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I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! So what do you think about Mitarai 'brainwashing' people with his anime?? Do you think that'll play a key role in making the event happen??

Yeah I do! People everywhere will start falling in despair and it’ll spread from there, bc people that don’t know much about hpa won’t care that much other then some fresh gossip but anime? Junko knows people everywhere watch that, ryouta probably feels really responsible for the event

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FYI it later turns out the Despair Book was just another HPA experiment. Because HPA fucks everything up. DRT is weird and complicated.

I never read drt for that exact reason, bc it’s weird and confusing. Thanks for telling me though, I’ve been worrying for months about that

I decided to mark HPA’s campus with landmarks that we’ve confirmed. We can presume that the misshapened building are the dorms based on how the campus is described in DanganRonpa/Zero.

I’m speculating that the white buildings are the subject (Biology, Literature, Science, Art, etc) and administration buildings described in /Zero.

Based on this, I’ve drafted up what I think are the district’s boundaries.

I had been saying it for so long that Kamukura didn’t actually partake in the Tragedy at HPA and was just a scapegoat for being there, and this episode just proves I was right.

It was self defense. He shoved Murasame (I’m assuming it’s him) away, and the guy fell on top of his own weapon. He even warned the guy in advance not to try. But he did. And he died (or well.. passed out). And Kamukura was framed for the whole tragedy.

This only further proves something else I’ve always believed. I don’t think Kamukura is 100% apathetic. I don’t think he’s 100% amoral. I don’t think he’s 100% heartless. I think he’s mostly that.

I think that HPA couldn’t completely remove his emotions and morals, so instead they were all forcibly repressed as best as they could. And I think that… it just wasn’t complete. As a result Kamukura still has some morals, and he still has emotions. We’ve seen him react emotionally it just takes a lot more to get a reaction. 

He has emotions. They’re just extremely muted and repressed. And he clearly has morals because if he didn’t he would have outright killed Murasame instead of warning and only shoving him. However since his morality is still muted, he won’t do anything like try to stop this from happening. And Enoshima tooks advantage of that.

In other words, Kamukura Izuru isn’t inherently evil. He’s just incredibly neutral, but he still does what’s within his power to do good. And he still feels things it just takes more than the average person, and you can bet he’s not happy with Enoshima considering how he talks about her later.

Finally, I think as a result Kamukura isn’t truly a member of Ultimate Despair. Think about it, when we’ve seen him in DR3 future in flashbacks, we’ve never seen him actively doing anything. He’s always watching. He’s a bystander. I think… he gets looped in with them probably because he gets blamed for the tragedy. I’m not sure about that though, although I am sure we’ll find out just how involved in Ultimate Despair Kamukura really is. Because of what we’ve seen of him right now, I’m not convinced he followed Enoshima.

And one last thing. HPA Student Council, why the fuck did you stop this guy, they had already killed one of you in cold blood. Just all of you grab a weapon and jump Junko for fuck’s sake. Even if she had those photos of things like your mom being dead, THE PEOPLE WHO DID IT ARE RIGHT THERE, YOU SHOULD BE GOING FUCK YOU TWO BITCHES INSTEAD OF KILLING EACH OTHER. I mean yeah Mukuro would probably bullshit a win with her Soldier skills but for fuck’s sake.