Wanna give a big congratulations to my brother @hpx93 and our good friend @garethdykes on finishing their final year of university, throughout the 3 years I’ve seen some of the work you guys have done and in my opinion you’re both the best in the bizz, I wish you both all the best for the future! well done lads. 🍻 #drinktothat #unilads #fmp #onehunnidhousehold 💯☝️


On the way to lake mead we saw this sign, it was the perfect cliche and my dad loved the irony of it, so we had to stop and get a picture!

As we were preparing to leave these 2 women showed up in their red pickup truck, they lightly taunted how the Mustang we had hired wasn’t quite ideal for driving on the rocks. They pitched up 2 lawn chairs in the water, and another little one for their dog, which just looked hilarious and cute.


Surf Liquor:

Places like this are amazing to me, our comparative stores here in the UK never have the selection and sheer variety that they have in the U.S.A the price of stuff is so cheap too compared to here in the UK.

we don’t get much neon in the way of neon lights here either and i love the light they give off, it makes shooting street stuff in low light much more accessible.