Hiddleston Fans, Hiddlestoners Please Act Like Ambassadors for the Fandom If You Get The Chance To Meet Tom Hiddleston

About Tom Hiddleston and the fans in Iceland:

I really hope after filming he goes to the equivalent of a isolated island and takes a month off. I mean, when does he get sleep? And hell no, why, why does someone always have to let that information slip? I wish people wouldn’t stalk him (this includes loitering outside or inside the hotel) or harass him. Will I ever get to meet the man? The answer is no. Does it sicken me when people stalk him or take advantage of the opportunity to meet him by acting like a complete jackass and/or idiot? Yes. Come on, people.

There are fangirls out there who really can’t do anything more than watch his movies and hear about his filming and travels from across the internet. Fangirls who get to meet the man should act respectful and kind. You would be like an acting ambassador for other fangirls: think about THAT. You would be representing the sane and respectful side of the community and fandom. Those who do get to meet him are incredibly lucky. But those that abuse that privilege, those that actually stalk the man and try to get multiple encounters, waving an entitlement card to try to get past security, really disturb me.

It also angers me—to abuse that privilege embarrasses the fandom and then makes the actor shrink or shy away. This is one of the few fandoms that actually makes me physically cringe when the fandom is mentioned.

Why? Because I have to always ask: OH HELL, WHAT DID THE FANS DO NOW?

The good half of the fandom? Casually tweets Tom but doesn’t overload his twitter. Sends him fanmail that doesn’t include smut, Thorki, or any other kind of fanart or fanfiction that could be disturbing to the average person. Goes to a fan meet-up where he announces he’s going to be. Maybe even raises money for charities he endorses. Accurately portrays encounters but keeps location information under lock and key.

The insane fandom does the opposite of that: they follow him, stalk him, bombard him with tweets, sends him Thorki and other smut that should be kept inside the fandom, and unleashes important information that should be kept private.

Please, people, check yourself, and keep that information private.

Please. Please. Please.

We like Tom happy. Don’t ruin it.