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Togami, go and introduce yourself to Matsuda. And maybe tell him to stop pestering Hinata about Izuru. If he turns back it happens, so let's not worry him about it. I'm sure Matsuda could deal with it anyway.

*enters the lab* ….Matsuda Yasuke. I’m Togami Byakuya member of the FF.

I know who you are, just like you know who I am. Let’s not pretend that we weren’t aware of the other back when we were in HPA, I don’t have the time for this charade. *reading complicate paper with something looking like electrodes around his head*

Eh. Very well.

I am here to inform you of your position.

I’m not allowed to leave this island, right? I know about it, I didn’t have any intention to do so anyway. *looks back at his papers* Tch….

Perfect. I also want to know if you will be willing to help us with your talent, especially concerning the case of Hinata and Komaeda.

They are both extremely rare cases so I don’t mind. I can’t promise anything for the rest.

I guess that’s enough. Very well then. I will leave you to your little experience. *leaves the room*

Yeah, yeah go away….*waits for a bit before taking of the electrodes* Tch !

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Where is Gundham right now ?

Yes, I truly feels a strong power from you. Even stronger than the last time I saw you.

Thank you. You also look better, more calm, happier. Were you able to communicate with your classmates better? You always seemed down about it back in HPA.


I see, this is good. You are a good person, Gundham. I can feel that your spirit is pure. I am sure that the ones around you can feel it too.