Headcanon: When Party Poison and Kobra Kid die, because of their devotion to the Zones and spiritual connections, they take the Phoenix Witch’s place and shepherd souls to the afterlife. Poison collects souls during the day and is associated with the sun, while Kobra collects souls during the night and is associated with the moon. Some say that just before dawn, you can see them wandering the plains together.

I don’t have a great visualization for this, but I imagine them having tribal outfits like the Witch. Poison wears a deer skull that covers the top half of his face, and Kobra wears a goat’s. People paint altars/holy places with plant-made dyes and leave out small toys for them.

What The Gang Taught Me

Ponyboy: He taught me to appreciate things like sunsets. Like after everything, I had different view on things and its because of him.

Johnny: Johnny Cade taught me that its ok to be quiet. I am usually a loud person. But that was because I thought I had to be, Johnny taught me different.

Two-Bit: Aye this kid taught me well. He taught me to keep up with that kid inside. Act on it, don’t hide it.

Steve: I don’t even know hpw to.word it. But like he….taught me….I can’t word it. Its to confusing.

Darry: He taught me to be mature. Aye, be a kid, but when it comes time, be mature.

Soda: This fucker. He taught me to smile. He taught me to be happy. Ok, so like he taught me that there is always a reason to be happy. Yeah….ok….moving on.

Dallas: He taught me the most. He taught me to care but don’t show it, to be tough and let people see it, to be reckless and have fun. He taught me to be proud of what I’ve done, no matter what.

Congrats Hayley on your Billboard’s Trailblazer award!

She deserves it. She deserves it and more. 

She is my heroine. I can proudly say that she is the one that taught me a lot of things. She taught me how to feel confident. That it’s normal to be imperfect. That I can be sexy and beautiful in my own way. That I have to trust in me before trusting in others. That I can get through everything. That I can be strong and powerful. 

She is the one that always helps people. She is humble, funny, charitable, loving, caring, cute, friendly, talented, different, unique. She does what she wants because she can, like we all can. 

I want to thank Hayley Williams for being this incredible woman. A woman that knows that she is not perfect, but is always trying yo be better. All tour flaws make you who you are: this little nerdy girl that loves her fans, her music and it’s the heroine for so many people out there.

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it would make sense for the Phoenix Witch to represent Lyn-Z if "the Girl" is Bandit--which I always kind of thought she was, the way Poison interacts with her

I think Gerard once mentioned that she was supposed to represent Bandit, as well as MCR’s female fanbase (I know he said that last part.) Then maybe the Killjoys really are the guys’ alter-egos?

Hey guys! I hit an incredible number of followers and I think that this is a great time to do my first Follow Forever. I’m so happy with all of you guys that help me everyday to keep this blog about our role model. She deserves it and I’m so happy that I have you by my side. Here I’ll put the blogs that I love the most and the ones that always help me, reblogging my posts etc. Thank you so much for all the love!

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