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HQ Kareshi (Onsen): Yamaguchi Tadashi

Yamaguchi: Fuwaa- that was delicious!

Yamaguchi: I’m full!!

Yamaguchi: Right now the open air bath seems to be free so…lets change into our yukatas and go

Yamaguchi: If we could reserve it that would be nice~ 

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The Big Day

Can you write a Tony Stark one shot where the reader and him are getting married but on the day of the wedding everything starts to go wrong and they decide to have a smaller wedding just between the team and them outside or something like that?

*A/N: I did not proofread this because I’m lazy. *

It was the big day, the day that the media said would never happen. Tony Stark was getting married and you were the lucky woman he was getting hitched to. You woke at the crack of dawn to get breakfast  and go to your salon appointment. You were destined to spend your whole morning in the salon along with Natasha and Wanda, your bridesmaids. You closed your eyes as you sat in the chair. As you faded in and out of consciousness you perceived the gently tugs at your scalp and after that the warm wax on your eyebrows. By time the brushes tickled your face you heard Natasha curse.

“What is it?” you asked opening your eyes slowly, the weight of false eyelashes making it difficult at first.

Natasha’s eyebrows pinched in annoyance, “I have to stop by HQ real quick,” She huffed getting out of the chair. Her hair was still in rollers and she wore sweatpants and a tank. Needless to say her appearance was very different than normal.

“What happened?” you sat up a little. The last thing you needed was to be called in for a mission and if Natasha was called in you weren’t far behind/

“Just a small information problem,” she assured, coming over to stand in front of you, “it’s probably just paperwork,” she took your hand to soothe your obviously frayed nerves, “I’ll be back in no time and I’ll bring coffee.”

“Okay,” you agreed though you felt uneasy.

“Wanda,” Natasha turned to address the other woman, “Be sure she doesn’t give herself frown lines.”

Wanda nodded, though she looked worried too. You both watched her leave. You tried to revisit your former calm as you closed your eyes and focused on the cold brush on the beds of your toenails and the quick sawing motion of the nail file on the tips of your fingernails. There were three different people working to make you look astonishing for you big day.

Natasha didn’t come back and you were out of the chair by noon. You sent her a text, to which you received no response. You huffed a little.

“It’s going to be okay,” Wanda assured, taking your hand firmly in her own.

“I know, I know,” you breathed. Despite your words you texted Steve.

    -Stevie, you know what’s going on in HQ?

He didn’t answer right away. sn  you fretted silently as the driver took you to the wedding venue.

    -Breach in information

His response did nothing to soothe your nerves.

    -Breach in Stark Tech?

You asked, wondering if Tony had been called in. There would be no wedding without him. Before you could receive your answer from Steve, Wanda sighed.

“We’re all being called in,” she said timidly. Your heart dropped, of all the days for the Avengers to assemble it had to be today. Your phone buzzed as you received your own notice to go to HQ. You alerted the driver.

“Hey, you’re getting married today,” Wanda spoke gently, “It’ll just be postponed.”

“Thanks, Wanda,” you smile, she returned the sentiment. Her optimism was reassuring.

When you walked into HQ you expected to see your loving fiance, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Tony?” you asked instead of offering any greeting to your teammates. Everyone turned around at the sound of your voice.

“Aw, you miss me, sweet cheeks?” Tony’s disembodied voice spoke, “It’s bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding.”

“Didn’t take you as the superstitious type,” Clint scoffed.

“He had to go to D.C. to smooth some things over,” Steve supplied. You tried to keep disappointment off of your face but you must have failed because Steve hugged you tightly.

“Don’t worry, you two lovebirds’ll get hitched,” he smirked.

Thanks, Stevie,” you kissed his cheek. As if to directly contradict his words of comfort, alarms blared

“We’re under attack, get your weapons,” Steve barked out orders. You hurried over to the compartment with your weapons. After that you ran to cover Natasha as she furiously typed, trying to counter what ever cyber attack was happening. You never missed a shot that was your gift. As the soldiers filed in you took them out. They moved fast though, and soon enough you were physically fighting your enemies.

“Got it!” Natasha called out as you punched a man in the face repeatedly with the quick succession of a machine gun. She turned and helped you. The two of you moven in tandem like a well oiled machine clearing the room with deadly efficiency. You’d been in worse situations before this was nothing for the two of you.

When you finished you took a look at your nails, “Fuck I broke a damn nail.”

Natasha chuckled, “At least your make up is fine.”

“Well thanks,” you rolled your eyes but a smile played at the corner of your lips.

“Are you alright, sweetness?” Tony called over the intercoms.

“Peachy,” you answered, smiling at the sound of his voice.

“I’ve got to go to a meeting but I’ll see you at the altar.”

“I’ll be the one in white,” you agreed lamely. It seemed like everything was back on track as the team went to the wedding venue. Steve assured you he’d call when Tony was back, but hours ticked by mercilessly. Natasha took your phone so you would stop frantically texting Tony. You resorted to watching T.V only to learn that there was an attack on the Pentagon.

“Where is Tony?” upi asked, eyes glued to the television.

“… In the Pentagon,” Wanda answered timidly.

“You have got to be kidding me!” you groaned falling back on the chaise lounge in the dressing room. There was no way you were getting married today. The hours continued to tick by, further proving your point. You eventually went home with most of the catering food and the cake. You wanted to sulk alone and wait for your fiance to come home so you could cuddle him, but Natasha refused to let you sit in a big house all alone. She and Wanda came home with you. The three of you sat in living room with the wedding food , each drinking a bottle of wine.

“I spent days picking the perfect wine for the wedding. Do you know how hard it was to find one that both Tony and I liked?” you asked, gesturing with the bottle.

“Well it’s good,” Natasha congratulated.

“Thanks,” you sniffed, wiping your tears with the back of your hand,, before shoveling more food into your mouth.Natasha’s phone buzzed and she glanced at it lazily.

“The Pentagon situation has been neutralized. Tony’s fine,” she announced.

“Then why hasn’t he called me?” you whined.

“Maybe he’s busy,” Wanda offered, her speech a little slurred. You wondered how much of her bottle was gone. You didn’t ask, instead you pouted and put your bottle back up to your lips. Hours later, when the moon was high in the sky, and the three of you were wine drunk your phone rang. You looked at the screen before answering.


“Who else?” he answered in his usual cocky tone.

“Where are you?”

“Vegas. Join me?”


“I said we’d get married today and I meant it. Happy’s coming to pick you girls up in a few minutes.”

“Jesus, Tony I look a mess you should have called me hours ago.”

“I’m sure you look as beautiful as the day I met you.”

“Tony we met on a mission. I was covered in blood.”

“So you can’t look any worse than that. See you at the altar, snookums.” he hung up before you could argue more and you laughed a little at that. Looks like you were getting married after all. You nudged Natasha with your foot. She was semi lucid staring at the T.V. with a blank look. At your nudge she looked at you.

“Come on, we gotta go to Vegas.”

“Okay,” she agreed, without any question. The two of you jumped into action, making yourself look less like a sad prom night and more like a bride to be. Wanda was passed out on the floor, so the two of you did her makeup while she slept and Natasha carried her out to the car while you grabbed the dressed. Happy met you in the driveway and took the dresses while Natasha put Wanda in the backseat. Soon  enough you were on a private jet to Vegas.

You arrived at Ceaser’s palace by 3AM with your dress on without flowers or many of the other wedding traditions. All you had were bridesmaids, groomsmen, and a light buzz. (Despite your best attempts to sober up on the jet you were still a bit tipsy). You walked down the aisle and as you made eye contact, you knew you wouldn’t have this wedding any other way. It was perfect.

~Mod Lillian

One thing that’s always bothered me about Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain is how the games handle being spotted. In previous games guards had to actually retreat and call HQ to commence an alert status, but in MGSV enemies are a hivemind that are all instantly put into alert status 1 second after spotting you. And this is where reflex mode comes in, reflex mode balances this out by slowing the game down and giving you a chance to neutralize the guard who spotted you. 

The only problem is if you turn off reflex mode hoping to play the games like the old ones, you can’t. The guard AI doesn’t change to balance out the player turning off reflex mode, they still don’t have to radio and they will instantly alert every guard in the base when they see you. This is a big reason why playing FOB missions with reflex mode is essential, since there’s basically no penalty for doing it and you need every advantage you can get over the defender, considering how skewed balance is to them already. 


Because Yamaguchi is a total badass who deserves lots and lots of fangirls and I am too proud of him for words 


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Thank you so much for your doodles, they are such a source of joy! :) And even though I'm not that familiar with soul eater, Kuroo seems such a protective and convenient weapon lol. Wouldn't it help if Kenma can play his video games with extra help aka these Kuroo tendrils :-3

Game Master Kenma plays at an inhumane pace, even for an inhumane entity’s standards! wOW

Kenma and Kuroo are kinda the equivalent of Crona and Ragnarok in this AU???

but like
Kuroo is super duper nice ??





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Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
 1,  2345678, 9

“Uh… Acci.. Accident?! What – how – we – uh!!” (damn)
“C-calm… calm? I think… supposed to do what – do that! Supposed to do that!” (still haven’t gotten the hang of english)

hq rare pair week: day 2 (language)

au where yamaguchi and kageyama are both transfer students from two different countries and can only communicate in their limited knowledge of the english language. nevertheless, they enter the science fair together!

Naruto Jin no Sho Databook - Aburame Entries

Aburame Shino

“I can sense your resistance”


Ninja registration no: 012618, Chuunin

DOB: January 23 (aged 17, Aquarius)

Height: 175.1cm  Weight: 56.6kg   Blood Type: AB

Personality: stoic, secretive, poker-faced

Jutsu: Fire, earth, yang, secret techniques, summon technique

Favorite: Shino’s long-standing dream is to befriend and fight alongside an new species of insect that no-one has seen before.

  • A man who regards in comrades highly, he silently conceals himself

It is in the Aburame Clan’s nature to value silence - all their pent-up emotions are expressed through their insects rather than their face.  When his insects start to move Shino’s own emotions start to rise up.  It’s certainly as though they’re one body and soul!!  But at the same time, Shino wants to deepen his bonds with his friends too and  spends his days searching for ways to do so.


Aburame Shibi

“I’ll use all my power to exterminate you”


Ninja registration no: 005480, Jounin

DOB: September 7 (aged 43, Virgo)

Height: 181.3cm  Weight: 68.9kg   Blood Type: A

Personality: taciturn

  • A silent insect-user who will exterminate any pests who threaten the village

Those born into the Aburame Clan are unparalleled in the ninja world when it comes to being gifted with deep knowledge and pride towards insects.  The leader of the clan, Shibi gathers and nurtures a large quantity of secret insects.  These insects are used as a deadly hidden jutsu - just moments after being released they will greedily devour the enemy’s life force until the enemy is no more!


Aburame Torune

“I’ll finish this with the next attack!”


Ninja registration no: 012360, Anbu

DOB: October 24 (aged 19, Scorpio)

Height: 178.3cm  Weight: 68.7kg   Blood Type: O

Personality: altruistic

  • A man dressed in jet-black who takes down his enemies with nano-sized poisonous insects!

In early childhood Torune and his fellow clansman, Shino, grew up as brothers.  Torune later decided to join ROOT in Shino’s place.  With his nano-sized poisonous insects and clan’s pride, Torune is free from his shackles in the darkness.


Aburame Muta


Male, Aged 24, Special Jounin

A member of the specialist Scouting Patrol, Muta investigated Kauto’s hideout.  He entrusted the scroll to his insects, alerting HQ to the enemy’s actions.


Aburame Tatsuma


Male, Aged 21, Anbu

A Shinobi of ROOT and subordinate of Danzo alongside Orochimaru.  His infiltration techniques are highly regarded among successive generations of ROOT.

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