your words on my skin

Characters - Ravi x OC
AU- Soulmates verse
Length - Two-shot (Link to part two at the end)
Summary - In a world where the marks on your skin also show up on your soulmate’s, Wonshik feels conflicted about the consequences of getting a tattoo

Do you think tattoos show up on your soulmate the way other marks do?” Wonshik scribbles on his arm.

Are you thinking of getting one?” the replies comes.

Maybe. I have for a while” he scribbles back.

It’s a common way to communicate with your soulmate. Skin marks on one’s body show up on the other’s skin in the same spot. It didn’t take long for people to figure out how to use this to their advantage. Scribbles of names, locations, dates and times so that they could track each other down. And messages of comfort when you had to stay away.

Wonshik hasn’t met his soulmate yet. It’s an unspoken agreement between the two. No names or other personally identifiable information till they are ready to meet. Wonshik thinks it’s perfect since he is a recently debuted idol and rapper who barely has time to meet his own family, much less his soulmate. If his soulmate has doubts, she never complains.

He’s not even sure it’s a she. It’s whatever he has pieced together from her style of talking. He knows she loves to doodle on her arms though. Sometimes drawings of stars show up on his wrist. It’s adorable really because Wonshik’s favourite pastime now is filling in the doodles. Its also very cheesy because Jaehwan always asks if the stars mean that she is a Starlight and what are the chances of that really.

Words start to form on his arm. Words are what Wonshik doodles on his arm. Lyrics or raps for the songs he is working on. Sometimes they debate over rhyming words. Sometimes she cringes over cheesy lyrics and declares that such a cheesy man cannot be her soulmate.

Most of the times, Wonshik has to stop himself from writing his heart out on his arms. He’s done it once and he would rather never embarrass himself again. Even if she had been supportive and kind and thoughtful while he was in a dark place.

Technically, tattoos are made by placing insoluble ink particles below the first layer of skin. So chances are that tattoos might show up during the process of you getting inked but will fade from my skin later

You are such a nerd

You love me for it

Wonshik smiles at the words.

“Are you writing on your arms again?” Hakyeon asks exasperatedly. The makeup team is going to be mad. They work extra hard to cover up their dark circles and spots. They won’t appreciate soulmate doodles.

Wonshik smiles sheepishly. Hakyeon sighs.

The pen he picked up is set aside.


But what if it stays forever?” Wonshik asks. It’s three in the night and he can’t sleep. He’s not expecting a response. But the question has bugged him for a while. And he totally plans on erasing it before she has a chance to wake up and read it.

Your tattoo? Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

His heart drops and he stifles a panicked yelp. She’s not supposed to be awake right now!!

Why are you up?” he scribbles, hping to distract her from his stupid question. Of course tattoos last a long time!!

Studying for a test tomorrow. Also, you should get that tattoo

Are you sure?

The question we should be asking is, are YOU sure?


I’m going to do it” Wonshik writes. His jaw is set and he acts braver than he feels.

I’m trusting you to pick a good design!

Why are you so confident about this?” he grumbles out loud.

You’re the one who has to live with the tattoo permanently

Wonshik scowls so hard he actually confuses Hongbin. Hongbin almost asks but shakes his head and smiles when he sees that Wonshik is glaring at his hand.

Also, tattoo ink isn’t a life binding contract. You can get it redone or removed surgically in the future

If only mistakes were that easy to correct

No they aren’t. But you only live once and you shouldn’t miss out on life. So go get a tattoo. Maybe it will be horrible and you’ll hate it. But you won’t be afraid of a needle the next time you have to get it covered up or redone

I hope you know that you are a bad influence on me

Hey! It was YOUR idea!

YOU shouldn’t encourage me then!

Honestly this is better than you deciding to call your future per dog Butt. Who even names their dog Butt?!

Butt is a very cute name!

Butt is a perverted name!



Just imagine it! Cute squishy Butt! It’ll be the cutest black bull dog ever!

I am so not continuing this conversation

Wonshik laughs loudly. Hongbin gives him his trademark look that declares insanity to be Wonshik’s ailment.

“You talked a lot today” he says when Wonshik finally settles down.

“Yeah… I guess we did” Wonshik says with a small smile.

“Do you really like her so much? You talk to her all the time” Hongbin notes.

“She is my soulmate. I like her by default” Wonshik says simply. It’s a fact of life for him. Ever since he turned 17 and the words started to show, he has known that the person on the other end is the one for him. It helps that they get along.

“I guess. Would you ever go meet her?” Hongbin asks curiously. He’s met his soulmate only twice now but Wonshik hasn’t despite knowing they exist.

“Someday” Wonshik says more to himself. Someday he will find her. But for now he is content with tiny scribble wars on his left arm.


You got YOLO as your tattoo??

Yeah. Does it show?

Faintly. And my skin was tingly too. I think that must be the effect of the needle piercing your skin

All at once, Wonshik is acutely aware of the close connection they share. He had expected the tattoo to show up but not for her to feel the pain as well. He feels guilty about it and debates how to make it up to her.

I personally prefer carpe diem

Carpe diem?

To seize the day

Wonshik hums as he steps into the shower. The ink on his chest is new and he almost expects it to rub off. Water does nothing to soothe his sore skin but the artist did warn it would stay sore for a while. He absentmindedly rubs at it, hoping his soulmate feels better than he does.

When he comes out, he has the words carpe diem written in a small scribble like font below his tattoo.

Since you always complete my doodles

Wonshik smiles at the poetic feeling it gives off. His soulmate has good taste.

You only live once, so seize the day

Part 2  


Soft kisses - Sam Winchester x Reader

Title: Soft kisses

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,890

Prompt: One where you really like Sam, but you’re scared to kiss him because you’ve never really done it before. You’re scared you might mess up and he’s all cute about it and sort of has to show you the ropes. 

Originally posted by yaelstiel

Two years. That’s how long you’d been living with the Winchester brothers and just as long that you knew them. And all those four years you remember yourself, from the very first second, being hoplessly in love with the younger of them.

Sam had found his way into your heart in just a matter of few months of knowing him and even if you wanted to deny it to yourself at the same time you knew you couldn’t. When he looked at you the way he did, all his attention on you no matter what you were saying, as if you were the most important thing to him in the entire world at that moment, when he smiled at you that way, his dimples showing, you felt your knees go weak and your stomach errupt with butterflies. When he hugged you, you felt all your breath being knocked out of your lungs and when he touched you, his hand lingering a little more on yours your heart felt as if it was going to beat right out of your chest. And better not get started with when he kissed your cheek. Your whole face would turn bright red and you’d be a stuttering mess.

So, needless to say when he asked you out it all came rushing to you and you became a nervous mess. What you were most nervous about was just what you feared and at the same time wanted more than anything else.

To kiss him.

Because it was not just the first time. It was true that made occasions had come up and you had found yourself really close to him, in the literal way, and of course contemplating on whether or not you should kiss him. You’ve been really tempted to, but your shyness and lack of experience made you back off and you always ended up turnign your head the other way or clearing your throat and pretending nothing had ever happened.

It hurt Sam, at some point you had seen it yourself, which was why he had doubts to ask you and was acting so shy.  It was cute, yes, but you somehow could understand how he felt. It was just like how you felt right now. A complete and nervous mess. You really shouldn’t, you knew it, but thinking as how after all these dates you had still not kissed Sam and at the moment you were cuddling and being all touchy with each other and so close, you knew it would happen any given second.

You bit your lip for what seemed like the tenth time in an hour and instead of looking at the screen you looked down at your hands as you fidgeted with the shirt of Sam’s you had on. You let yet another sigh that just like with the rest you hoped was inaudible.

You glanced at him for once again but quickly aveted your eyes hping he would not catch you staring, that would make it ten times worse.

“(Y/n)?” Sam’s rather worried voice made your head snap back to his direction.

“Y-yeah?” you smiled weakly.

“Is everything alright?” the frown on his face along with his worry made him really adorable at that moment.

“Uh yeah, yeah Sam. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry. Just thinking about… stuff” you shrugged slightly.

“Are you sure?” he insisted, even more worried.

“I-” you knew you could never lie to Sam, especially hen he looked at you that way “Not really” you ended up whispering, as you looked down at your hands.

He let out a big sigh, turning off the TV and turned to look at you fully in the eyes “Tell me. You know you can trust me with everything” he placed a hand on top of yours.

“It’s just- it’s not something you should worry yourself with. It’s really stupid actually” you said, the heat rising up in your cheeks as you avoided eye-contact.

“No it’s not. If it is something to bother you even in the least bit then it is important. Come on now, tell me” he ended up saying in a soft voice, giving your hand a squeeze.

“It’s just- Sam” you sigh “We’re a couple, aren’t we?”

A smile broke on his face “I’m most happy to say yes”

You giggled softly, biting your lip slightly “But… do we really even look like that?” you whispered in a barely audible voice.

“What- What do you mean?” he whispered as well.

“I- Sam, I- I love this. Being with you is simply the best thing that has ever happened to me but I- I feel like I am letting you down” you said the last part in such a lower voice that you doubt he even heard you.

“What?” he breathed out “How would you ever think that?” he obviosuly did.

“I- Sam we are a couple but haven’t kissed even once. I feel like- I don’t deserve you. As if I’m holding ou back and cannot offer you what you really need, what you want”

Moments of silence passed until he finally spoke “You’re joking right? You have to be joking. (Y/n), look at me. (Y/n)!” he said firmly, taking old of your shoulders and making you look at him fully in the eyes.

“Please, just please don’ tell me you’re doubting yourself? Don’t tell me you doubt even in the least bit that you are good enough because trust me you are so much more than I could ever ask for! Much less want” his hands moved to cup your face as he rubbed his thumb over your hceek softly.

“I just feel like you deserve better and not a girl who is freaking scared to let you kiss her because it would be my first time-” you instantly clapped a hand over your mouth as soon as you realized what had left your mouth. Your eyes widened and you felt your blush get even darker.

A small, soft smile spread on Sam’s lips “This… this is what has you worried? That’s what is making you feel as if you’re not worth it?”

“I…” you could not deny it “Yes Sam, yes. And I am so freaking nervous about it happening sometimes soon and how I will mess up everything because I want to be perfect- for you! Not for me, I just want to make you happy because I- really care about you and I just have no experience. And I… I’m making everything worse this way and you just- you deserve much better than just… me” you ended up saying in a really low voice.

Silence followed and you dreaded to look up at Sam, considering what his reaction would be.

“Oh (Y/n)” he breathed out, and moved your face up so that you could be looking at him.

“That’s what this is all about? Baby, you should not be worried about this. I- (Y/n) I am perfectly fine with how we are. Yes, I will admit I have thought about that a few times as well but that is just because I cannot wait to show you-” he let a small sigh but a bigger smile spread on his lips “-to show you how much you mean to me. How much I love you. But I am just as perfectly fine with waiting.”

“But sooner or later it will happen and I- I don’t want to mess it up Sam” you confessed.

“Then…” a smile made its way on his lips, almost a smirk “We could practice a little, for when it happens. Just saying” he shrugged.

You let out a giggle before you could even realize it “Really?” you couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at him.

“What? Yes of course really! That way you will be sure you don’t mess it up. Unless,of course, you don’t want to.”

“I-” you bit your lip “I guess”

He smiled widely “Come here then” he whispered cupping your face.

“Wait just like that? What if I make some mistake?”

“You won’t. I know it. I promise to take it slow. I won’t rush and you will pull away when you want to. And if you want to we can try again till you are happy, alright?”

“O-ok” you nodded your hand.

“Now, I will just press my lips to yours. Yu won;t have to do much, just maybe… go with your instict? I don’t really know what to say-” he chuckled nervously “But I want you to cherish this, for it to be special. I will show you and you will know what to do, trust me. You won’t mess it up. And to be honest… I am really happy to be the one to have this, this first kiss from you.”

“I would never trust anyone else more than you” you whispered, your breath mixing with his as he leaned even closer and your faces where just a few inches away.

He smiled just barely before he started to lean even closer. Before he could even realize it and before you could even, he pressed his lips to yours. At first you tried to keep your eyes from widening but they slowly closed and you found yourself letting out a content breath through your nose. Your hands moved to cup his face as Sam moved his lips slowly with your now moving as well in synce. It was so sweet just like his lips, you never would have imagined it to feel so great. It felt a little awkward in the beginning with your noses in the way but sensing your slight discomfort Sam let a small chuckle that made you giggle a little as well.

For a second you felt as if you could not breath but you tried to ignore it. His lips were so soft and felt amazing moving with yours. You had a little trouble with how to place your face and your lips against his a couple times but Sam helped you by cupping your face and tilting it in the right way, moving his as well. His tongue subconciously as it seemed traced over your lower lip but as soon as he realized it he stopped himself. You could not deny though how great that as well felt.

The need for air was too much to take though and as if sensing it Sam started to pull away. You really did not want to, as even the last second you still kept kissing him, but you finally had to stop when you pulled away. You took in deep breaths as Sam seemed to have no problem with it. A smile broke on your face in just a few seconds and so happened with Sam who let out a chuckle as well.

“Told you you’d be amazing” he whispered, rubbing his thumb over your cheek.

You giggled, looking down at your hands sheepishly “Was not really” you shook your head.

Sam rolled his eyes at you “What must I do to make you believe me huh?”

“Well…” you bit your lip but finally looked up at him, your cheeks burning all the while let’s not forget “Maybe I’d need some more practice to be more sure about myself?” you raised an eyebrow and he smiled widely.


Closed RP || Flower shop! (cont.)


“But….hvad about the shop? I have a better idea, we talk about it after du close up! I can help du run the place if du want since I’m off today. I can greet ‘em and do anything else when du get busy. It gets hectic sometimes right?” He locked his fingers behind his neck beaming his normal overly friendly smile hping the other would take the offer. It was kind of his way of apologizing that he couldn’t visit the past few days.