I just realised that Annabeth Chase has:

  • Been at Percy’s funeral, only to see him walk back into camp
  • Been by the coffin of her dead cousin, only to see Magnus walk in
  • Mourned Leo’s death, only for Leo to return…

Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Grover and Annabeth

Listen guys but we don’t focus on the friendship between Annabeth and Grover enough? Like other than Luke and Thalia, Grover is Annabeth’s oldest friend in the demigod world. They know each other so well

  • After Thalia becomes a tree, there’s a time when Luke becomes really distant and focused on training, shutting everything else out. Grover’s the only one Annabeth can talk to
  • Annabeth is the only one who’s always believed that Grover can be a searcher, since the beginning
    Like when the Council of Cloven Elders try and revoke his searcher’s license, she wants to throttle them, and she has to be stopped from doing so
  • Whenever Annabeth’s really, really upset about Luke during the titan war, it’s not Percy she goes to. It’s a complicated subject between them, but Grover understands, because who else would? 
  • Grover being the number one Percabeth shipper since the beginning, like I know Piper being a huge Percabeth shipper is funny and all, but let’s be real Grover’s the biggest
  • Annabeth going to Grover for advice when she first realised she had a crush on Percy because who else would she turn to?
  • When Percy and Annabeth start going out, Grover has separate talks with both of them making sure they don’t plan on hurting the other (even though he really knows he doesn’t need to, but he’s been waiting to do this for years)
  • Annabeth makes a super big effort to be friends with Juniper because she can tell he’s super important to Grover
  • Grover dragging Annabeth to wildlife conservation marches, and Annabeth getting super into it and creating big signs 
  • Annabeth and Grover having inside jokes from the good memories of their time on the run, referencing it 
  • Percy always rolling his eyes when they do so because why does he love these dorks?
  • When Percy and Annabeth sleep together for the first time, Grover totally realises and man, it’s mortifying for everyone involved
  • Whenever someone makes fun of Grover for being the Lord of the Wild because ‘he’s just a weak, runty, satyr loser!’ Annabeth goes mad
  • Percy usually stops her from getting into fights but this time he’s helping her
  • Imagine when Grover’s the best man at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, he not only tells a bunch of stories about Percy but also about Annabeth, because he has loads from when they were younger
  • Grover being the godfather of Percy and Annabeth’s child
  • Grover totally crying when he sees the baby for the first time
  • Annabeth working with Grover on how to make camp half-blood and camp jupiter greener 
  • Annabeth 100% making sure all the buildings she designs when she’s a leading architect are sustainable and environment-friendly, and you bet Grover’s so proud
  • Just
  • Grover and Annabeth’s friendship

I just realised that at some point Piper must have complained about having an actor for a parent to Jason

and Jason would wonder that maybe, if things had gone differently, he’d be complaining about the fact his parent was an actor too 

Drew Tanaka

There have been quite a few posts floating around my dash since I joined tumblr about Drew Tanaka, and her as a character. I’ve been resisting writing these character story headcanons for so long, but I couldn’t resist any longer. Thanks to @preatorpercy for being kind enough to read before I posted!! Hope you like!

  • Drew’s thirteen when she arrives at Camp
  • Her father died in a monster attack when she was eleven. A hellhound jumped out at them, and her father tried to defend them by fighting. He didn’t make it
  • Drew learnt that she didn’t like fighting after that, because a physical fight never went down well
  • She was soon claimed by Aphrodite, and she’s ecstatic because she has a parent again, and Aphrodite just fits
  • She’s taken into the cabin, and none other than Silena Beauregard, head counsellor, takes her under her wing
  • Drew idolises Silena
  • Because she’s everything a daughter of Aphrodite should be, right?
  • It turns out Drew has charmspeak, a fairly rare gift amongst Aphrodite kids
  • Everyone is impressed, and awed, and a little scared if they’re being honest
  • Drew starts to practise it with Silena, but she also promises Silena not to use it against anyone
  • Then the war comes
  • Beckendorf dies, and Silena becomes a wreck
  • Drew tries to comfort her, but she doesn’t know how, and she knows she can’t charmspeak Silena into making her feel better
  • She wonders, if love wrecks and ruins and hurts people, is it really worth it? Why is it so cruel?
  • When they go to New York, there’s a time when Silena’s sent back to camp to get the Ares cabin, and it’s Drew who is left in charge
  • She’s terrified, because she can’t lead her cabin mates, she can’t even fight
  • She ends up charmspeaking a monster into killing itself while calling out a battle cry
  • That’s when she realises truly how her charmspeak can be a weapon
  • Silena comes back, but Drew never gets to talk to her again
  • After her death, Drew throws herself into the battle, using her charmspeak to her full extent
  • It’s only after the battle ends, and they burn Silena’s shroud, that Drew starts crying, because all the pent up emotions in her, sadness and despair and desperation, and rage, pure, pure, rage, explode in her
  • She ends up on the beach, sobbing
  • She knows the truth: love killed Silena
  • Her crush on Luke, her true love for Beckendorf
  • Drew had heard whispers that Aphrodite kids were meant to break hearts, not fall in love
  • And to Drew, that seems so much easier than what Silena went through, because love isn’t good if it took Silena away from her
  • And Drew realises she’s angry at Silena
  • Silena was a spy against Camp, even while Drew was there? Drew had thought she had known Silena
  • The next day, Drew, now head counsellor, walks into the cabin and tells the Aphrodite cabin things are going to change around here
  • She starts referring to Silena as a traitor, nothing else, because she can’t bear to think of Silena as anything else, not anymore
  • It’s all too painful, and Drew is going to remove any reminders of it
  • There’s no chance her siblings will fall into the trap of love again
  • And then Piper comes
  • Piper, the girl with charmspeak, the girl who Jason seems to have a crush on, the girl who gets to go on the quest, who her siblings actually like
  • Drew hates her
  • She’s everything Drew could have been, and everything Drew will never be
  • When Piper takes over as head counsellor, and none of her siblings, the people she’s known for years, speak up, Drew realises there’s no one here for her
  • She withdraws into herself, merely an observer
  • The war with Gaia comes and goes, Piper taking a lead
  • It’s afterwards, when Drew once more sees funeral shrouds being burnt, that Drew feels another pang in her heart
  • It’s only weeks later, when people are starting to heal, and everyone seems to be returning to normal life except Drew, when she breaks down
  • Somehow she ends up crying on that beach again
  • Because she doesn’t want to be the person disliked by her siblings, she doesn’t want to be the person who tried to break people’s hearts, she doesn’t want to be the person to use charmspeak against people’s wishes, she doesn’t want to be the person she has become
  • She wishes she could be that little girl again, who Silena cared for
  • Eventually, someone finds her lying on the sand
  • It’s none other than Piper
  • Drew finally tells everything to Piper, because why does it matter anymore?
  • Piper’s shocked
  • Slowly, she pulls Drew towards her, trying to comfort her
  • “I just want to be a daughter of Aphrodite again,” Drew whispers. “I just want to be Silena’s sister.”
  • Piper doesn’t even need to respond, because they both hear the voice in the wind
  • It could be Aphrodite, it could even be Silena, but whoever it is, the message is the same
  • “You can be,” the voice says. “You are.”
  • For some reason, Piper and Drew get along better after that, much to the mystery of others
  • Slowly, Piper helps Drew change, return to normal. Piper actually enjoys having a sister
  • It takes time, but Drew heals, with the help of those around her
  • Every year, Drew takes flowers to a certain grave, and lays them on the ground
  • It’s a reminder of who she was, and who she is, and who she hopes to be
  • “Thank you, Silena”