The first time she walkeds into hogwarts she was in awe, she clutched at Kellans hand as they followed the line of first years. She looked up at the ceiling, to see the tiny sparkly stars, wondering how they made it like that, She edged forward, anticipating what house she was going to be in, knowing her mum would want her to be in gryffindor, but she wasn’t brave! She was scared, and all she was doing was going to sit on a stool! When the sorting hat shouted “HUFFLEPUFF!” She sighed in relife and ran to where Kellan was sitting and hugged him tight, glad to be in the same house as her best friend. She didn’t get to enjoy her first year though, as she had to go home a lot, to make sure Sara was okay, at first she resented her, but as she grows older, she worries more and wishes she had been kinder to Sara.