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my favorite thing about skam is how isak’s friends responded to his gay relationship. like it’s important for media to present the fact that not all coming out end up being good, but it’s refreshing to see an optimistic take on it.

it’s anticlimactic in a way. isak has that group of friends that everyone have seen or been in their life, you know those boys. those straight boys. and their heterosexuality is contrasted with isak’s in a lot of scenes (e.g. when they were watching the girls dance). this and isak’s conversation with eskild, that showed his discomfort with being labeled gay, further creates this anticipation to how things would turn out when he comes into terms with his sexuality. and then, we have the typical school rumor cliche that ultimately led up to the protagonist’s admission to his sexuality. a peak moment we’ve seen a lot in movies and shows. but instead of the usual climax, we are confronted with nonchalance. with them chilling at isak’s house the next day. with them talking about isak and even’s relationship with no awkwardness

in a part of the scene though, magnus asks isak a question (in gay sex, who is the man and who is the woman) which automatically got him laughed at. and this scene further shows skam’s exceptional way of confronting society’s ignorance through normal-day dialogues. there aren’t big dramatic conversations, just daily banter.  which is something i’ve rarely seen in media.

skam has a very in depth understanding of today’s youth and issues about sexuality and that’s why it’s very different and special. and i hope a lot more people get to see it

And then there were two.

So I was just going to draw Hyllia and Link from my story but instead I drew the red headed Link wolf person thing… i don’t know what im doing anymore….

So yeah. Return from Twilight meets Hero’s Requiem.. Yay…

See Links being wolves isn’t so bad… right? no okay.. (but heads)

When you try to draw humans but chu don’t succeed……..

Your welcome… cant tell if i drew HR Wolf Link right….

RfTLink (mine)

HRLink (belongs to da amazing artist @ferisae )

(Ginger Link i dont own, he’s just a grumpy butt head…and a stubborn jerk face :3)