All the ideas I tried or will try (will get expended)

List of random names

Crazed fan is villain

New players starting with more hp

Magic Man villain

RP goblins so good, players feel bad for killing them

Campaign in past earth with just a bit of magic

Nazi-killing setting

Horror “Don’t drop the baby” scenario

Name EVERYTHING with random tables

The lesbian class

The bourgeoisi class

Card magician becoming a sorcerer

Cool armor that is a mimic

Secret door that is a trap

2 dms, 2 parties, one good, one evil

Playing as cats (Katzulhu)

Using different languages

Using some of the joke items


Lemures (the animal)

Dungeon in the basement

Not telling the damage

The phylactery is a mimic

Detect eagle

Non-Supernatural enemy

Mercury Dragon

Killing my players if their character dies

Change the prologue of “Tatters of King” to be a middle school theater (Really hard, because we are currently playing tatters of king in my group, so I will probably never play it again)

limited dice resource management damage rolling