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May 17th is the Youkai AU’s Anniversary!

Thank you so much for your support! It’s been an incredible experience ♥


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Recent Gets

    Fukurodani Days (a Fukurodani-centric doujin) by various artists. Contents include various Fukurodani stories and pairings! We definitely need more Fukurodani-centric djs like this one! ^^


Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition Pamphlet

Opening spread
Furudate’s illustrations for each of the 4 Engeki Haikyuu pamphlets

The colored one is the for Exhibition specifically, and reads, “Welcome to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition!” 

Please do not repost scans

Did I said I will commish noranb-artstuffs again soon in the last post? yeah :)

 I’m on the point of no return ahahah 

Anyway, here’s Masato posing based on my HC (so maybe you could get a glimpse on his personality) 

 Left to right: 

1. Smirking like no other than his dad (seme genes are strong) p.s He’s only smirking like this when he got excited (unconciously) otherwise, he is a serious and stoic captain 

 2. When you got through pass his wall, he’s surprisingly easy to blush (or that is just because I’m biased to blushing , who knows) 

 3. We need him to smile happily more often, isn’t he cute ;__; 

 4. There’s him, tries very hard EVERY MORNING to make his hair less wild, but he fails every time anyway. And the pyjamas oho, who else he got the fashion sense from XD 

This has become quite long, self-indulgent text post but I LOVE him so much! I have no regrets lol. I’ll be glad if many ppls like him too <3 

 And also many thanks for noranb-artstuffs for drawing this so accurately and so fast too ;__;