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  • what we should be freaking out about: Magnus' mom's suicide, Jocelyn is STILL dead, Simon's mom found out he's a vampire, Izzy's Yin Fen, Madzie, Luke at the end of the episode
  • what we are freaking out about: HOW DARE YOU ASSUME ALEC IS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!
In Beijing, and Washington, a Breath of Foul Air
The Republican crusade against 50 years of environmental regulation is an attack on public health and prosperity.
By Richard Conniff


The disingenuous logic of this attack on bedrock environmental law is that clean air is a costly job killer and drives manufacturers overseas. But almost all studies of offshoring have found that domestic companies move abroad for a host of other reasons — mainly lower wages, tax avoidance and easier access to international markets. The cost of environmental regulations typically ranks far down the list.

The cost to business is in any case a secondary issue, as anyone struggling to breathe on the streets of Beijing quickly discovers. The more important costs are the ones the public pays, which are deeply personal, and often permanent: Air pollution kills an estimated 4,400 people every day in China — and, even with our existing regulations, 548 people a day in the United States, according to a 2013 M.I.T. study.

Among the E.P.A. measures the Trump administration wants to roll back is the Clean Power Plan, aimed at reducing emissions from coal-fired power plants, which would shift production to gas-fired plants — and incidentally save American lives by further reducing fine particle pollution. The new fuel economy standards for the auto industry would cut gas costs for drivers and clean up the transportation sector that is now this country’s single largest polluter.

E.P.A. regulations make economic sense for two important reasons industry lobbyists (and their hired politicians) overlook when they stage their sky-is-falling complaints about cost. First, the new rules typically drive advances in technology and efficiency, making cost-effective what formerly seemed impossible. The result isn’t a job exodus; it’s a reshuffling, with productivity falling at coal-fired power plants, for instance, but rising at gas-fired power plants. Second, antipollution regulations move us away from the illogical idea that the unsuspecting public at large should pay the cost of pollution. Instead, that cost gets shifted onto the polluters themselves 

I have this entire college AU where Dirk sleeps with Caliborn one time and then every time the Alpha Kids+Calliope want to go do something Caliborn shows up and slings an arm around Dirk and is like. Dirk. Do not shrug me off Dirk. You were not like this last February. On the 24th.

And Dirk’s like Okay, you memorized the date. That’s not creepy at all. Also I hear the stifled giggles from the rest of you and rest assured they are not appreciated. Come the fuck on. You pity-sleep with a guy ONCE–Roxy stop snickering I swear to god–

New goal: Write as much Nanbaka fanfics as possible!

Reality: *me lying half dead on desk* Nico… sweets… Nico… hpw do you write that again… I wana write… Oh look, someone posted something in the tag!!!

I’ll never finish my goal.

so ive been reading this book about wicca, and h o n e s t l y it keeps referring to ‘coming out of the broom closet’ and has mentioned roma stereotypes and the only reason im still reading it is because im stubborn and want to see hpw bad it gets.

also because im legitimately curious about the variations of wicca, but. yeah.