Heeeeey!!!! Goodies preview n°2 for Japan Expo!!! 

I’m so happy with the way my little Hinata and Kags are looking, and I’m so excited to see them printed.

Also the 2 kings will be available in bigger size as single stickers ^^ (single but sold together, haha) 

You’ll be able to purchase them in July after Japan Expo on my online store. 

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Hey! Glad the requests are open! Ok so... can I get a ushijima requests were his fem s/o is 180cm and she is also the captain of the volleyball team and so when they have an important match they basically like to get a little steam off (because ushijima probably read or a coach once told him the thing about sex or a very heated makeout increase testosterone and that haha) and so logically it's just the natural thing to do for him lol. Thanks in advance <3

This is like a legit thing, lol! Same goes for just working out with males as well, it increases their testosterone in order for them to build more muscle or something like that. Like, I don’t even think there needs to be any physical stimulation according to the study, just sit on his lap while he’s bench pressing or something and it does the trick as well!

But I hope you enjoy, Anon!

Hands grabbed at the flesh of her thighs when they had finally found an isolated corner, pressing her back into the wall as he brought those long legs up around his waist. Ushijima felt her ankles lock behind him before her heels dug into his lower back, bringing their hips more roughly together. His mouth moved hungrily over her’s, teeth nipping at her bottom lip whenever he felt the tug of her hand imbedded in his hair.

In barely ten minutes, they were each due to their own match on the volleyball court. They were meant to go out and lead their teams to their next victory, something that pounded on the stress for each of them. Taking the chance when they needed to blow it off, they found themselves in this very situation, clothed hips rutting against each other, hands searching for skin they weren’t allowed to have contact with yet, and lips pulling at skin with wants of leaving marks yet knowing they couldn’t. 

It was almost torturous, but it left them in the perfect worked up state to beat their opposing team. And the anticipation burning in their bloodstreams for what would come after their games is what kept them going. Because Ushijima was definitely going to be taking her behind closed doors to have his way with her or, if she desired it, let her have her way with him.

His body shivered against her at just the thought of what was going to come about in just a few hours. A small groan left his lips when her nails scraped along his clothed back before sliding up the back of his neck and into his hair again. The sound of her voice panting his name forced him to clench his jaw and tilt his head back, allowing her to roam over the skin of his neck with her lips.

“It’s time,” he ground out, fingers digging into her hips before trying to bring himself to pull away from her. Despite their desperation to take each other right there in that hallway, they knew what they had to do. Letting down their team was not an option, no matter what.

They took a moment to put themselves together, their mouths colliding once more before breaking apart. “Wait for me in the locker room,” she smiled, hand trailing down his chest before turning to make her way to her own court. And Ushijima would wait - he’d wait all night if he had too.

Tooru and the Satellite - Skiesinlove - Chapter 6: When Worlds Collide- Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“Kittenpie I don’t know what to do. If I were them, I definitely wouldn’t give me a second chance,” Kuroo said despondently, the corners of his eyes prickling.

“You go back to them,” Kenma said, firm as a brick wall. “You go back to them and you ask for forgiveness. And hope they’re generous enough to give it to you.”

It’s the Oikuro texting AU you never asked for. Now with angst! And massive amounts of fluff this chapter wow. There may or may not be a smooch involved.

Fandoms: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Characters: Kuroo Tetsurou, Oikawa Tooru, Kozume Kenma, Iwaizumi Hajime, Bokuto Koutarou, Hinata Shouyou, Akaashi Keiji, Sugawara Koushi, Hanamaki Takahiro, Matsukawa Issei
Relationships:  Kuroo Tetsurou/Oikawa Tooru, Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma, Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou, Hanamaki Takahiro/Iwaizumi Hajime/Matsukawa Issei
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Texting, Wrong Number AU, So many of these characters are nonbinary, Genderfluid Character, Genderqueer Character, There will be smut, Lots of it, Don’t you worry, Tooru and Tetsu are thirsty as fuck

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Can I get mattsun, kuroo and oikawa discovering that their s/o dyes her naturally light brown hair black? (I dislike my natural hair colour soooo muchh uugh)

Anon! Don’t hate your hair color! I’m absolutely sure that it’s beautiful, just like you are! But if you wanna dye it, by all means do! I’m gonna throw a bunch of red into my hair myself soon. I think hair coloring is one of the best and funnest ways to express yourself!

And seriously, most guys WILL NOT notice this kind of thing unless it’s spelled out to them. At least guys that I’ve had experience with. I’ve learned to tell my BF before I leave that I’m changing my hair so when I come home he can be like “OOOOOH! Pretty!”  I had an ombre when I first met him and he thought it was natural. xD

But hope you enjoy this, Anon, and that you don’t mind I did headcanons for it.

Matsukawa Iseei

  • He probably noticed the lighter hair coming in when she hadn’t been able to touch up her roots in awhile. Like, they were cuddling on the couch and he turned to kiss the top of her head and was all “WHOA you’re losing the pigment in your hair!”
    • Even when she told him that her natural hair color wasn’t black, he would still google if one can turn into an albino at the age of seventeen (instead of assuming that gray hair was coming in).
  • It wouldn’t bother him - he would probably beg to see pictures from before she had dyed her hair just so he knew how she looked (plus baby pictures, OMG!) and he would never push for her to change it back, even if he wanted to see it, because her hair is however she wanted it to be.
    • Though he would make jokes that if her hair was it’s natural color people wouldn’t assume they were siblings. (okay, I didn’t think this was a thing until this last weekend when two people - SEPARATE people - from his work were confused when they met me because they thought we were siblings. While when I went to lunch with my brother, some girl was like “don’t you love when your boyfriend treats you to a good meal?” like WTF?)

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Boy probably walked in on her in the middle of her dying process. Like, she’s leaned over the side of the tub with her head under the faucet and there’s just black EVERYWHERE.
    • His immediate reaction: “HOLY SHIT, THE GRUDGE!” (he watches waaaay too many horror movies over the weekend with Kenma.)
  • After he calms down and everything is explained to him, he’ll just quickly start helping her finish washing her hair. I’m sure this kid would ask why they never told him that black wasn’t their natural hair color, it’s a part of who she is and even if she didn’t want it to be that, he still thought she was beautiful, no matter what color it was.
  • I think this boy is really sensitive to trust and secrets in his relationships. Like, even though it’s something really small and in the end, it’s really insignificant, he would still feel a little hurt that there was something that they couldn’t come to him with. He’d definitely work on making sure that she never feels like she has to hide anything from him ever again.

Oikawa Tooru

  • I feel like - when throwing in this boy’s little fan club - he’d just be going on and on about her to them and he brought up her hair and how pretty and shiny and perfect it was. And because girls can be mean and spiteful, one throws out that it’s not even her real hair. OIks would be so confused, like “of course it is, haven’t you seen it on her head???”
  • And even though it doesn’t even matter, like, he knows it doesn’t matter, he still finds himself bothered about it and starts complaining to Iwaizumi that she’s hiding something from him. (”Just fucking ASK her then and stop bugging me!”)
    • He’d approach her casually about it, probably while they’re working on homework or something together. Her head will be bent over the table and he’d just be staring at it, trying to see the color underneath because being like “[First Name]-chan, do you dye your hair?”
  • He’d assure her that he didn’t care, that he thought that she would always be beautiful no matter what color hair she had. He was just curious since it would be something that he hadn’t known about her previously. He would tell her that he was sure it looked pretty, because she could never be anything else!