fish meat may contain mercury.

Avoid fish-derived omega-3 supplements if allergic or sensitive to fish, fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acid products derived from fish. Avoid plant-derived omega-3 supplements if allergic or sensitive to nuts, seeds, or plants from which they are derived.

Omega-3 may also cause abnormal heart rhythm, abnormally high urination, acid reflux, anemia, anorexia, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, bloating, bloody urine, blurred vision, burping, cancer, changes in energy and physical activity (in infants whose mothers received supplementation), changes in homocysteine levels, the common cold, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, excess fat in the stool, fainting (in pregnant women at birth), a feeling of ants crawling on the skin, a feeling of burning or prickling, a feeling of lifelessness, fever, fishy hiccups, gas, headache, heart attack, hospitalization (chest pain, congestive heart failure, or nervous system problems), increased risk of stroke, indigestion, intolerance to capsule number or size, mania, memory problems, muscle pain or swelling, nausea, the need for surgery (coronary revascularization), nervous system toxicity, nosebleed, restlessness, sleep problems, sudden cardiac death, skin problems (irritation, itching, rashes), stomach pain, throat pain, tiredness, vomiting, and weight gain.

To reverse EFA deficiency a small amount of safflower oil can be rubbed on the skin.
So why do you think you are deficient? & why the fuck would you eat a fish? Stop listening to chicken littles on youtube. Get health information from Dr’s that have a track record of helping people.


3x03 Secondo

Hannibal Rising [book] - Prologue: Hannibal’s Memory Palace

The door to dr. Hannibal Lecter’s memory palace is in the darkness at the center of his mind and it has a latch that can be found by touch alone. This curious portal opens on immense and well-lit spaces, early baroque, and corridors and chambers rivaling in number those of the Topkapi Museum.
Everywhere there are exhibits, well-spaced and lighted, each keyed to memories that lead to othermemories in geometric progression.
Spaces Devoted To Hannibal Lecter’s earliest years differ from the other archives in being incomplete. Some are static scenes, fragmentary, like painted Attic shards held together by blank plaster. Other rooms hold sound and motion, great snakes wrestling and heaving in the dark and lit in flashes. Pleas and screaming fill some places on the grounds where Hannibal himself cannot go. But the corridors do not echo screaming, and there is music if you like.
DAY 3119

Jalsa, Mumbai                Oct 13/14,  2016                Thu/Fri  1:48 am

I need to work

I need to get up and learn 

I need to study the craft

I need to read the books that are unread 

I need to touch the depth of my Father’s writing 

I need to learn languages .. soon - Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, French and German

I must work

I must unravel all mysteries that come my way

I must work the art of art

I must work to organize my life

I must clear the backlog on my desk

I must read the mammoth bunch of scripts that have been given

I must teach

I must teach the rules and the laws to them that no not

I must strengthen my body

I must regulate my hours

I must educate myself on the business of computers and such

I must learn to play the piano

I must learn to play the sarod

I must record that which lies pending

I must gather all music for the poetry of HRB

I must read out HRB autobiography

I must put to tune his (HRB) works

I must be made aware of his (HRB) writings and works

I must translate that for others to understand in a language they speak

I must write

I must know the art of Chartered Accountants

I must work 

I must work harder

I have to work harder

I must be aware of left over work and its consequences

I must do a great deal more 

I must learn management

I must learn to prepare for tomorrow

I must build body and mind

I must

I must I must …

Amitabh Bachchan


Then the following formula may be of some assistance…Isaac…

MQ = ((D*RFO)^SoC)/((ToH+UC)*(WUM+HRB))


MQ = Madness Quotient

D = Delusional rating

RFO = Religious Fantasy Obsession content

SoC = Strength of Conviction rating

ToH = Threats of Hell issued against others, per week

UC = Unverifiable Claims made, per week

WUM = Wind Up Meetings attended, per week

 HRB =  Hours Reading Bible, per week

I love forehead kisses and holding hands more than I love anything else. I adore letters and poems and songs written straight from the heart. I stand tall and play like I’m strong but I’m just a weak little girl trying to be a woman. No one ever taught me to grow up or how to survive so I’m just learning to breathe in and out. I have panic attacks on a monthly basis and I refuse to use my inhaler for a single one of them, because I know if I just push myself I can be better. I can prove them all wrong. Some days I love the sun and I sit outside and read, other days I need the rain and a warm bed. I have moments where I want nothing more than comfort and love, and other ones where I can’t stand to look anyone in the eye. I have a cocky smirk that tells you I don’t give a damn, but I am terrified one day someone will look at me and realize just how much I do.
—  You made me forget who I am, so here I am trying to find out.