Headcanon: When Party Poison and Kobra Kid die, because of their devotion to the Zones and spiritual connections, they take the Phoenix Witch’s place and shepherd souls to the afterlife. Poison collects souls during the day and is associated with the sun, while Kobra collects souls during the night and is associated with the moon. Some say that just before dawn, you can see them wandering the plains together.

I don’t have a great visualization for this, but I imagine them having tribal outfits like the Witch. Poison wears a deer skull that covers the top half of his face, and Kobra wears a goat’s. People paint altars/holy places with plant-made dyes and leave out small toys for them.


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Request- Can I get a scenario in where you are a famous rapper from America and you come to Korea to help BTS with their new album. While there Jungkook falls for you and Yoongi is like an older brother to you. 

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Die with me y’all ^^^ 

Music was always a passion of yours since you were a young age. You would always be wrapping along to ‘This is how we do it’ and other fine classics. As you came into your teenage years you began to write and produce music as an underground rapper. It wasn’t until you were seventeen that you got scouted by an entertainment company. Your mom at first was like ‘hell no’, but your talent was undeniable. You could from lyrics that slayed and had true meaning, faster than anyone had ever down.  You went viral all over the world. You were dominating the charts. 

You were twenty now and better than ever. You were taking some time off to focus on producing. You could rap really well and write lyrics that spoke to people, but you were still a little inexperienced when it came to producing. So when you got asked to help BTS with there new album, you jumped at the opportunity. They were amazing. They wrote and produced everything and they all had such talented voices. Not to mention they’re all hot as fuck, who would say no? Nobody! 

Arriving in Korea was scary for you. You had never been this far from home before, nor were you the best at speaking Korea, but you could manage. BTS’ manager thought it would be best if you stayed in the dorm with the boys, to get to know them and it would be convenient. Knocking on their door was nerve wrecking as fuck. Would they like you? Would they think you were talented? Who knows… The door swing open, a boy much taller than you stood infront of you, he had black hair and a sleepy face. 

“You must be Y/N?” He sticks out his hand, you shake it. 

“Yeah, you must be Yoongi?” He nods, he grabs your bag and walks in. You follow him close behind. He sets your bag down against a wall. He walks over to the living room and plops down on the couch, you sit beside him. 

“Jin is still cleaning the room. You’ll be rooming with me ‘cause I’m the least perverted and I don’t stay up all night jerking off.” You giggle at his bluntness. 

“No, find your pleasure elsewhere?” You retort, making him smirk. 

“I think we’ll get on great!” He says lying back. “Boys, she’s here!” Yoongi shouts from his spot on the couch. One by one boys with different coloured hair entered the room, greeting you and taking there seats. The last to enter was a man, he was breath taking and his collar bones… Fuck. 

“That’s Jungkook.” Yoongi tells you, smirking. Little bitch obviously saw how you can’t take your eyes off him. 

“I’m Jin, I made you your bed and cleaned the room for you. We are all going to try and make you as comfortable as possible and we are all going to be clean, right boys?” They all grunt in agreement. 

“Ahh, don’t your selves out. I grew up with brothers, so I am used to mess.” You tell them, not wanting them to make a big deal out of you being there. 

The rest of the day you settle in and meet all the boys. Their all really nice, but fuck are the hot. It doesn’t help that they walk around shirtless. You spent the afternoon with Namjoon and Yoongi, showing them a few of the tracks your produced and rapped on. They were amazed, not expecting so much talent from a kid. 

“So Y/N, how did you get into to rapping?” Hoseok asks, your all sitting around the living room getting to know each other. 

“Ehh, I guess it was my love from 90s cheesy rap songs. I got obsessed with memorising lyrics and learning the beats from songs and how they were made.” You tell them all, they look at you with admiration. Jungkook stare made you nervous, his gaze was melting your core.

“To be honest, you don’t look like a rapper, you’re too adorable.” Taehyung says, sending you hearts. 

“This bitch.” you scoff, they all look at you shocked, like you can’t curse. “Just cause I don’t wear chains or have an ass the size of the moon, doesn’t mean I can’t rap.” 

“Tae, she raps a million times better than you.” Namjoon says, Taehyung pretends he got shoot. Over dramatic bitch. 

You looked all the boys, they treated you just like one of them. Which you loved. But Jungkook didn’t really care to notice you all that much, he stared at you all the time, was there something on your face? You worked diligently along side the Yoongi and Namjoon. Yoongi was really there for you though. He new you were missing home, he spent a lot of his free time with you. He was like family to you right now. He took care of you, he even got you tampons when you needed then. 

You always waited till late to get in the shower, you didn’t want anyone walking in on you or anything. So you got your towel and went to the bathroom. You opened the door, to see Jungkook just in his bowers. You couldn’t stop staring, it was like he was sent by the gods, he was glorious. When you finally snapped out of your daze, you let out a scream. You quickly turned around and tried to walk out, but hit your head off the door. You groan and run. 

Jesus you just walked in on a practically naked Jungkook. Well that’s an image to save. You hide in your room for the rest of the day. 

Jungkook P.O.V 

You had just ran out on him, and all he could think was how cute were you. He couldn’t help but agree with Taehyung, you are adorable. He sees how nerves you get around him, you blush, can’t meet his eyes. He thought it was just the cutest thing. And fuck your body to him was a temple, he wanted to worship. The way your hips swayed when you walked, the baby hairs at the back of your hair when you tied it up, you were just gorgeous to him. 

He couldn’t help but giggle the next morning, when you avoid him. Not able to look at him. 

“Hyung, I was wondering could you get Y/N to help me with begin? I could use her in put.” Jungkook innocently asks. 

“Sure, just don’t stay too late tonight. We have a fan meet tomorrow.” Namjoon replies, continuing his work. 

“Thanks Hyung!” Jungkook bounces off to go text you. 

Jungkook- Hey Y/N, Hyung said you can help me today! Meet me in studio in 20 minutes ^-^ 

You- Okay! 

Jungkook smiles at the text. You had only been with them for a few weeks but Jungkook thought you were great. You were sassy, confident, shy, sexy all at the same time. And when you rapped it was the sexiest thing hes ever heard and seen. The way you sucked in breaths, making your chest raise, your lips getting swollen from it all. Your laugh was his gospel. There was so many times when he just wanted to grab you and kiss every inch of skin you had. 

But Jungkook was afraid to kiss you or do anything. As Yoongi had kind of taking the role of your older brother, giving out when Taehyung or Hoseok got to close for his liking, which also annoyed Jungkook. Why were they touching what’s his? Well what he was going to make his. 

“Hey!” You walked in to the studio, Jungkook smiled at hearing your honey suckle voice. You plop down on the swivel chair beside him. “So what are we doing today.” 

“I wanted you to look at my lyrics and tell me what you think.” He grabs your hand, making you stand up and walk into the recording room with a piano. He sits you down on the bench and he takes his place beside you. “Just listen okay?” You nod. 

Jungkook begins to play the piano and seeing. You close your eyes hearing his voice. It was such a beautiful melody, bouncing off the walls and back to you. Jungkook was invading all your scenes except one, taste. And boy did you want to feel his lips on yours. His silky voice was putting you in a trance, one you couldn’t, wouldn’t escape from. When he finished you still had your eyes closed. 

“What did you think?” Jungkook asks. How do you begin to explain hpw amazing he is to you. Your about to answer when you can’t. Jungkooks lips are on yours. He pulls away after a few minutes. 

“I liked it.” You say smiling, finally opening your eyes. Jungkook was so closed to you, his hands resting on your hips. 

“Which part, the song, or the kissing?” He smirks. You lean into him, whispering in his ear. 

“Both parts.” Jungkook presses his lips to yours, again. You can’t help but smile into the kiss. You start to giggle, as he strokes your sides. He pulls back and looks at you, cocking his eyebrow. “What? I’m ticklish!” You giggle. 


A/N-Man I know this was short, I’m sooooorrry. But, I didn’t know if you wanted smut or not, I was going to put then I was like shit what if she doesn’t want smut. I was conflicted, so I have come up with an alternative. If you do want smut, I shall do a part 2, in which it will be like Y/N and Jungkook fooling around behind the other members backs. So message me if you would want, and if anyone else would like that, i will do it! 

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I know typically s/o stuff is gender neutral, but mother nature really hates me right now. I was wondering if you could do headcanons for kirishima, izuku, katsuki, and todoroki on if their s/o's time of the month and they were having cramps

* first off, he thinks it’s amazing hpw you get through this every single month and he makes sure to tell you how amazing and strong you are

* he will pamper you a lot so you only have to get up when you need the toilet, everything else he’ll bring to you

* tries to distract you from the pain by watching your favorite shows/movies with you

* is a little embarrassed when you tell him for the first time but the same night he spends his time informing himself about the menstrual cycle and how to ease the pain

* will make you tea and soup so you’re both well hydrated and warm

* cuddles with you and softly carresses your stomach and talks to you about your favorite topics

* He is so pissed off. Bakugou doesn’t even care about the biological reason behind it. He hates seeing you like this and wants it to stop as fast as possible

* actually doesn’t do much and sometimes his behavior causes you to feel eveb worse and he tries to make that up by cooking for you

* has your head on his lap and strokes your head gently to calm you down when your cramps get worse


* feels really bad to see you like this and tries to bring you anything you might possibly want (even before you ask him to)

* massages your stomach gently with his right hand and applies warmth to it to help you with the cramps

* gets you medicine to help you with nausea and headaches that come with the cramps

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I have a head canon that the patient from the black parade is a killjoy who got captured and brainwashed but as he's dying he keeps getting images of like all the killjoys who've been ghosted (aka the black parade)

That’s a really interesting idea. It’s like the Witch gave him a glimpse of Killjoys on the road to the afterlife. It’d be fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

The babysitter incident

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester Jessica Moore

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Part 1 off a cop AU I haven’t named yet

Summary: You are babysitting your friend´s daughter when someone breaks into the house. Good for you the older brother of your friend is a cop.

Warnings:a lot of angst Fluff someone breaking into a house

Wordcount: around 1750

AN: My entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing´s kari´s favorit things challenge

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You knew Sam from college. You both had met when your roommate Jessica had first introduced you to her new friend. you had known from the start that the two of them were meant for each other so it hadn´t been a suprise when the two had started datng or when they moved into their own apartment half a year later.

After college Sam had become a sucessful lawyer while you had started teaching Enflish and Math at a High school. You had stayed in touch but you for the most part had lived in a different part of the country. It hadn´t been untl two months ago that you had moved into the same neighborhood as Sam and Jesica who were now engaged and had their first child. A beautiful daughter named Emily that was six months old. You loved the little bundel of joy and it had steered a deep desire within yourself to have kids yourself. If you ever found a partner that is.

Tonight you had volunteered to watch over Emily while her parents went on a date night. They had been reluctant first but you had convinced them that you had everything under control and that you would call them if anything went wrong. Besides what could hapen in one evening, right?

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The 100 Theory

Clarke mentions other kids to the nightblood girl. I’m assuming she is hoarding children to adopt them. My guess is that her nightblood saved her(obvs) and then she somehow found dying children and finally found out how to do nightblood transfussions successfully.

The holes in this theory? Praimfaya was already there by the time clarke cpuld heal herself. How would she have found these kids alive?

This leads to another theory. Could these kids be ORIGINAL nightbloods? That would explain hpw they survived, but the nightbloods had supposedly died out.

Questions questions questions….

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Hpw many pets do you have ont he bus?

seven anoles (Death, Famine, War, Pestilence, Chaos, Fanny, and Bobbi), a half-lizard half-coyote embryo gremlin that vaguely resembles a chihuahua (Fulci), and a midnight black fluffy cloud of death that frequently takes the form of a cat (Lucipurr, Luci for short)

I now have suicide dreams where my blood pumps out every beat of my heart and its too wet and slippery to grab it and try to stop. I get scared and it hurts but its also very warm. Every beat of my heart forces more blood out. My fingers are sticky and my hair is wet on the back of my neck. Its like all the pain my heart has been through is forcing out all the bad but there isnt any good to put back in. Im alone but im talking out loud saying whats happening like i didnt already do it to myself. Its funny hpw no one cares or expresses it till its too late and your whole facebook is full of nice things people say and how they will miss you. Where was that before it was top late.

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You should do one where Levi gets sick and acts completely spoiled and ofc Eren is a beautiful puppy dog babe who does whatever Levi asks featuring fluff! Maybe?? Please??? *goes back to my trash heap to hide*

Eren knew very well Captain Levi wasn`t that sick, just a slight head cold, and you`d think Humanity`s Strongest would fight the cold off in just an hour or so. Hpw very wrong you`d be, as soon as Levi had realized he was sick Eren hadn`t had a moment`s peace, surprisingly Captain Levi could whine quite a bit when the time called for it.

“Eren, I`m thirsty, get me some tea?”

Eren tuck me in, my arms are too tired!”

“Eren Come kiss it better, you won`t get sick I promise.”

Eren can you please wear that sweater I like?”

And you`d think it would be annoying as hell, and it would be, if it was anyone other than Levi. Because it was Levi Eren adored every adorably exaggerated sniffle, every over dramatic whine, every attempt to get kisses despite not wanting him sick as well. He made sure to fulfill every wish, including kisses, and Levi made sure they were at least happily sick and snotty together.