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Stop that wedding! (HR Wells x reader x Harry Wells) part 1/?


Anonymous  requested: Thank you for writing the HR imagine I love it! If you want to write a part two where they are married and maybe a jealous Harry? Anyways thank you for writing my request😘

I want to try something new, so I chose to make this imagine in parts because i want it to be interactive. I want you to choose what will happen, which path you want and let me know what number you chose. That will determinate the ending.

So instead of the two of you already married, the two are getting married and Jess wants to break the two of you up and Harry is even more of a douche jealous. What will you choose?

Sequel to this ( read before reading this one)

Hope you enjoy!

Part1 (here you are!)  Part2  Part3 Part4  Part5  Part6

In a few weeks you would become (y/n) Wells.

Oh god, you where sooo happy!

HR was as happy as you.

The team was happy for you and all, but seriously since you two became engaged…

Let’s say you became more touchy feely.


Poor Cisco, became scarred for life.

You asked Caitlin and Iris if they would become your bridesmaids. They said yes, a thousand time yes. And in a few seconds they digievolved in your wedding planners.

They decided everything for you.

The color of the wedding? Their choice

Your flowers? Theirs

But then, HR decided he wanted in too.

And things got worse.

“(Y/N)! What do you want the flowers in the tables to be like?” Iris asked.

“Oh, well I like (f/f).” You answered.

“Hmmm, not a bad choice but …OH I KNOW! (f/f) and (second f/f)! They represent us so nicely! What do you say, dear?”

“I like it.” You smiled.

“Now, I think a nice wedding in the beach would be awesome.” Caitlin got out of nowhere some pics of weddings in beaches. Iris frowned.

“No, it would get to sandy. I think a nice wedding in a beautiful forest, with flowers all around and the sunset as a background would be so cute.” She sighed.

“I like your idea, Iris! But what if we could have the two?”

“How?!” Caitlin and Iris asked.

HR began explaining about a place he knew but you slipped away and went to Cisco, Barry and Wally, who were playing cards. You sat next to Barry, tired.

“They drained you already?” Cisco smirked and you sighed.

“They seem more excited about my wedding that me” Wally, who was next to you pated your head.

“There, there. It’s the first time one of their best friends marries. And you made them bridesmaids. It their wedding as much as it is yours”

“I can’t even imagine when you go choose a wedding dress” Barry whistled. Your eyes widened

“Oh god.”


“I want to go to choose the dress with youu!” HR whined.

“It’s bad luck! HR” Iris said “You want to start your marriage with bad luck?”

“no” HR mumbled.

“You stay here, and go with Cisco and Barry to train”

“okay. But whatever you chose I know you will be beautiful, (y/n)” HR kissed you passionately.” God, you’re sure you have to go now?” HR groaned, his hips on yours. You laughed as Iris, Caitlin and the boys gagged.

“EWWW! “



You and HR where making the guest list, HR talked animatedly and you only nodded. HR saw it and asked:

“What’s wrong, my love?”

“I-I  want to invite Harry and Jess.”

“…” HR thought for a moment before he got an idea. “Why don’t you use what I used to send my hologram resume?”

“I can?” You asked

“Of course, dear. I’ll help you!”

“I love you,HR” You smiled kissing him slowly.

“I love you too!” HR’s kissed became heated until clothes meet the floor.



Jess entered Harry’s lab with a smile in her face, shouting happily that they got a message from you. Jess gave it to Harry and his s eyes widened before a smile broke on his face.

He had been waiting for you to reach him. He wanted to have a reason to return and confess his feelings. Jess who knew of his feelings and approved of them insisted on staying. That way Harry would be happy with you and she could work and train with the team.

But nooo

They had to return to Earth 2.

“What are you waiting for? Open it, dad!” Jess hurried

Harry opened it and a Hologram of you appeared.

Harry smiled lovingly at your figure. Jess looked at his dad, happy.

Suddenly another Harrison appeared on the hologram with you, he smiled and grabbed your hand. You smiled back before starting to speak.

“Hello, Jess. Hello, Harry.

HR and I would like you to invite you to our wedding the first day of March. “As the message played Harry’s smile disappeared and pain embraced his heart.

First he lost his wife and now

He lost you.

The only thing in the world beside his daughter he loved with all his being.

Jess who saw her dad’s pain grabbed his hand.

“Also, Jess I would love if you became my bridesmaid. In the short time I know you you’ve become like my daughter. I would be honored if you said yes” Your hologram smiled lovingly and Jess eyes clouded with tears. Harry hugged his daughter, she was as heartbroken as him. Knowing that you also considered her your daughter brought happy tears to her eyes but they soon became sad at the fact that you here marrying another Harrison Wells that wasn’t her dad.

Suddenly HR spoke happily.

“I would like if you, Harry would become my best man! You know, us Harrison have stay together! Haha”

Harry’s eyes narrowed. He knew he wasn’t going to like him.

“no way. I won’t become his “best man”!”

Jess eyes keep looking at you happy figure. She was happy for you, but she wanted you to be happy with them, in Earth 2.

Was that to selfish?

“So we would be very happy to see you soon on Earth 1! The team and I have missed you tremendously. Lots of love and kisses” You send their way kisses as HR imitated your gesture.

The two of you looked at each other before saying:

“Yours truly

HR Wells “he said “and (Y/N) (L/N)-Wells.” You said and the hologram shut down

Jess and Harry looked at the ground, sad.

They felt that you were marrying the wrong Harrison Wells.

“We shouldn’t go.” Harry said. Jess turned toward her father.

“No way!  We should totally go!” Jess said

“I can’t see her with-with that imposter!”

“Then we should show her who the better Harrison is! He lied to them once, he must have other secrets! We could break the up!” Jess planed.

“I don’t want to hurt her, Jess. I love her, and if she chose him I’ll support her, even if it kills me inside.”

“Dad…” Jess mumbled as Harry went to search for his bag.

Her dad maybe didn’t want to break you up, but she will sure try to do it.


“They’re here!” Cisco said.

“(y/N)! Barry! Guys!” Jess yelled before hugging you, pushing HR away of you.

“Jess, I missed you!” she smiled before going to Barry and the rest.

“Harry!” You hugged him. Harry hugged you tightly, his face leaned on your head.

“I missed you, (y/n). So much.”

“I think you know each other already” You said gesturing to HR, who came to you and stick his hand out to Harry to shake. They shook hands but it was tense and if looks would kill there won’t be any Harrison Wells, anymore.

“Nice to see you again” Harry said so icily that Captain Cold would be proud.

“Likewise” HR ‘s smile was tense and his eyes glared at Harry.

The two of them were aware that Harry has got feelings for you, and the two of them felt threatened and jealous of one another.


“So tell me, you’ve got a dress already?” Jess asked you. The girls were having a sleepover at your place. HR was with the guys in the lab, working in something he didn’t want to tell you, he said it was a “surprise”.

“I don’t. I-”

 Iris interrupted you

“She wanted to wait for you to go choose our dresses. So now that you are here… Tomorrow we go in a perfect bride dress search!”

“YEAH” All the girls said.


You decided to let the girls pick one dress for you.

Bad idea, (y/n)

“What do you think of this one?” You said as you came out of the changingroom with a puffy dress with puffy sleeves.

Caitlin and Iris frowned. They thought it would look better on you, but no.

“…no, then?” You said looking at their horryfied faces.

They shook their heads no.

“Try another!” They pushed you toward the changing room.

A few minutes later you came out in a trumpet styled dress with  
Rhinestones on the hip.

“How about this one?”

“I like this one!” Caitlin said. This one was totally the one she picked out for you.

Iris frowned.

“I don’t like it.”

“It’s because it isn’t your choice” Caitlin said

“Try mine!” Jess now pushed you towards the changing room.

10 min after you got out of there with a mermaid style dress with embroided diamonds and that suited your body perfectly. A long veil with a simple tiara adorned your head.

The girls’ breath stopped.

“If you weren’t my engaged best friend I  would marry you right now” Caitlin said, flabergasted.

“I would totally marry you too” Iris said. 

“I know for a fact, that my dad’s mouth will fall to the ground whe he sees you. He already drools for you dressed casually.” Jess said High-fiving herself in her head for chosing this one for you.

“Jess, don’t say silly things.” You smiled at her, thinking that she was just kidding.

“Girls, I think i got my dress!!” You said happily, all of the girls cheered and hugged you. All of you ignorant to Jess plan and a shadow that had been following you at high speed.


The next time all of you had dinner together… let’s say it was awkward.

Part 2 of Jess plan in action!

AKA Make her dad jealous.

“Have you seen them, dad? She looks so happy with him. Imagine how could have it endend if you wooed her before and she came with us to earth 2.”

“….” Harry’s eyes were following you, as you kissed HR, as you hugged HR, as HR gave you of his food and whispered dirty things in your ear, making you blush.

Those should have been HIS dirty things.

Jess saw her dad’s anger leavel increasing and smirked.

“I wonder if they will have children…” Jess whispered looking at her dad.” I know if you had married her, I’ll be having a little sis/bro by now.”

“…”Harry’s eyes narrowed more as HR licked a bit of your food out of your cheek.

“They will make love to one another and then the fruit of their love will result in a bundle of joy that will look like her and you, because HR and you look the same. But it won’t be yours, he/she will call you uncle Harry, and you’ll look at their family wishing you would have confessed your undiying feelings for her.”

But the icing on the cake came when HR asked Harry a question.

And Harry like a good jealous douche answered insulting HR.

“I don’t know why you chose a man that dresses like that, (y/n)” Harry said, looking at HR’s choice of clothing.”You could do much better.”

“You say that because you don’t have any fashion sense whatsoever!” HR smirked looking at Harry’s clothes.

“At least I’m a genius scientific. What are you exactly?”

HR growled.

“Oh, right. You are an average copy of me.” Harry smirked.

“You little-“

“STOP THE TWO OF YOU!” You hit the table and everyone looks at you.” Harry, a word please.”

Harry got up from his chair and followed you. Once you were far enough for the team not to eavesdrop, you sighed.

“What’s gotten into you?! You’ve been acting like a jackass! Far more than usual. It’s as if you’re-“You looked at Harry, eyes wide. Harry looked down.

“Jealous…” you whispered.

“…” Silence filled the room as the two of you looked at each other, daring at each other to say something.

“…What if I am?” Harry whispered

“Harry, what-“


You where flabbergasted.

What are you going to say,(y/n)?

To be continued…

(What will your answer be?)

* 1) Run away.

*2) Kiss him.

*3) Say that you love HR and that he lost you the moment he leaved to go back to Earth 2.

House (HR Wells x Reader)

Note: I’m currently working on those request, I wrote this a while back and I figured I’d post it now since I haven’t posted lately.

Summary: Cisco makes a comment about how Team Flash is like a family. But who plays what roles?


“No, I’m not!” You screeched at Cisco. He chuckled sinking back in his chair. “Oh yes, you are.” He shifted to high five Barry. “Oh yeah well your like the family house cat and Barry’s the gay best friend!” You retorted as Barry’s laughter stopped abruptly, grin disappearing. Cisco continued to laugh and pointed at Barry.

“Seriously!” Barry asked. “Is that really what you imagine me as?” You both nodded. Barry sighed in astonishment before turning back to you. Quickly regaining his confidence, he spoke victoriously. “Yeah well, I’d sooner be the gay best friend then be the constantly horny dad.” Palms clenching into  fists, as you stomped your foot. “I’m not horny!” You shouted as Caitlin, Harry, and HR strolled into the Cortex.

Caitlin arched an eyebrow. “What ya’ talking about?” She quizzed, worried the answer would be revolting. Cisco swirled around in his chair to face her. “If Team Flash was a family, Y/N would be the player father, you would be her sixteen-year-old daughter, Barry’s your gay best friend, HR’s your Mom, and Y/N’s innocent house wife. I’m the house cat, Harry’s the single mom next door who’s always flirting and trying to get in Y/N’s pants.” Both HR and Harry’s head snapped in Cisco’s direction.

“I’m Y/N’s side hoe?” “We’re married?” They asked in unison.
Cisco nodded, a wide grin stretching across his face. “Now you’re getting it.”


Request:  Could I ask for a Christmas request with H.R. & reader, where his Christmas traditions are very different from E-1 things, and he’s feeling homesick & the reader tries to make him feel better - whether by doing one of his traditions or involving him in a E-1 tradition? Thank you so much!

“So,” you interrupt the silence, dragging H.R.’s attention away from the coffee machine and towards you as you lean casually against the frame of the doorway, from where you had been watching him. “You want to tell me what’s wrong?”

With a hesitant smile, H.R. attempts to appear his usual charismatic self, his normally enthusiastic grin unable to reach his eyes as he takes a sip from his mug. “That would mean something’s wrong,” he begins to rattle off. “As I am not aware of what might be wrong, I can’t exactly answer that question. Of course, if you were to perhaps prompt me, maybe I would know what you’re talking about.”

With a light roll of your eyes you hesitantly make your way towards the new member of the team.

“H.R.,” you start, your voice soft as you offer an empathetic smile. “You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet, hell, I’ve barely seen you around at all these past few days, no one has. So, want to try that again?”

With a sad sigh, H.R. places his mug down in front of him, his gaze falling to the ground as he struggles to find the right words. “Christmas, here, it’s not like on my Earth,” he admits, his tone softer than you had ever heard it before, almost causing you to step forward simply so that you might have a better chance at hearing him.

“I mean,” he quickly cuts in before you have a chance, his head shaking as he begins to correct himself. “The fundamentals are the same. It’s a time of family and friends, a time of good cheer. But that’s it. Even the colours are different, here it’s all green and gold, where I’m from it’s all about white and blue…”

“You miss home,” you surmise, your hand reaching out to gently rub comforting patterns against his arm as he subconsciously leans into your touch.

“It’s odd,” he admits with a nod. “I don’t even have that many people to miss, I guess I miss feeling wanted…”

Pulling your hand away, you step in front of the sullen man, using a finger to pull his face upwards until his eyes meet yours. “You are wanted here, H.R.. I know we haven’t been the best welcoming committee, but you are part of this team, part of this family. Do you really think I’d be down here if you weren’t?”

An unconvincing chuckle falls from his lips at your words, his sights setting once more on the ground as he shakes his head from your grip. “Don’t worry about me,” he speaks, his tone not half as strong as he might have hoped.

“Too late,” you reply softly, wrapping an arm around his as you begin to pull him towards the doorway. “Come on, we have a lab to turn blue and white!”

Pushy (HR x Reader) Imagines - [PART I]


Contains slight smut, nothing too explicit…
It’s been weeks since you and HR started going out, and he’s been really pushy about having sex…

Keep reading


She has the foresight to set up call forwarding so she doesn’t miss out on the cases that get called in directly to his home number. For her trouble, she’s rewarded by her phone ringing at 6:00 on Monday morning.


“Er… hello, I’m looking for Agent Mulder?”

“He’s on a leave of absence.” She’s glad she thought to practice that one; she almost manages to get it out without her voice cracking. “This is his partner, Dana Scully. What can I help you with?”

“This is Agent Marley Sampson at the Salt Lake City field office. Local authorities up in Burley, Idaho just called in a murder, and it sounds like a pretty weird one.”

Okay. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. She can do this.

“All right, Agent Sampson. What can you tell me about it?”

“You’re… you’re Agent Mulder’s partner, you say? Do you mind giving me your badge number?”

She stifles a yawn and tries not to be offended. It’s reasonable protocol; the Bureau isn’t exactly thrilled about sharing case information with civilians. Still, she might need to do something about the fact that Mulder’s name is the only one that comes up in the directory when agents need to contact the X-Files.

“It’s JTTO331613. Do you mind giving me yours, Agent Sampson?” she asks, purely on principle. He’s the one giving her information, after all, but it’s worth making the point that she doesn’t know who he is, either.

“Uh, sure. Let me just…” She can hear him typing over the phone, no doubt verifying that her badge number matches the name she has given him. “Right, thanks for your cooperation, Agent Scully. My badge number is JTTO347922.”

She grabs the notepad and paper from her bedside table and jots it down. “Thank you. Now, you were saying?”

“Older couple, murdered in their home, no sign of forced entry. Actually, the husband was killed on the front porch, real violent. Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t find an obvious weapon, said it looked like the man had been attacked by an animal. Lots of bite wounds.”

But if they thought it was really an animal, they wouldn’t be calling you, Mulder’s voice in her head chimes in.

She frowns. I know that, Mulder. I’ve got this.

“But it didn’t entirely look like an animal attack, either?”

“That’s the thing. Usually with something like a wolf or a mountain lion, you would expect to see a lot more destruction inside the house, where the wife was attacked. Also things like tracks, scat, fur and the like. There wasn’t any of that.”

“So no obvious weapon, but very violent deaths. Inconclusive evidence for either a human- or animal-perpetrated attack.”

“Exactly. The local LEOs are stumped, but the way it sounds… Well, I’m just not sure we’ll have any more luck than they’ve had. I figured Agent Mulder might have the sort of expertise needed for this case. But if he’s on leave, I guess we can–”

“I’ll get a flight out this morning,” she interrupts. “If you would email me copies of the crime scene photographs and any other information you have about the case, I would appreciate it.”

“Sure thing. I’ll have the Sheriff’s office pass that along directly.”

“Thank you. You can reach me on my cell number if there are any developments.” Thank goodness for electronic directories.

“Will do. Thanks for your help, Agent Scully.”

“You’re welcome, Agent Sampson.”

She hangs up the phone and rubs her eyes. She didn’t sleep very well, and her alarm’s not even supposed to go off for another half hour, so she is in for a challenging day. Ultimately, though, it’s good they have a case right away; at least she and Agent Doggett won’t spend their first day working together just sitting awkwardly around the office.

You’re gonna treat him to a slide show at least, right? her mental Mulder proxy offers.

Scully grimaces. Shut up, Mulder. It’s a complicated thing, being hurt and angry with him for keeping his illness from her, while also missing him so badly that it’s hard to breathe sometimes.

But yes. As soon as the email with the crime scene photos comes through, she will forward it to the imaging lab and call in a request to have the photos converted to slides. It would feel wrong not to.

With a groan, she gets up out of bed. These travel arrangements won’t make themselves.

I love you. (HR Wells x reader)

Hi there! First HR imagine ever! Hope you like it!

Prompt: Imagine being the only one that’s truly nice to HR wells & when someone becomes rude towards him U literally fight them/stick up for him. You invite him to live at your house you being completely oblivious to your feelings towards him. Maybe he’s the one to make the first move one night at your house or lab things get heated from there & admit each other’s feelings. Something like that really fluffy & cute :) maybe even from his point of view how he sees you or something up to you. Thank you :)

Requested by Anonymous,

“Greetings Earthlings” Said the new Harrison Cisco, Caitlin and Harry chose (well Harry rejected him, but he got chosen anyway). Everyone looked at him weirdly.

“I don’t talk like that, heh. I was joking.” He said, you found his joke funny and snorted. Making your friends look at you, HR looked at you too and smiled at you charmingly. Harry looked at the two of you and glared.

Jesse and Harry said their goodbyes, and before going Harry hugged you, whispering in your ear.

“I don’t trust him, (y/n). Keep an eye on him for me, okay?”

“Okay. Goodbye Harry, I’m going to miss you. Even if you are an asshole sometimes.”

“I’ll miss you too. You know how to reach me, if something goes horribly wrong.”

You hugged Jesse and the two took off. But before being suctioned by the portal, Harry tried to say something but nobody hear what he said. HR joked about what he was trying to say. But no one thought it was funny.

“So, do you have a Big belly burger on earth 1?” HR asked.

“Some things never change…”


“Where will he stay?” You asked.

“Harry stayed here.” Cisco said. “ But I’m not sure of letting him alone here….”

“And what do you suggest?” Wally asked.

“He can come with me.” You said “ I can keep an eye on him”

“You’re sure, (y/n)? “ Barry asked.

“Yes don’t worry”


Everyone had already leaved when HR approached you with a charming smile.

“How come you are still here, Miss (y/n)?”

“I volunteered myself to take you in. You can stay with me in my home or stay here alone.”

“I would never deny a beautiful girl” He kissed your hand and smiled cheekily.

You laughed, he was cute.

“What are we waiting for! LET’S GO!”

“Okay, okay” You laughed as HR started pulling you towards the exit.


Days passed and the team found out that this Harrison Wells knew nothing about science.  Cisco refused to trust HR, and Wally called him a conman. He tried to persuade the team that he can be of some use to them, suggesting ideas, acting as their “muse”, and taking part in the adventures so that he could later write a book about them.

You were disappointed. All of you were. After HR pleaded for them to let him stay and help, Barry allowed HR to stay for some time and try to prove his worth as a teammate, before going back to Earth Nineteen.

You were the most disappointed of all, you even felt a bit betrayed even.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. I-I didn’t want to disappoint you… But I assure you I can be useful!”

“I …I know you are useful, HR. You may not be as good in science as the other Harrison, but you have charisma and you are a skilled trainer and leader. You don’t have to prove it to me. It doesn’t matter what the other say, HR. I trust you”

HR smiled at you and your heart fluttered. A warm feeling pooled in your belly.


(Y/n) was really nice. She was the only one who really made me feel welcomed. I think I’m in love with her.

But really,

Who wouldn’t?

With her beautiful (e/c) eyes, those luscious pink lips, her silky (h/c) locks and that sexy body.


She turned me on so much.

It’s hell on earth since I’ve been living with her. Seeing her in pajamas, and bumping with her in the bathroom, only a towel covering her body.

Gotta say, I needed to “ take care of a problem”  after the incident.

If you know what I mean.

Also, seeing her panties and bras in the hamper… I t made warm pool in my tummy.

God, (y/n) what are you doing to me?


“So, what  movie you want to see?”

“This one! I haven’t seen this on earth 19” sais HR, Titanic in hand.

“Titanic? You’ve never seen Titanic?!”

“No, what’s it’s plot?”´

“You don’t have a Titanic in earth 19??”


“L-let’s just see the movie” You played the movie.

2 hours later and you were sobbing in HR’s neck as he sobbed in your hair, in the TV, Rose was talking with Jack as he died of hypothermia.

“IN THAT TABLE IS ENOUGH SPACE FOR TWO!!!!!” You sobbed as Jack sank in the blue freezing waters.

“Shhh,(y/n). It’s just a movie.”




Sob after sob the two of you fell asleep, your head on his chest and his over yours. His arm made its way toward your waist and yours hugged him.


As I waked up a sweet aroma overpowered my nose, a warm body was hugging me. As I looked down I saw the prettiest sight of my life, (y/n) was sleeping in my chest, her warm breath tickled me and her hair made a beautiful (h/c) halo around her adorable face. Her rosy cheeks and her half open lips looked glossy.

I had the need to kiss her.


Okay, okay

Do more than just kiss her.

“HR?” She said with her adorable i-just-wake-up voice. Her eyes half opened and sleepy giving her a childish look.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Make me breakfast”  She rubbed her cute little eyes.” Please.”

“Alright, dear. Just let me hug you a bit more”


Somethings wrong with you.

You keep having these weird reactions toward HR, like blushing, sweating, butterflies in your tummy…

You talked with Caitlin and Iris about it, they said that you probably were in love with that person.


YOU in love with HR??

HA! That’s not possible.



Today is the day!

I’m going to tell (y/n) how I feel.

I think she loves me too.

I hope she loves me too.

Today I leaved our house before her and went to local florist, obviously with Randolf Morgan’s appearance. I don’t want to get shot.

I bought (f/f) and in the way towards the lab I stopped at (y/n)’s favorite coffee shop and bought a (f/d) for her and a coffee for me.

Ahh I just hope this will go well!


“Where is HR?” Cisco asked you and you raised an eyebrow.

“I thought he was already here. He left before I did.”

“Well, It doesn’t matter. We need to do a quick visit to Star city. Do you wanna come?” Barry asked

“No, don’t worry. I’ll stay here, I got a lot of work.”

“You don’t want to see Roy.”

“NO, it’s not that! What we had is long over. He knows it as I do. I just don’t feel like going to Star city today.”

“Okay, (n/n).  We will be back Wednesday morning.” Barry said.

“Bye, (n/n)! Stay safe!” Cisco said and in a moment they were gone.

As you sat down HR entered the lab, flowers and coffee in hand.

“(y/n)!!! I got a present for youuu!” HR said happily, he gave you the (f/f).

“F-For me? HR you shouldn’t have!” The silly smile made its way to your lips. You kissed  HR’s cheek and he blushed, smiling from ear to ear.

HR gave you the (f/d) and you sipped it happily. HR smiling at you, a twinkle in his eyes. The two of you finished your drinks.

As you sighed happily a moustache of cream from your (f/d), HR looked at you a lustful gleam in his eyes, tongue licking his lips.

“What’s wrong HR?” You asked adorably and HR’s self-control snapped.

Moist lips clashed against yours and HR hands cupped your face, you after coming down from your surprise raised your hands until they hugged HR’s neck.

His tongue licked the cream from your face and you let a breath escape, HR took advantage of this and his tongue explored your mouth, making it HR’s. Your hands went down until you could pinch HR’s butt. He let a moan escape surprised.

Your eyes didn’t leave each other, he smiled lovingly and caressed your cheek.

“I love you,(y/N). I’m in love with you. You’re the only one nice to me and I fell for your adorable self. “

“I love you too, HR” Now you smashed your lips together. Your tongue exploring now HR’s mouth and making it your own.

“The team won’t be back until Wednesday morning.” You smirked and took your shirt off. “ Wanna be bad?” You winked.

“F*CK YEAH!” HR took his own shirt off and kissed you desperately. Clothes flied and fell to the ground meanwhile you two love each other with your hands, mouths and souls.

Since that passionate night the two became a couple, to the surprise of everyone. HR was the most loving boyfriend you ever had. Every day you would wake up with breakfast in bed and after that you two would love each other like the first time.

One morning you waked up to a note in your bedside table, you smiled at HR’s antics and read the note.


Riddles? What is HR thinking?

You saw the bathroom door ajar and went there. In the mirror your reflection looked at you and in the center of the mirror a note was glued.


The living room! You got dressed in a moment and went towards the living room, where a note was stuck on the TV with the most famous scene of Titanic frozen on the tv. You smiled at his cheekiness.

Man, you loved him so much.

You grabbed the note and turned the TV off.


Is he referring to your wild night in the Lab? Where you confessed and made love? Did he want you to go to the Lab?

You grabbed your keys and your car and went to the lab.

“Hello?” You yelled but no one answered. You saw a rose petal path and a note that said.


You followed the path that leads you toward the Lab. When you entered the Lab you saw the rose petal path end and there saw HR knelt in front of you, a note in his forehead and a velvet box in his hands. Your eyes flood with tears of happiness and you grabbed the note first.

“I love you, (y/n). You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I want to get older beside you, start a family with you, I want to live my life with you. Without you I am not complete.


Will you marry me?”

HR opened the box and a beautiful ring was inside he smiled at you and said

“Will you make me the happiest Harrison of all the alternative earths?”

You kissed him passionately as the two fell to the ground, kissing and laughing.

HR put the ring on your finger and kissed your hand then your neck until his lips sealed with yours.

All your team came out of their secrets hiding places and cheered making you two laughing at their antics.

You two shared a loving kiss.

“I love you HR Wells”

“I love you (y/n) Wells”

The end?

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Dating Harry Would Include...

- Harry not wanting to be affectionate during work.

- Constantly being bothered by HR. Who’s only doing it to mess with Harry.

- Cisco asking you why you like him.

- Telling Harry, “I love your eyes,” Which he responds with, “I know.” A small smirk or smile.

- Calling yourself short and Harry not seeing your height as a problem.

- Telling Harry to “Guess what’s for dinner?” And he smiles already knowing but answers anyway. “Burgers?”

- Making Harry watch romance movies with you even though you both hate them.

- You just want an excuse to cuddle with him.

- Giving HR hugs and Harry gets jealous but then thinks about it and realizes that he’s jealous of himself. And then thinks “Wtf has my life become?”

- You hating coffee which is a major turn off for HR, when you told him the breaking news he left you alone for the rest of the day To:“Rethink your friendship.”

- Which makes Harry so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling that day.

- Harry being really nervous to tell you he’s got a kid,

- And you tell him that it’s not a big deal and not to worry, cause you already knew abut Jesse.

- Even though you’re from Earth-1, you go live with him on Earth-2.

- Wearing Harry’s clothes to work just because you feel like it.

- You trying to cook him dinner for once.

- And failing, burning the pasta.

- Waking up in his bed and trying to go to the bathroom but he won’t let go of your waist.

- Getting into really heated arguments over random stuff, “I said no tomatoes, Harrison!” “Oh! Sorry, next time I’ll watch them make it!” (Yes, you’re talking about burgers.)

- Your the couple that’s not afraid to argue in front of people.

- Sometimes Team Flash gets concerned/Scared when the two of you fight.

- You fight right in front of them. (Sometimes.)

- You both have short and bad tempers.

- Things escalate quickly.

- Sometimes mid-fight Harry throws something on the floor. Which you respond with, “This is why we can’t have nice things!” (This has happened in front of the team, causing Cisco to laugh and try to cover it up as a cough.)

- Sometimes (Mostly you.) will slam Harry into a wall to shut him up.

- It works, but sometimes it backfires and you’re gripping his jacket just right and lean in. Pulling him towards your face.

- Heavy and heated make out sessions.

- Cisco has walked in on these. Unfortunately.

- Cisco covers his eyes immediately and says “He’s scarred for life.” or “He can’t un-see that.” or “Why didn’t I vibe this before?” and then walks out.

- You and Harry both being hard headed so when you finish fighting neither of you says, “Sorry.”

- You just pretend it never happened.

- Harry making you watch movies full of blood and guts trying to scare you, so you’ll crawl into his lap.

- It doesn’t work.

- You waking up early and going to S.T.A.R Labs just to crawl into his bed from nightmares that you rarely get.

- Harry being over protective.

- The first time you woke up in Harry’s bed you ask, “Did we…”

- Harry honestly not knowing what you were talking about. “Did we, what?“He asked groggily. “You know?” You made hand motions.

- Neither of you knows the answer.

- Both have massive hangovers from the night before.

- Teasing him at work. Like slurping your drink… what did you think you, perv?

- Jokingly ask Harry if he can you come down to Earth so you can kiss him.

- Harry not understanding the joke ask, “What?” And you say, “Your tall and I’m not jumping.”

- Harry looks at you questioningly, “You’re not that short. Just four inches shorter than me.”

- “I know I just like messing with you.” You smile.

- Telling Harry that you might be pregnant.

- Harry freaking out. “What!”

- “Haha! April fools bitch!”

- Harry getting made for a few minutes because he wasn’t ready to have another kid.

- Harry telling you, “You’d look great in a short dress, you should wear one.”

- Harry secretly loves your legs.

- Your roll your eyes. “Sure and I’ll ride on a unicorn’s back.”

- Finally wearing a dress but with leggings because of your self-conscious about them.

- Looking through his clothes, and finding a mini pulse gun in his boxers drawers.

- You were like, “What the front doors?”

- Calling him affectionate names to throw him off his game at work.

- It causes him to be a sputtering mess. (Infront of everyone.)

- He blushes slightly, from the attention he’s getting.

- He doesn’t like to admit it but he has a slight praise kink. (Likes being called a “Good Boy”. Seeking approval from their significant other.)

- Which you know about.

- You secretly love it.

- He like when you pet his hair.

- His face gets super red.

- He falls asleep (sometimes) when you do it for a few minutes.

- Telling Harry too, “Talk nerdy to me.” And he responds with, “You did not just…”

- You smirk. “I did.”

- “You know what would look great on you.” You smiled. “What?” “HR’s hat.”

- Harry ignores you for the rest of the day.

- “I was joking!” You groaned chasing after him down the hallway.

- “Not funny.” He grits his teeth together.

- “I was gonna say your body on mine, but I didn’t wanna get you excited at work. So I changed it at the last minute.” You defend.

- You wanting to have fun, “Let’s drink.” Harry: “I’m doing science right now.”

- Pout till he stops working.

- Sometimes you can’t wait so you stand in front of his work till he agrees to go out with you.

- “Do you ever brush your hair?”

- Smirking, “Are you complaining?” Blinks twice. “No.”

- Before you go to sleep in each other’s arms you say, “Sweet dreams.” Harry: “Only if you’re in them.” He kisses the top of your head. Your arm over his chest, head on his arm.


“We should be getting back to work.” Y/N murmurs, but it’s evident in their voice that they, in fact, did not want to get back to work. The quietness in their voice made HR chuckle. He wasn’t too keen on going back to work either. Having Y/N in his arms was the best thing he had experienced on this “Earth-One”.

“Just another minute.” He insisted. And One became two. Then Three. Four. Five.

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Pairing: Barry x Iris; Barry x Reader

Warnings: death

Words: 2293

Iris snaked her arms around Barry and stepped closer to her. Their foreheads touched, a smile playing on both of their lips. He didn’t want to let go of this moment, but he knew he had to get going and he was positive she knew that, too, yet she wasn’t letting go. Then again… neither was he.

“Alright, you two,” Cisco declared. “This meta isn’t going to stop itself.”

Iris pouted for a brief moment before tipping her head to connect her lips to Barry’s, the kiss deep and warm, and it sent chills up Barry’s spine. She pulled away from him and he was very tempted to pull her back in, but Cisco’s voice came up once again and he was turning his back on her.

“You have to run at Mach 2, Barry, in order to take down this monster,” Cisco stated. “Otherwise… well, I’ll see you at your funeral.” The engineer patted the speedster’s shoulder and Barry rolled his eyes.

“I can do this,” Barry assured, pulling his mask on. “I got this.”

“Run, Barry,” Iris said, “run.”

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E-2 Harrison “Harry” Wells

I’m not into that!

Something like that

Wait what

Cold Pt.1 Pt.2

The Cure

Jesse’s Dad

Dating Harry Would Include…

Chat: Confidence

Barry Allen

Meant to be

A little bite of Barry

I just wanna run Pt.1

Chat: Single People Problems

E-2 Barry Allen

Far from home

Golden Glasses

E-19 Harrison “HR” Wells


Coffee beans

Drummer Boy’s drummer girl

Drumming To The Rhythm Of My Own Beat


E-2 Harrison “Harry” Wells x Reader x Barry Allen

High school in A Flash (Au)

I just wanna run Pt.2

Leonard Snart

Forgetting you


My Goddess

Chat: Savitar, Cisco and Me.

Caitlin Snow

Dating Caitlin would include…

Jesse's Dad (Harrison “Harry” Wells x Reader)

Summary: Reader sings to Harry in a drunken state.

Warnings: None


Tonight was S.T.A.R Labs monthly karaoke night. Everyone was excited except for you. You despised karaoke night. Not because you had to help Cisco set up the karaoke box including hooking it up to the speakers, or because you had to buy all the snacks and decorations.

Team Flash could never comprehend why you didn’t want to join them. After all the hard labor you put into making the night so magical. It just didn’t seem right. You only hated karaoke night because about two months ago you went to have surgery done and the only unexpected side effect had been that you’d become a light weight. Unlike the other girls at S.T.A.R Labs, you used to be able to hold your liquor, you would drink like Mick before you got even a little buzz.

Your childhood friends were Mick Rory and Leonard Snart. You were friends with them till they disappeared in the middle of senior year. But before that, one night in your freshmen year the two of them threw rocks up at your window. Told you they were gonna have some fun and wanted to know if you were in or out. That night the three of you traveled around town pickpocketing people and stole some booze and chips from a convenience store on sixth street. You toasted with them at the old run down, rusting park by your house.

That was the beginning of forever for the three of you. They taught you how to hold your liquor so it would be easier to pickpocket men who thought they were gonna get lucky. Leo’s sister even joined after walking in on him sneaking out through his window. But after they disappeared your morals changed rapidly. Even though you’re so different now you don’t doubt you’d go back to your old ways if asked to help with a heist.

You smirked at the thought of becoming a villain after all you’ve been through with Team Flash. “Y/N, you gonna stay?” Cisco asked beer in hand. You hadn’t noticed that everyone had already shown up. “Um… No, I’m gonna go… I just couldn’t remember where I,- bye guys have fun!” You hurried grabbing your purse and heading for the exit.

You bumped into someone spilling their beer onto your chest, the bottle shattering on the tile floor. “I’m so sorry,” Shaken you glanced up, it was Harry. “I thought you went to your room.” You sighed feeling relieved. “I didn’t think you’d be into this.” He smirked. “No, not really but I lost a bet to HR.” At the mention of his name, he approached the pair. “What about me?” He asked. “What bet?” You laughed glancing at the floor remembering the drink. You bent down to pick up the glass but Barry beat you to it. “Thanks.” You muttered.

“Oh, nothing.” Harry dismissed. “Okay, whatever you say.” You fixed your purse before heading out. “Wait!” Harry called. Turning around, “You’re not gonna stay?” He quizzed chasing after you. Shaking your head, “No, I never do.” He made an ‘O’ with his mouth. “Why? Do you want me to stay?” You raised a brow, smirking. “Aaaahhh… haha-!” Harry cringed at his own neediness. HR stepped forward. “I do.” He glanced at Harry. “All of us do. We’ve never heard you sing or seen you drink.” He smiled brightly, you signed. “Fine, I’ll linger a bit longer, but just once.”


It had been an hour and it was just as bad as you thought it would be. Everyone had sung at least three times, not counting you and Harry. You were on your first beer slightly tipsy. Harry watched you from a distance just starting his second, cheeks mildly red.

Setting your drink down when Cisco called you over to help him fix the speakers, the surround sound suddenly stopped working. Little did you know that HR put something in it.

When you returned to your drink you downed the rest and headed up to the category spinner to see what songs were going to be butchered by Caitlin. It read: Alternative Rock

This should be good.

“Alright Y/N I’ll give you fifty dollars if you go up and sing.” HR proposed after five songs. “Doubtful, you even have a dollar.” You scuffed. Stumbling back to rest on Cisco’s desk. HR smirked. “Actually,” He pulled out a roll of money. “I have half a Gino.” He set it on the desk proudly. “Don’t talk like that, you’re not from my hood.” You growled pocketing the money, not sober enough to check if it was legit. Caitlin stepped down from the small stage. You walked up and grabbed the mic. Everyone clapped. Barry clapped loudest and shouted “Finally!”

You scrolled through the songs till you found the perfect one.

The lyrics popped up on the screen that faces you and the one facing the team.

Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on [4x]

You sang gripping onto the mic and stand.

Stacy, can I come over after school? (after school)
We can hang around by the pool (hang by the pool)
Did your dad get back from his business trip? (business trip)
Is he there, or is he trying to give me the slip? (give me the slip)

You know, I’m not the little girl that I used to be
I’m all grown up now, baby can’t you see

Team Flash looked at you confused by the sudden word change.

Jesse’s dad has got it goin’ on
He’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long
Jesse, can’t you see you’re just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Jesse’s dad

You sang smoothly. Harry choked on his drink, dry heaving HR patted his back firmly.

Jesse’s dad  has got it goin’ on [2x]

Jesse, do you remember when I mowed your lawn? (mowed your lawn)
Your dad came out with just a towel on (towel on)
I could tell he liked me from the way he stared (the way he stared)
And the way he said, “You missed a spot over there.” (a spot over there)

Harry and the other stood wide eyed at you, mouths agape.

And I know that you think it’s just a fantasy
But since your mom walked out, your dad could use a girl like me
Jesse’s dad has got it goin’ on
He’s all I want, and I’ve waited for so long
Jesse, can’t you see you’re just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Jesse’s dad

The small audience glance at Harry who stood off center in the crowd was just as awestruck, staring at you wide-eyed mouth hanging open.

Jesse’s dad has got it goin’ on (he’s got it goin’ on)
He’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long (waited and waited),
Jesse can’t you see you’re just not the girl for me,
I know it might be wrong…

I’m in love with Jesse’s dad, oh, oh
I’m in love with Jesse’s dad, oh, oh (wait a minute)
Jesse can’t you see you’re just not the girl for me,
I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Jesse’s dad

When the song ended you stepped down from the stage and grabbed your purse. “Well, Thanks for tonight!” You hollered as you slightly stumbled out the Cortex.

Harry stumbled out after you as if he had been pushed. Which he was. Running down the hallway after you once again. “Y/N! Wait!” Once he caught up to you, he puffed out a heavy breath, “You-you, di-did you mea-” You raised up, lips hovering over his. A breathy, “Yes,” was heard before your lips met.

The following morning you woke up in someone else’s bed, in someone’s arms. Not remembering what happened last night you glanced over your shoulder to the shirtless man. “Yes.” You smiled resting your head back onto the pillow.

Dating Caitlin Snow Would Include


You would be constantly cuddling each other

Getting jealous when Julian flirts with her

Helping her pick out clothes

Playing with her hair

Sitting in her lap/her sitting in your lap

Being super cute at S.T.A.R Labs

Pretending someone’s in trouble. “Caitlin, Barry’s hurt!” Then running down the hallway

Surprising her, and trapping her against the wall for a make-out session “You used Barry as an excuse to kiss me?” “Shut up.”

The first time she meets your parents she’s super sweet and kind. “The steak was delicious.” She smiles. You leaned over, whispering in her ear, “It was burnt. You don’t have to lie.” Then kiss her cheek. “Well, at least I know where you get it from.”

Holding each other’s hands under the table

You meeting Caitlin’s mom “Mom this is my girlfriend/boyfriend, Y/N.” “Oh, so this is the amazing Y/N, that I’ve heard so little about…” She said holding her hand out. “Mother,” Caitlin warns.

Taking showers together

Mostly because you love her figure and the way she’s shy about it

Towel drying each other’s hair

Pulling the towel around her neck, bringing her in for a kiss

Dressing nice for your 1 year anniversary and skipping a button on your shirt and she fixes it for you
Dressing nice for your 1 year anniversary, tripping in your heals on the pavement causing the heal to snap off

She doesn’t get mad that you have to go back home to change heels

Driving her to her favorite restaurant

After dinner you realize you locked your keys in the car

Getting frustrated, but she laughs thinking it’s adorable

You make it up to her by taking her to her favorite park the next day

The two of you get ice cream and walk around

You feed the ducks together

Something you get jealous of Barry, Cisco, and Harry so you stand by making sure they don’t hug her or stand too close.

“Ah-! Keep a distance of five feet from my snowflake.” Cisco backs up so far he knocks into HR who spills his coffee onto Harry, who in return glares at you.

“Sorry.” Caitlin apologizes for you.  Harry rolls his eyes and turns to leave when he slips in the puddle of coffee and lands on top of Barry who was distracted by Iris.

Calling Caitlin nicknames related to her cold powers

Your really just trying to get her to accept her powers

You actually really love her powers

You think it’s sexy when she dressed as killer Frost for Halloween as a joke

Going to nerd conventions

Dragging her everywhere because your more excited

Lady and the Tramp style eating spaghetti together

Fighting over the TV remote and she kicks you off the couch

You don’t even try to get up cause you know she’ll feel guilty

Eventually, she reaches down to help you up but you pull her down on top of you

She screams super loud

Before laughing in your neck saying, “You asshole.”

You move the coffee table to the side and grab all the blanks and pillows in the apartment

You make a pallet on the floor in front of the couch and rent a movie and Caitlin makes the popcorn

Then she curls up in your lap

You both fall asleep on the floor of blankets and pillows

And when you wake up your in an odd position

Like 69, sideways, spooning position

Popcorns everywhere, one of you rolled onto the bowl and now it’s in every crease of the blanks

There’s popcorn in your hair, and  hers

Your both greasy from the butter

You take turns showering

You hide her clothes

So she runs around the apartment in a towel looking for them

She ends up wearing your clothes to work

Which is what you wanted

Being the first to know about her cold powers

Leaving team flash to be with her when she becomes Killer Frost

Still loving her despite what she’s become

But you love her either way. Killer Frost or Caitlin? You love her always