hq is still never hq


I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

Why isn’t Lev/Tsukishima a more popular pair? Or even seen as good friends. Lev is chatty but gets along well with him. Tsukishima lets Lev call him Tsukki without complaint and listened to him vent. They’re both so beautifully leggy and can actually maintain eye contact without straining their neck. Imagine them meeting up every year at the training camp, complimenting each other when they noticed the other grew, loudly enough to piss off their smol teams. Both Alisa and Akiteru would enjoy despairing together that their baby brothers somehow found another tall person to spend time with looming over people

I just want Haikyuu to go ALL THE WAY.

I want to see the first-years become third-years.

Yamaguchi, the pinch server, their ultimate secret weapon.

Tsukishima, the leading blocker who is basically unstoppable and can block any ball.

Hinata, still the ultimate decoy, but more. He is truly the second little giant, with many attacks up his sleeve that he can perform WITHOUT Kageyama.

And Kageyama, the captain and setter, no longer the ‘king of the court’, but their greatest strength. He supports everyone. He has strong, controlled serves, just like Oikawa.

Karasuno will be so strong. They will be strong competitors in every volleyball tournament they attend. They will have regular matches with their rivals, Nekoma, who they gloriously defeated in front of the entire country on tv.

And you can bet Sugawara, Sawamura and Asahi were watching and cheering.

I just WANT to see Karasuno at their full potential. I NEED to see Hinata strong on his own. I MUST SEE MY VOLLEYBALL LOSERS DEVELOP THAT FAR!

Hey, ohhh , I’m really flattered that you consider me worthy to do a little tutorial. I never did something like this before so I hope I can do this right.
I don’t really consider my style speaks really for something specific Haikyuu!!. Like all my drawings are more or less my own interpretation of the hq!! boys. You also mentioned a lot of body parts you struggle with and I’m not sure if I can help you with all. But I hope it will still help you.

Let’s try this!
I think the faces are the most important features you want to get right if you want to draw a character.

First of all I draw more or less sloppy circles and mark where I want to have the eyes and mouth. At this point all my heads look more or less the same.

I will stick with Kuroo and Kenma as these are the characters you’re drawing.
Now I start to do the lineart over my circles which I put on low opacity.
Kuroo’s features are more sharp. I give him high and sharp cheekbones and an edged chin. His eyes are more narrow and sharp. I also give him this little edges on the root of his nose.
Kenma has a more round face and a more pointed, almost small, chin. His eyes are bigger. All his features are softer.
Kuroo has a more expressive expression. I like to give him some small grin or a crooked smile. Kenma’s face is rather unreadable. Maybe resting bitch face :D

Okay, so then I draw the hair. I start with the red lines. Some hair in the front. After this I draw some more strands which go over the first ones and mostly in another direction (blue lines). Kuroo gets a spiky hairline on the top of his forehead and with Kenma I start to form the shape of his head (green lines).
For Kuroo I finish with giving him messy spikes all around his head (black lines). Kenma has his black roots showing so I try to draw it with just using some black lines on top of his head, falling to both sides, in different length.

Kuroo’s hair gets all black. With Kenma I just draw the top of his head, the roots, black. I add some more strand to make it look fuller and more vivid.
And now you have your face. You can add shading and lightning if you want.

Okay, so coming to the shoulders. Kuroo and Kenma have a big high difference and this shows also in the width of their shoulders.

Once again I draw Kuroo more angular/edged. His shoulders are more broad. Kenma’s shoulders are more “dropped” and narrow.. Kuroo seems to have more body tension. You could maybe say Kuroo is once again more open with his expression/body language and Kenma is a bit defensive…

As said these are just my very own interpretation of the hq!! characters so others might argue with me and draw them differently.

Oh man, this is quite difficult for me. I don’t really know what is important to teach or show…. i’m a bit lost here. I’m really happy you asked but I feel like I’m failing you here. I guess for hands and feet I will make a post on its own with more patience and more examples. I’m also not very good with feet either.