I shoot Pana P2 AVC-I

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Here’s a list of equipment I use.  Later on, I will write more detailed reviews.  If you have questions about my equipment, please ask in the comments below.

  • Camera: Panasonic HPX300
  • Camera accessories: RedRockMicro Matte Box, RedRockMicro Follow Focus 2, Panasonic onboard mic (for wild sound), RedRock Micro Filters, Tripod Plate, AntonBauer batteries, 16G Panasonic P2 cards
  • Audio: Apex Condenser (for V.O.)
  • Tripod: Libec
  • Monitor: Panasonic HD (onboard), SD (standalone)
  • Glidecam X22

Watch on pushprocessed.tumblr.com

This video was directed by Balster van Duijn.  It was shot on Pana HPX300 with PS Technik MiniC 35mm adapter.  I’ve been thinking about getting this adapter as it will allow me to have the same DOF and angle of view as a 35mm film camera. Whoop.

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Here’s what’s going on with our movie “Laundromat” as of late July 2010:

The film is currently is in post-production. Last weekend we finished the ADR process. ADR is basically rerecording dialog sound that was recorded on location but could not be used in the final film, because of too much background noise. The ADR process is usually accomplished by rerecording dialog with the actors watching the scene and matching their voice to what was originally recorded.

Next step is to color-correct the film. At this point slight adjustments to the edits can still be made. Then we will adjust brightness and contrast as well as do any desired color-grading to achieve the look we want.

After that, we’ll work on the final sound mix, adding sound effects, music and any other necessary sound elements. At that point the film will be ready for a test screening, to which a select group of people will be invited. These will most likely will be from Facebook. The test screening will assist us in making any adjustments to the edits in the film to make the story clearer.

All of this will be done before the film goes to Sundance Film Festival around mid-September.  So, go to Laundromat Facebook Group page and become a fan to stay current with everything thats going on with our movie.  Big things, big things!